Airbnb Apartments & Houses are becoming increasingly popular at Lake Balaton with every season. The guest house and apartment rental is a very important factor for the region just like gastronomy or entertainment. Most people need for a place to stay, except for people who own a house or apartment, so there is the option for a hotel which often is fairly expensive or an apartment house / flat. You can find rentals in every little village around Lake Balaton but with the increasing popularity of Airbnb booking online becomes more and more convenient and popular.
So that is why I have collected a few Airbnb Balaton possibilities (just like the Airbnb apartments in Budapest which I have collected) for you in different cities that look nice, are affordable or have something really nice. Here we go.

Top 3 Apartments at Lake Balaton!

Airbnb Apartments in Siófok

Siófok without a doubt is the party capital of Lake Balaton (or at least of the Southern side) which brings many young people from around Europe into the city.Airbnb apartments in Siófok are very popular due to the price and the size. Often a group of young 5 to 10 people are coming and want to have fun but also relax and enjoy the lake. So here are a few Airbnb apartments in Siófok at Lake Balaton:

Airbnb Apartments in Balatonfüred

Balatonfüred is in the Northern shore a bit what Siofók is in the South. However Balatonfüred is much more quiet and rather a place for sailors and families. But of course you have a great nightlife here as well. In Balatonfüred the beaches are beautiful and also the not too long time ago renovated harbor area is beautiful and classy. Getting Airbnb Paratments in Balatonfüred is not a problem however the really good ones near the shore of Lake Balaton and close to the center of the action is difficult. No worries here are the best Airbnb Apartments in Baletonfüred for you:

Airbnb Apartment in Tihany

The beautiful and picturesque viallage Tihany is located on a half island on the Northern shore of Balaton. From up the hill you have a fantastic view over most of the lake and a beautiful little viallage to visit. No doubt apartments here are among the most expensive in the region but have a look below what I have found for you combining the view, central location and a fair price:

Airbnb Apartments in Keszthely

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