Hostels in Budapest

If you plan to stay in Budapest and don’t want to spend a big amount of money for a 5 star hotel but you are satisfied with a simple bed to sleep you should take into consideration to rent a room in a youth hostel.

Cheap prices for reasonable quality is what you will get. Another possibility if you stay for a longer time is to rent an apartment in Budapest which are cheap as well, fully equiped and most of the time in a central location. The prices for the hostels are around 10€ per night per person.

You know a good Hostel in Budapest?
Let me know. I am desperate to find more hostels in Budapest and other accommodation possibilities. All hostels are welcome if they are fair, good enough to recommend and in Budapest. You are a hotels owner and want to be listed among the hostels below? Drop me an email.

Aboriginal Hostel Budapest
Bródy Sándor u. 46., 8th district, Budapest
Price: 2,500 ft / night (10 Euro)
Aquarium Youth Hostel Budapest
Alsóerdósor 12, 1076 Budapest.
Phone: +36 -1-322 0502
Price: 2,500 ft / night (10 Euro)
Backpacker Budapest
Takács Menyhért u. 33., 11th district, Budapest
Phone: (36-1) 385 8946
Price: 2,200 ft/night (9 Euro)
Best Hostel Budapest
Podmaniczky U.27, 6th district, Budapest.
Price: 2,800 ft / night (11 Euro)
Marco Polo Hostel Budapest
Nyar Utca. 6, 7th district, Budapest.
Price: 10 euro / night
Yellow Submarine Youth Hostel Budapest
Terez Krt. 6th district, Budapest.
Tel/Fax: +36-1-331-9896
Price: 2,500 ft/night (10 euro)
Grandio Party Hostel Budapest
Nagy Diofa Utca 8, Budapest.
Price: 2,500 ft/night (10 euro)

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