May 31, 2016
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Budapest Travel Guide & Information is your guide to Budapest for tourists, expats, students and business travelers.

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The purpose of your stay in Budapest is essential for the information you need in advance or during it. I collected unique information for different reasons of your stay for the most comfortable stay.

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    A marvelous city like Budapest is packed with exciting sights and historical buildings. Find your way to the top attractions and the best sightseeing tours to show you the capital of Hungary from the best side.

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    Going out in the evening for a nice dinner or a few drinks in a bar? Here you find the best rated restaurants and bars in Budapest sorted by style and also a lot of information about the Hungarian cuisine.

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    The nightlife in Budapest is vibrant and without adequate knowledge and information on where to go you will be lost. Find the best clubs by genre, the coolest bars and information about the nightlife.

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    Budapest is a very historical city with many influences from other countries and cultures. Let it be the Turks who invaded Hungary or remember the Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy which brought a lot of tradition from the West to Budapest and the rest of Hungary. Not only the influences from other cultures makes Budapest interesting but also historical buildings, the Hungarian traditions and of course the food make Budapest one of the hotspots in Europe for holidays. Budapest is very often rewarded and listed in for example “Top 10 Travel Spots in Europe” or “Best capitals in the World” and so on. As there is so much to see and to do in Budapest you might not be able to stuff that all in the time you are visiting I think you will need guidance with attractions and sights to see, tours to take or tour guides to book for guided group or private tours.

    Recently added Attractions in Budapest

    Budapest is stuffed with great attractions and sights from the past. It will take way more than a weekend to explore all the spots and sights so bring time with you and get a good guide. I tell you that you need to come back next year because you haven’t seen even a fraction of the beautiful attractions Budapest has to offer.


    Budapest Eye

    The Budapest Eye is one of the newest attractions in the capital of Hungary. The giant Ferris Wheel located in the center of Budapest gives you the perfect view over the roofs of the Pest side with sneaks to Buda as well. For 2.400 HUF you get a beautiful view over Budapest including famous attractions such as the famous Andrássy út, the Basilica or the Budapest Castle District. The fee is valid for 3 rounds with the Budapest Eye including some stops on the top but overall the time seems to fly. During the Sziget Festival the Budapest Eye is located on the festival ground at Óbuda Sziget and you can take a ride there to have the best view on the festival. A great experience to view the festival from above which you usually only have on pictures. The Budapest Eye is 65 meters high so if you are afraid of heights most probably this is not the thing to do for you. The 41 gondolas with place for…


    Heroes’ Square Budapest

    The Heroes’ Square in Budapest is one of the town’s landmarks and a secured place in every guidebook about Budapest one which you can often even find it on the cover. All the tourists, expats, business travelers and also locals are thrilled each time they see this spot with the Millennium Monument, the city park next to it, the museums and all the beauty around the Heroes’ Square. Budapest is really full of historical sights and beautiful buildings but the Heroes’ Square is another dimension and it cannot be left out to not take a picture of yourself in front of it. Best shot guarantee is at night when all is illuminated. Located at the end of the beautiful Andrássy út it faces downtown Budapest and the nice living area around. The Heroes’ Square and its surrounding What many people call the Heroes’ Square is actually just the square itself but on and of course around it are wonderful sights and places to go to. On the square itself is…


    Matthias Church in Budapest

    The Matthias Church in Budapest is one of the most famous and most frequented sights in Budapest. In the heart of Castle District and with the Fisherman’s Bastion in front the Matthias Church is surrounded by other popular sights thus one of area of sights in Budapest which no tourist wants to miss. Additionally to the beautiful sights located up in the Castle District you can also have a walk through the historical district with its beautiful buildings and little roads. Of course the most spectacular and also most popular thing to do in the Castle District is the view and the picture you would like to take. About Matthias Church in Budapest The Matthias Church was built in the 13th century and named after King Mátyás who ruled Hungary between 1458 and 1490. The Roman Catholic church is also know as the “Church of our Lady”. In 1541 when the Turks ruled the country it was used as the biggest Mosque in the country, many ornaments and artifacts have…


