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Essential Budapest Information before Arrival

There are essential information you need to know before arrival to Budapest. I receive a lot of questions concerning flight and airport information, accommodation tips, weather and so much more. Here you can find the answers to many open issues that you might have in your travel plans and if there is still something open please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Arrival in Budapest

The Budapest Airport is located approximately 18km outside the city to the east so one question I receive frequently is Which is the best choice for airport transfer?. Is it a taxi, the public transport or companies specialized on airport transfers? There is no correct answer it all depends on how you would like to hit the city. Slow but cheap, cheap but connected with waiting times or fast but more expensive.
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Hotels and Accommodation in Budapest

No matter what purpose you stay for in Budapest you will need an accommodation to spend your nights. The range in price and quality is very large so depending on your budget and of course how long you will stay this will affect your decision. Do you only need a small hotel room or are you going to stay for longer and need an apartment? Is a low budget hostel enough or do you prefer a high quality 5 star hotel? No matter what you need I can provide you with further in formation and recommendations about accommodation in Budapest.

Facts & Figures about Budapest

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is often referred to as “The pearl of the Danube” or “The Paris of Eastern Europe”. The beautiful city along the Danube river offers a wonderful mix of history and the 21st century. With nearly 2 Million inhabitants Budapest makes around 20% of the total population of Hungary and is obviously the central point of politics, industry and culture in the country. In former times the 3 in depended cities Óbuda, Buda (together about 1/3 of the total size) and Pest (approximately 2/3 of the total size) have united to become Budapest as we know it today.

The Weather in Budapest

A big question especially for tourists who visit Budapest for a holiday the weather plays an important role so solid weather information is essential and will influence your program for the duration of your stay. In general the weather in Budapest is a warm, continental weather but winters over here can get freezing cold. On the right hand side you can find today’s weather and a 5 day forecast for Budapest.

The Hungarian Currency

In Hungary you will need to pay in Hungarian Forint. Even though Hungary is part of the European Union it has not yet joined the Euro hence you will need a lot of head calculation skills during your stay. As a very rough indication 1 Euro is 300 HUF (Hungarian Forint) which is pretty easy to calculate. Why I am writing this? I received a lot of complaints in the past that taxi drivers, bars and other places try to rip off tourists and if you do not know the currency exchange rate you are a perfect target. So always divide the amount by 300 (for Euro) respectively 225 (for USD).

Budapest Sightseeing – Tours, Guides, Attractions

Budapest is a very historical city with many influences from other countries and cultures. Let it be the Turks who invaded Hungary or remember the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy which brought a lot of tradition from the West to Budapest and the rest of Hungary. Not only the influences from other cultures makes Budapest interesting but also historical buildings, the Hungarian traditions and of course the food make Budapest one of the hotspots in Europe for holidays. Budapest is very often rewarded and listed in for example “Top 10 Travel Spots in Europe” or “Best capitals in the World” and so on. As there is so much to see and to do in Budapest you might not be able to stuff that all in the time you are visiting I think you will need guidance with attractions and sights to see, tours to take or tour guides to book for guided group or private tours.

Budapest Reviews – Restaurants, Bars, Clubs

Over the years living in Budapest I have visited more than 100 restaurants, 50+ Clubs and many bars as well as Cafés, pubs and much more. I started BudapestAgent as a kind of diary of the places I have visited and by now it is a really large selection of spots that I have reviewed. Some are hotspots ever since, many have closed down already and as I am trying out many new places the list gets bigger and bigger. The past years the restaurant scene in Budapest has developed towards multinational, higher standards restaurants with a lot of good cuisines, brilliant chefs and places with very nice interior. Read along the latest reviews I have written and check more places via the top menu.

