The well known travel guide series Lonely Planet year by year starts small competitions or researches which the users can vote for. So far so good. This time it was about 100 great bars worldwide and as you can read in the headline already A38 and Szimpla Kert have been in the list. Still OK I would say but that A38 is winning this competition and Szimpla lands on a remarkable 3rd place is just amazing! You can find the entire result here and check out what other places from around the world are among the top 100 bars.

About A38

A38 is a bar and restaurant that is lcoated on a boat on the river Danube in Budapest. It used to be an old army boat called Artemovsz 38 but got rebuilt to host cultural events such as concerts and a fairly good restaurant. If you want to know more about A38 continue reading here.

About Szimpla Kert

Well I think everybody who has been to Budapest and checked the nightlife in the city came across ruin pubs which Budapest is famous for. Szimpla Kert is just the mother of all ruin pubs in Budapest and known over the borders of Budapest. It is a hotspot for tourists, locals and anybody visiting Budapest. Check out more information here.

Big time congratulations to A38 and Szimpla to go to the top of that voting by Lonely Planet.

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