These days it is really unbearably hot in Budapest with around 35 degrees Celsius on the thermometer which probably feel around 40 degrees in the sun. This heat makes it really hard to enjoy the day outside sitting in the sun or traveling around the city. But here are some tips how to cool you down even if it is just for a few minutes but it will help.

1. Get a good Ice Cream

Ice Cream always works and is the summer sweet of them all and is just so delicious. But where to get the best ice cream in Budapest? Honestly there are many shops in the city who mainly sell prepared ice cream from big producers, the ones you get in supermarkets as well but you what you wan is really yummy, home made ice cream. My favorite ice cream in the city you get at Daubner [website in Hungarian only], one of the best known bakeries &cake shops in town with fresh ice cream in many different tastes including exotic ones such as poppy seeds. Unfortunately Daubner is not in the city center but easily accessibly with public transport.

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2. Hop into a Swimming Pool

No need to explain how that helps it is for sure the best way to spend a hot summer day in any city around the world. There are many thermal baths in Budapest that you can visit, maybe it is anyways on your to do list, but on such a day a regular swimming pool does it as well. There are many pools around the city I go sometimes to Romai Fürdő, in the Northern part of Budapest (Óbuda). It is near the Római part where you can eat excellent fish and have a few beers in the evening with many live concerts on the weekend.

bathing in budapest

3. Visit a Labyrinth

Labyrinths are an underestimated sightseeing tip in Budapest which is often forgotten but really interesting and especially good for hot days because it is nice and chilly down there. Also you will not miss your sightseeing trip and get a bit of history to see while others are sweating in the sun. A good example is the most famous Labyrinth in Budapest, the Labyrinth of the Buda Castle.

Budapest Labyrinth

4. Visit Aquarena in Mogyoród

Though far outside the city and a car needed Aquarena is a good program to cool down and also very enjoyable for children of all ages [Check out more programs with children in Budapest]. It comes very close to visiting a bath but Aquarena is different. You find here many water slides, a lot of different pools including wave pools or stream pools where you can perfectly relax and cool down. Disadvantage next to the above mentioned far away location is the price with around 4.500 HUF per adult. Alternatively you can also visit the Aquaworld Hotel and bath in Budapest.

Aquarena Budapest

5. Enjoy the Weather with a Cold Drink

All winter we are complaining about the weather, we want sun and heat. Now that we have all that we wish for cooler weather and as the 4 tips above look for things that cool us down and refresh us. Let’s stop complaining and enjoy the weather with a cold drink in a good bar. There are so many open air bars in Budapest that offer cool drinks and summery snacks to go with. Next to a beer or a non alcoholic drink such as home made lemonade you should try Fröccs, white wine with sparkling water, which can be ordered in many different varieties depending on the amount of wine and water going into it. Very good tip to cool down but enjoy the summer.


These are 5 tips that help you to survive and enjoy the heat these days but for the weekend the weather will cool down already and also it will be raining.

What do you usually do to cool yourself down?

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