    Bar ApaCuka

    Stylish Szimpla And another Szimpla Kert type of bar in Budapest yet a bit more stylish and modern. ApaCuka is in the center of the city but almost not findable. ApaCuka is in Horánsky utca which the taxidriver (40 years in business) and I never heart before. A quick look at the map tells it is near Blaha Luiza Tér. ← → x × Previous Next


    Szimpla Kert Budapest

    Szimpla Kert in Budapest is the raw-model of a ruin pub and was probably one of the first of its kind. Over the years Szimpla became increasingly popular, several years ago it was a trendy place for students and alternative people, nowadays it has a place in every Budapest guide as a must-see attraction. On weekends it is packed with tourists, stags and other foreigners but it still has the old ruin flair it had from the beginning. The Szimpla kert (or Szimpla kertmozi, meaning garden cinema, as it is called originally) is a mixture of an open air bar, a club and a cinema. At least in former times alternative and underground movies have been shown here, nowadays the space is needed for more chairs and space to sit. From the street you almost miss the entrance because it looks like a regular door entrance (watch out for a small yellow sign) but inside it is amazing. You enter the Szimpla kert and stand in front of a massive…


    Bar Instant Budapest

    Bar Instant in Budapest is one of the famous ruin pubs which are very popular in Budapest and are very trendy among tourists, expats as well as locals. It is a similar place to Szimpla Kert or other ruin pubs which seem to open up on each and every corner due to the success they are. The mechanism is fairly simple, an old ruin or rather not restaurated house in the city center is rented, most of the time because it is too expensive to renew it, put some old chairs which you can buy on the flee market or used from other bars and pubs in there and place a bar somewhere. That is all what a ruin pub is about. ← → x × Previous Next


    Bar Kuplung Budapest

    Table tennis, arts and beer! Bar Kuplung in Budapest is a very new place but already discovered by many people. Located in Kiraly utca it is in between Liszt Ference ter, Deak ter and other well visited places in Budapest. Kuplung looks like a rotten place and is hidden behind a small entrance which you would never find or even see if nobody told you. ← → x × Previous Next


    Bar Szoda

    Siphon, relax and popcorn! Bar Szoda in Budapest is a nice little bar in Wessélenyi utca. The bar is devided in two floors. The upper bar consists of chairs, sofas and tables where you can have a drink or sandwich plus you can eat popcorn and drink soda water from a siphon for free. Szoda is a very comfortable place with silent music where people meet to talk and have a chat. ← → x × Previous Next


    ChaChaCha Budapest

    Underground, drinks and good music! Chachacha in Budapest has a new place in Budapest since the construction works are running on Kalvin tér. The new place for Chachacha is near Nyugati pályaudvar and West End City Center. ChaChaCha still has a very special atmosphere. For me one of the best places in town to start the evening with a beer for 300 HUF (0,4 liter) which is approximately 1,20€. Every day of the week another DJ is showing up and mixing at the turntables. It starts quiet and easy in the early afternoon but gets loud later the night. ← → x × Previous Next


    Critical Mass Budapest

    “Earth Day” Bike Ride (Sunday, 19 April 2009) Budapest, Hungary  Critical Mass Budapest is once again organising a large scale (30,000+ participants!) “Earth Day” bicycle demonstration to promote non-polluting means of transportation and raise environmental awareness.  ← → x × Previous Next


    Recently added Tours


    Wine Tasting in Eger with Start in Budapest

    Enjoy the beautiful wine region of Eger with its classy wines and beautiful landscape. You will visit the Basilica and a 16th-century castle which is visible from almost everywhere in the beutiful town of Eger. The heart is the view of traditional wine cellars in Eger including a three-course restaurant lunch before tasting five wonderful wines from the region Eger in a local and private wine cellar. Eger is a wine region that is underestimated and not well known due to the famous Tokaj wine region which is not far away but the wines are very good and tasty so this tour will give you an insight and of course you will have the chance to boy some wines for home. Included in the Tour : Guided excursion to the wine region of Eger Admission to the Basilica and castle Three-course lunch with wine Tasting of five local wines Commentary from your guide in English and German Roundtrip transportation via coach Hotel pick-up in Budapest Important Information Start: 9 a.m….