Restaurant Reviews


Club Budapest Park

The club Budapest Park in Budapest is the largest open air club in Budapest which opened its gates in May 2012. It is located next to Lágymányosi Híd Rákóczi Híd on Pest side a bit outside the city center but on the way to the well populated districts 18, 19, 20, 21, 23 and also easy to reach from Buda side where the 11th and 22nd districts are located. There are enough people living around and with the great programs Park has you find many nights sold out even though the size is massive. Just for your information in club…


Club Ötkert Budapest

Ötkert is one of the most popular clubs in Budapest these days so prepare for long queues in case you show up Friday or Saturday night. Located in the city center near Basilica Ötkert is in the best area for nightlife with many clubs, bars and restaurants around as well as hotels and typical tourist spots. Being a very popular hotspot at night is not the only thing Ötkert offers. You can also have a nice dinner or lunch here, visit exhibitions or listen to live music throughout the week. What makes Ötkert in Budapest so popular? In my opinion…


Földes Józsi Vendéglöje

Földes Józsi Vendéglöje is a small hidden restaurant on Buda side in the 2nd district not far away from Margaret bridge. This typical Hungarian restaurant just by the interior does not really look inviting as the chairs and table remind of communist times and are outdated by any means. However I had the chance to visit the Földes Józsi on a company event as it can host large sized groups and I was positively surprised by the quality of food. As a appetizer there was plate of typical Hungarian cold cuts such as sausage (Kolbász), ham, different creams, tepertő cheese…


Zeller Bistro

Zeller Bistro is the top rated restaurant in Budapest according to TripAdvisor (what effect that has I will discuss later in the article) so I thought I will give it a try. Located in Izabella utca (Between Oktogon and Heroes’ Square) in the 7th district Zeller is not too far off the track and can be reached easily from the city center. The little family run restaurant is situated in the cellar of a normal apartment house and offers a refreshing, modernized Hungarian menu. Away from Goulash Soup and Pörkölt Zeller is driving more in a modern direction using fresh…


Bed Beach Budapest

Budapest is a magnificent city known for its breathtaking architecture, it’s rich history and its beautiful scenery. It is also a city which is becoming more and more renowned for its nightlife. A seasonal city, Budapest has very cold winters and extremely warm summers and as a result has both summer and winter club seasons. During winter all the clubs are indoor, however, during the summer months the majority of the indoor clubs are closed and the outdoor clubs take over. The largest and most popular of these open air clubs is Bed Beach which is open during the summer…

For a quick choice without extensive browsing please find here some Top 10 Lists that might help you make your choice.

Budapest Nightlife & Detox – Clubs, Bars and Baths

The nightlife in Budapest is vibrant with clubs and bars spread all over the city. There are a few hotspots such as Liszt Ferenc tér, Ráday utca or Nagymező utca where the density of bars and clubs is higher however you can find nightlife spots in every part of the city. Locals say that the party on weekends rather takes place on the Pest side and that is true. All 3 above mentioned spots are located in the larger part of Budapest. Furthermore there are many events taking place in Budapest every year such as the Sziget Festival, which you shouldn’t miss, as well as one time events like concerts and performances.
However after a long night out you might want to detox in one of the famous Thermal Baths which Budapest is famous for. With its many natural springs across the country Budapest was predestined for a spa and bath landscape and the Turks finally brought this bathing culture to Budapest and Hungary.

Upcoming Events in Budapest


Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams coming to Budapest in 2014

From 20.00

Location: Papp László Budapest Sportaréna

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Iron Maiden

Heavy Metal legends Iron Maidon hitting the stage!

From 20.00 until 23:59

Location: Papp László Sportaréna

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Joss Stone

UK Sould singer and songwriter coming to Budapest

From 18:30 until 23:00

Location: Budapest Park

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Fireworks on National Holiday (Watch from a Boat)

Exclusive event with Dinner and Drinks!

From 19:00 until 20:30

Location: A boat on River Danube

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Top 3 recurring Events in Budapest

Thermal Spas & Baths in Budapest

Bathing should be on everybody’s to do list once you are here as the options are great. Below are the 3 most famous and largest baths in Budapest.