Allee Budapest

Allee Budapest

Allee in Budapest is a newly opened shopping center on the territory of former Skala shopping center. Withing a year or so Allee was built on the property which is located on Buda side near Petöfi bridge. I have to admit that Allee in Budapest is a really nice shopping center since it is very spacy and it doesn’t feel as crowded as the other shopping centers. Nevertheless it is just another new built shopping center in Budapest.

The Allee shopping center has everything a shopping center needs, just like Arena Plaza or West End City Center, so you find there shops like Zara, H&M, Gap, Gas, Springfield, all types of shoe shops, jewlery shops, Coffee Shops like  Costa Coffee, newspaper stores, a supermarket and everything you can imagine.

Of course you can find as well a food place with all kinds of different cultural food from Chinese over Turkish up to Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza plazes and so on. Also you find brand stores such as a Sony Store, a Nokia Store or Adidas Store. What I really like is that you feel comfortable all the time because it is not so crowded due to the wide walking areas even in the christmas time it is OK. Allee in Budapest, as far as I heart, has the biggest cinema in Budapest which I cannot really imagine because it doesnt seem to be bigger than the Arena Plaza cinema for instance.

Október 23. utca
1117 Budapest, Hungary
For more information visit the Allee Website.

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