    Sunday Morning Hangover Tour through Budapest

    See a new face of the ruin bars! You thought ruin bars are equal to nightlife? It is time we showed you that there is really more the ruinbars than just drinking beers in the coolest designed locations ever. We’ll show you the charming morning faces of these bars, where jazz plays softly in the background, you can browse antique and retro objects that conjure up the past. Join a tour with a real local insider and expert who will handpick the best programs for your Sunday. You can taste the delicious products of local gardeners on the farmers market. Yes, you have heard right, you can buy tomatoes on the same spot where you got tipsy a few hours before in the night. We will offer you exquisite coffee to charge you full of energy at one of the best coffee places in town. Chill out with us in the nicest gardens and courtyards, see the synagogues, discover the amazing new–wave street-food culture and get a glimpse on local…


    Wine Tasting & Danube Cruise in Budapest

    A great opportunity to start the evening, spend a refreshing afternoon on board! Be the part of a special „wine tasting” cruise, relax in the company of the most famous Hungarian wine selections. Hungarian wine culture and hospitality are well known all around the world, join us and we show you why! The spectacular view of the always vibrant Budapest will make your cruise more memorable (The bank of the Danube is the part of UNESCO World heritage). During the trip you can taste 7 different type Hungarian wines from variant organic wineries includes the famous Tokaj wine! The cruise lasts 1 hour 30 minutes, and our bar on board is open for the purchase of further Hungarian wines, Tokaj wines /other beverages. Between two sips from two different wines we offer you scones to have the taste better. We guarantee all the ingredients for having a memorable time! Price Includes limited (8 cl) tasting from 7 different types of Hungarian wine. Wine list to taste: Tokaji Furmint Grand Selection…


    3 Hour Budapest Bus Tour

    The 3 Hour Bus Tour through Budapest starts from the beautiful chain bridge and will first pass the Parliament building and cross the river Danube via the Margaret bridge to reach the Buda side. You will now drive up to the Castle District and stop for a short walk to visit the main attractions such as the Matthias Church, the Fishermen’s Bastion from which you will have a spectacular view over Budapest to take pictures. After hopping back on the bus you will be drive by bus back to the Pest side and cross the Elisabeth Bridge to watch the Central Market Hall, the The Synagogue (the second biggest Synagogue in Europe) and than reach the city park. Around the city park you will see the world famous Széchényi Baths, the Budapest Zoo and of course the iconic Heroes’ Square where you will stop to watch the statutes of the most famous Hungarian kinds and dukes. After getting back on the bus you will drive along the Andrássy út and…

    Grand Market Hall

    Budapest Food & Wine Tour

    The Hungarian cuisine is boiled down by stereotypes to Goulash Soup, Salami and Paprika but it has so much more to offer. To show you the diversity of the Hungarian kitchen the Budapest Food & Wine Tour is a perfect 3 hour program. During this program you will see the Central Market Hall, one of the most impressive market halls in Europe, and the products available in Hungary which are not only paprika, tomatoes and salamis. Afterwards be invited to a 5-tier wine tasting of great Hungarian wines, a 3 course menu cooked for you as well as an informative session about the secrets of the Hungarian kitchen and recipes that you can cook at home. What will happen on the Food & Wine Tour in Budapest? The Budapest Food and Wine Tour takes approximately 3 hours and consists of 6 major parts to inspire your mind and kill your hunger. You will get an 360 degree insight in the Hungarian cuisine which will make use of all your six…


    X6 Gallery

    While handling limited edition photography series from international, and Hungarian artists, X6 GALLERY offers new ways of approaching photographic art. As partner of LUMAS, the gallery represents works from 160 established photographers and up-coming debutants. Established by art collectors LUMAS offers inspiring and original artworks by over 160 international photographers. More than 1400 works are available as original photographs in limited editions of 75-150, signed by the artist. Such high editions enable more affordable prices. Thanks to the close and continuous cooperation between artists, the curatorial board and first-class production partners, LUMAS has achieved a globally unique position as a dealer of photography editions. The first gallery opened in 2004, and today 20 exhibition spaces display the latest works from the LUMAS portfolio in Berlin, Zurich, Paris, New York, Vienna and London among others. X6 GALLERY joined LUMAS as the first and singular exclusive representative of the portfolio in Hungary. Nobuyoshi Araki, David Armstrong, Jane Bown, Michel Comte, Andreas Feininger, Nan Goldin, Werner Herzog, Robert Lebeck, Alex Maclean, Man Ray,…


