Accommodation in Budapest

To stay in Budapest you will need some sort of accommodation no matter if it is a hotel, a hostel or a rented apartment. For long term stay I recommend to look for apartments to rent, there are tons of apartments which can be rented on a weelky or monthly basis for fair prices. For a short term stay such as weekend holidays or up to a week I recommend to chose one of the city center hotels as it is just much more convenient. Find below all types of accomodations in Budapest that are preferred by millions of toursits every year.

The 10 most Beautiful Airbnb Apartments in Budapest

Airbnb Apartments are a great accommodation alternative to hotels and on top they are dirt cheap. On average you will pay 15-20€ per person per night which is an unbeatable price for a downtown Budapest accommodation which is clean and comfortable. Many people from Budapest already have discovered Airbnb as a good source to rent out their apartment to tourists on short term or even to students and expats on long term. By now there are far more than 1000 Airbnb apartments in Budapest available ranging from 8€ to 442€ per night with an average of 51€. Over time the selection of classy apartments in Budapest has risen drastically so that its hard to get a good overview of beautiful yet cheap available apartments. Below you can find a little selection which will evolve over time so make sure the check back when looking for great accommodation in Budapest. These are just 10 out of many beautiful apartments in the Budapest city center but you can even stay cheaper if…


Hotels in Budapest

The most popular accomodation type in Budapest is and stays the hotel. From cheap hotels in the outskirts to high end 5 star city center hotels Budapest has everything to offer. Below you can search through more than 600 hotels in Budapest with rates, recommendations, reviews and direct booking with instant confirmation.

Hostels in Budapest

The cheapest alternative and most used by backpackers is the possibility of booking into one of Budapests hostels. Hostels used to be the accomodation for young people but I think that it changed a bit over time and it became an adress for people with a focus on money. But for even for few money you can get very good rooms in one of the hostels in Budapest.