    24 acts announced for Sziget 2013

    This morning Sziget organizers have announced 24 acts performing at Sziget Festival 2013 in August this year. The current lineup also includes one major headliner, Blur. Between August 5th and 12th Óbudai Island will hold the best festival again welcoming several hundred thousand guests from around the world. So here are the 24 newly announced performers: Skunk Anansie Alex Clare Chase & Status live Tame Impala Michael Kiwanuka Wax-tailor Left Boy Afterhours Dizzee Rascal! Enter Shikari Chris Liebing Peter Bjorn and John Katy B netsky Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs ZAZ Skip&Die Ska-P Editors Sebastian Ingrosso Bad Religion Woodkid Empire of the Sun Everything Everything Here is a little video compilation about the 24 acts to introduce their music to you in case you do not know them yet. ← → x × Previous Next


    Announcements for Balaton Sound Festival 2013

    Today the Balaton Sound Festival organizers have pumped out a few acts for 2013 festival down at Lake Balaton (Zamárdi) which will convince you of going there in case you are into electronic music. In addition to the previously announced performers some really high quality names have been revealed today on the Balaton Sound Facebook page and you can get ready for the following acts. The Prodigy Wu-Tang Clan Axwell (Swedish House Maffia) Jamie Jones Henrik Schwarz The Advent Alesso The full Balaton Sound 2013 lineup looks like this at the moment: The Prodigy Calvin Harris Armin van Buuren Wu-Tang Clan Justice dj set Axwell Steve Aoki Hardwell The Bloody Beetroots live Jamie Jones Crtystal Castles Dada Life Amon Tobin pres: Two Fingers dj set Dixon Henrik Schwarz The Advent Iggy Azalea Brodinski Belzebass Jan Blomqvist Fairmont ← → x × Previous Next


    Balaton Sound awarded “Best Medium Festival”

    After last years award as “Best Major Festival” for the Sziget Festival in Budapest this year Balaton Sound Festival in Zamárdi has been awarded as “Best medium Festival” by the European Festival Awards. The city of festivals or in this case rather the country of festivals has succeeded again and brought home an award from a great show. You wonder why Balaton Sound was awarded? Well if you haven’t been there than check out this video giving you the right mood to book your tickets for 2013 and be part of such a great event. Balaton Sound 2013 by the way takes place between 11th and 14th July 2013. Congratulations to the team of Balaton Sound for organizing such a great festival! ← → x × Previous Next


    THIS was Sziget Festival 2012 – The Movie

    Imagine 7 and a half days of festival with 379.000 visitors coming from more than 70 countries watching 1.000 acts, bands, artists performing live in 60 venues 24 hours per day on an island located in the middle of one of the most historic cities in Europe – Welcome to Sziget Festival in Budapest! These are the stats from the Sziget Festival 2012 and below you can find the video summarizing all this in a 7 and a half minute long mood video, called “aftermovie”. That makes hunger for more coming up in 2013 which is only 251 days away! Tickets are on sale, flights can be booked so pack your stuff and get ready for Sziget Festival 2013 in Budapest. ← → x × Previous Next


    Budapest Reviews – Restaurants, Bars, Clubs

    Over the years living in Budapest I have visited more than 100 restaurants, 50+ Clubs and many bars as well as Cafés, pubs and much more. I started BudapestAgent as a kind of diary of the places I have visited and by now it is a really large selection of spots that I have reviewed. Some are hotspots ever since, many have closed down already and as I am trying out many new places the list gets bigger and bigger. The past years the restaurant scene in Budapest has developed towards multinational, higher standards restaurants with a lot of good cuisines, brilliant chefs and places with very nice interior. Read along the latest reviews I have written and check more places via the top menu.

    Restaurant Reviews


    Restaurant Ramenka

    Ramenka is a small but stylish and good restaurant in the Jewish quarter focussing on serving superb Ramen – a Japanese noodle soup. If you are looking for other food then Ramen you better go and choose another restaurant as Ramenka solely serves soup except from a few side dishes. Nevertheless if you want to eat a fabolous Ramen Ramenka is your place to go to. Located just across the famous ruin pub Szimpla kert Ramenka has a top location with tons of people passing by. The restaurant is very minimal and fairly small so you don’t want to go there to have a romntic candle light dinner with your partner but rather get a quick but awesome soup on a Saturday afteroon before you pop in the city. With only a few places in the restaurant you need to plan some time for waiting to be seated but once you sit and ordered you will get your really tasty soup. There is not really more to say about Ramenka…


    Trófea Grill Restaurant

    Das Trófea Grill Restaurant in Budapest ist eine Top Adresse speziell wenn es um all-you-can-eat geht. Frisch zubereitetes Fleisch, eine große Auswahl an Beilagen sowie Vor- und Nachspeisen soweit das Auge reicht. Das Konzept ist relativ einfach: Für ca. 6.000 Forint kann in der Mittags- bzw. Abendessenszeit soviel gegessen werden wie man möchte bzw. kann. Ein klassisches All-you-can-eat Angebot, allerdings mit einer gewaltigen Auswahl an fertigen und noch zu machenden Gerichten. Das Herzstück ist sicherlich die Auswahl an verschiedenen Fleischsorten (keine Sorge es gibt auch Fisch) wie Hühnchen, Schwein und auch gute Stücke vom Rind, letzteres aber nur in geringer Stückzahl also früh kommen. Auch Gemüse und Shrimps können gewählt werden. Man nimmt sich also einen Teller, füllt ihn mit dem Fleisch was man gerne möchte und übergibt es dem Grillmeister der es dann vor den eigenen Augen brät so wie man es gerne hätte. Neben der Auswahl an Grillfleisch gibt es natürlich noch viele weitere Gerichte die größtenteils ungarisch sind wie zum Beispiel Pörkölt, gefülltes Kraut oder die ganz…


    Trófea Grill Restaurant

    Trófea is an all you can eat restaurant chain all over the city including currently 6 restaurants. Mainly being a grill or barbeque restaurant in Trófea you can choose the meat yourself out of the fridge and give it to the grill master who then freshly prepares it for you in front of your eyes. But that is not all, you also get fresh salads, grilled vegetables or fish, other dishes such as stews and of course a large variety of side dishes and desserts. In a nutshell that is it but the variety of food is just endless with mainly typical Hungarian dishes such as soups, pickles or stews but you can also have BBQ chicken wings or other dishes from all over the world. The heart obviously is the grill where you pick your meat and it is being grilled freshly for you. Sometimes if you get in early and are lucky you might even catch some nice steak or shrimps and not only chicken and pork meat….


    Jamie’s Italian Budapest

    NOTE: If there is any joke made about Hungary and hungry I’ll be very very disappointed and delete this post! Jamie’s Italian in Budapest is going to open up in Spring 2016! What can you expect in the Jamie Oliver Restaurant in Budapest? Jamie Oliver without a doubt is one of the best chefs around the globe and for sure the best known TV chef. But this doesn’t make a great restaurant yet. Browsing through the web and checking independent reviews about the existing Jamie’s Italian in the UK are not as good as the name might be. “What a disappointment – Mr Oliver cashing out” “Disappointing!” “bad, bad, bad” These are just a few reviews that I have found but of course you have good ones as well. And yes, the positive reviews are many more than the negative. But 132 “Terrible” and 203 “Poor” reviews do speak a clear language. Or is it just people who want to give bad reviews because it is Jamie Oliver? Address: Buda…


    Die VakVarjú Restaurants

    Das Restaurant VakVarjú in Budapest, bzw eher die 4 Restaurants, ist meines Erachtens nach eine der besten Anlaufstellen für gutes Essen zu fairen Preisen. Ein international ausgerichtetes Konzept mit Speisen die exzellent schmecken und auch satt machen. Das alles sogar mitten in der Innenstadt wo Preise normalerweise überdurchschnittlich sind. Auch das VakVarjú ist sicherlich nicht die billigste Adresse in der Stadt aber für die Leistung absolut vertretbar. Im VakVarjú in Budapest gibt es von Suppen und Vorspeisen über deftige Hauptgerichte sowie leichte Köstlichkeiten und Nachtisch alles was das Herz begehrt und der Magen mag. Hier können Sie typisch ungarische Gerichte ausprobieren wie zum Beispiel die Gänseleber aber auch guten Lachs mit Salat haben. Die Auswahl ist ausreichend, aber nicht unübersichtlich. Ein paar Worte noch zum Restaurant an sich, es ist stilvoll eingerichtet mit kleinen Feinheiten an allen Ecken und Enden. Service und Personal ist schnell und hilfsbereit, also gibt es auch von dieser Seite nichts zu meckern. Ein rundum gelungenes Restaurant für ein leckeres Abendessen. Restaurant VakVarjú Information: Wie gesagt…

    vegan restaurant budapest

    Vegan Restaurants in Budapest

    Finding true vegan restaurants in Budapest is not too hard as this is a very vegan friendly city and once you have a look around you will be able to chose from several great vegan restaurants. I myself am not vegan so it took me some research to find them online but now I have gathered a nice little list of 100% vegan restaurants. No restaurants that seel 95 meat dishes and 1 salad which is vegan but these restaurants are exactly what you are looking for. Vegan, creative and in Budapest. List of Vegan Restaurants in Budapest Vega City Vega City is located in the heart of Budapest between Astoria and Kalvin tér. They offer daily different dishes from hearty dishes including cabbage and dumplings to more exotic food with coconut and curry. Web: Nemsüti Nemsüti is near Margaret Bridge on Pest side and offer weekly menus including soups, sandwiches, pasta, salads and more. Web: Kozmosz Kozmosz is in the 6th district of Budapest and they say…


    Hai Nam Pho Bistro

    Hai Nam Pho Bistro bistro is a small, simple yet fantastic Vietnamese restaurant on Buda side. From outside it looks like one of these fastfood Chinese restaurants that you find at every second corner in Budapest ans also from inside it looks fairly unspectacular. Nevertheless you will leave Hai Nam Pho Bistro with the will to come back to eat one of the Phos (Vietnamese soups) or any other dish. For me a good sign about originality and quality of the food is when people from that particular country sit in a retaurant and that is the case here. The menu is relatively small which makes the choice easy. It consists half of Phos and the other half of meat and vergetable dishes that you can order with rice or noodles. A Pho is traditionally a beaf broth made of bones with slices of beef in it as well as noodles and vegetables. But also seafood, vegetarian or other meat is possible. Regarding the other dishes you get a lot…


    Magic Burger – Der beste Burger in Budapest

    Magic Burger in Budapest ist meiner Meinung nach der mit Abstand beste Burger den es gibt. Punkt! Ich habe viele Burger über die Zeit in kleineren Restaurants probiert die alle selbstgemacht waren, also kein Fast Food, und keiner kam auch nur annähernd an Magic Burger ran. Wie viele bietet auch Magic Burger an den Burger so individuell wie möglich zu gestalten mit diversen Fleischsorten zur Auswahl, verschiedenen Brötchen und vielen, auch extravaganten Toppings. Das Herz des Burgers ist das Fleisch das es als traditionelles Rind gibt, hier kann auch das ungarische Steppenrind (Magyar szürke szarvasmarha) gewählt werden, natürlich auch Hühnchen, Schwein und sogar mit Fisch. Das Fleisch kann in 2 Größen gewählt werden 100 Gramm oder 200 Gramm je nach Hunger und Lust. Das Brötchen, für mich einer der wichtigsten Bestandteile, kann als klassischen Burgerbrötchen gewählt werden, aber auch extravaganteres wie Vollkorn Brötchen, Oder knuspriges Brötchen mit sonnen getrockneten Tomaten und vieles mehr. Zusätzlich können dann die verschiedensten Toppings gewählt werden von den klassischen Arten wie Käse, in verschiedensten Arten,…


    Parázs Presszó Thai Restaurant Budapest

    Das Parázs Presszó in Budapest ist für mich seit dem ersten Mal das ich dort gegessen habe das beste Thai Restaurant in Budapest. Es gibt einige gute Asiatische und auch Thai Restaurants in Budapest die authentisch sind (nicht diese Fast Food Chinesen an jeder Ecke), aber das mit Abstand beste ist für mich noch immer das Parázs Presszó. Sie bekommen hier absolute geniale Suppen wie auch gute Thai Currys und sonstige traditionelle Thai Spezialitäten serviert die alle, von denen die ich probiert habe, exzellent schmecken. Der Großteil der Gerichte ist mit Hähnchenfleisch, aber fast jedes Gericht kann Ihnen auch mit Schwein oder Rind serviert werden oder sogar mit Fisch. Zusätzlich gibt es viele Leckereien aus Krabben und auch sehr gute Vorspeisen. Doch auch Vegetarier kommen hier auf Ihre Kosten, es ist also nicht Fleisch im Überfluss sondern eine gesunde Mischung. Eine gute Eigenschaft vom Parázs Presszó ist die Möglichkeit die Schärfe selbst zu bestimmen denn einigen ist es entweder zu scharf oder eben nicht scharf genug, so können Sie bereits…


    Restaurant Nancsi Néni Budapest

    Das Restaurant Náncsi Néni in Budapest, bzw in der Nähe, wird Ihnen in jedem Reiseführer und auf jeder Webseite als eins der besten ungarischen Restaurants in Budapest über den Weg laufen. Es ist ein sehr ruhiges, nettes Restaurant mit traditioneller ungarischer Küche die weit ab von Touristengegenden leckere und große Portionen auf den Tisch stellt. Ein guter Beweis für ein empfehlenswertes Restaurant ist immer wenn Einheimische hier essen gehen und dies ist auch im Restaurant Nancsi Néni der Fall. Vor etwas längerer Zeit wurde es auch mit einem Michelinstern ausgezeichnet, den Nancsi Néni allerdings nicht halten konnte, aber man darf nicht vergessen das es derzeit lediglich 3 Michelinstar Restaurants in Budapest gibt. Daher ist es schon sehr hoch anzurechnen, dass das Nancsi Néni als traditionell ungarisches Restaurant jemals einen hatte! Sie finden hier alle typisch ungarischen Gerichte wie die weltbekannte Gulaschsuppe, aber auch Spezialitäten die nicht über die Landesgrenze hinaus bekannt sind wie zum Beispiel kalte Kirschsuppe. Als Hauptspeisen werde große Portionen gefülltes Kraut, Gänseleber oder auch Pörkölt (was in…

    For a quick choice without extensive browsing please find here some Top 10 Lists that might help you make your choice.

    Budapest Nightlife & Detox – Clubs, Bars and Baths

    The nightlife in Budapest is vibrant with clubs and bars spread all over the city. There are a few hotspots such as Liszt Ferenc tér, Ráday utca or Nagymező utca where the density of bars and clubs is higher however you can find nightlife spots in every part of the city. Locals say that the party on weekends rather takes place on the Pest side and that is true. All 3 above mentioned spots are located in the larger part of Budapest. Furthermore there are many events taking place in Budapest every year such as the Sziget Festival, which you shouldn’t miss, as well as one time events like concerts and performances.
    However after a long night out you might want to detox in one of the famous Thermal Baths which Budapest is famous for. With its many natural springs across the country Budapest was predestined for a spa and bath landscape and the Turks finally brought this bathing culture to Budapest and Hungary.

    Upcoming Events in Budapest

    July 2016


    Formel 1 Budapest

    Der Formel 1 Zirkus in Budapest

    Venue: Hungaroring


    Formula 1 Budapest

    Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

    From 10.00 until 18.00

    Venue: Hungaroring

    August 2016


    Sziget Festival Budapest

    Das grösste Festival in Budapest

    Venue: Óbuda Insel


    Sziget Festival Budapest

    Most famous Festival in Budapest

    Venue: Hajógyári Sziget, Óbuda, Budapest

    September 2016

    As there are many people coming for a party weekend trip and are interested in nightclubs and sex in Budapest I have written a small guide on what to take care of and what to expect during the weekend.

    Top 3 recurring Events in Budapest

    Thermal Spas & Baths in Budapest

    Bathing should be on everybody’s to do list once you are here as the options are great. Below are the 3 most famous and largest baths in Budapest.