American Restaurants in Budapest

You love burgers, ribs and big sandwiches with fries and a cold milkshake? These restaurants are offering traditional American food but not fast food. Some are better some are worse but that you can read in the single articles and find out if you want to go or not.


Magic Burger – Der beste Burger in Budapest

Magic Burger in Budapest ist meiner Meinung nach der mit Abstand beste Burger den es gibt. Punkt! Ich habe viele Burger über die Zeit in kleineren Restaurants probiert die alle selbstgemacht waren, also kein Fast Food, und keiner kam auch nur annähernd an Magic Burger ran. Wie viele bietet auch Magic Burger an den Burger so individuell wie möglich zu gestalten mit diversen Fleischsorten zur Auswahl, verschiedenen Brötchen und vielen, auch extravaganten Toppings. Das Herz des Burgers ist das Fleisch das es als traditionelles Rind gibt, hier kann auch das ungarische Steppenrind (Magyar szürke szarvasmarha) gewählt werden, natürlich auch Hühnchen, Schwein und sogar mit Fisch. Das Fleisch kann in 2 Größen gewählt werden 100 Gramm oder 200 Gramm je nach Hunger und Lust. Das Brötchen, für mich einer der wichtigsten Bestandteile, kann als klassischen Burgerbrötchen gewählt werden, aber auch extravaganteres wie Vollkorn Brötchen, Oder knuspriges Brötchen mit sonnen getrockneten Tomaten und vieles mehr. Zusätzlich können dann die verschiedensten Toppings gewählt werden von den klassischen Arten wie Käse, in verschiedensten Arten,…


Magic Burger – Best Burger in Budapest

Magic Burger in Budapest is for me the best place to have a good, juicy burger the way you like it. It is your choice what bun you take, which meat you choose and which additional toppings you want to have on your burger. You can choose between the classical beef, but also choose the famous Grez cattle from Hungary, chicken, pork and even fish. The meat is very tasty and not these McDonalds type of patties. The buns range from a normal white flour bun over baguettes to crusty buns with sun dried tomatos. The toppings you can choose are endless starting from traditional cheese in all its types or bacon to onion rings, red cabbage or Jalapenos. Since moving to the 11th district (before Magic Burger was located in the 3rd district – read more below) also the place became very nice, comfortable and a good place to sit with friends or family. The staff is super friendly and very much into their work so that you always…


Hard Rock Cafe Budapest

World famous Hard Rock Cafe opened up a restaurant in Budapest on Vörösmarty Square in the city center. As you can see on the image on the left side it is stated officially on the Hard Rock Cafe website that the Hard Rock Cafe Budapest, Hungary is coming soon next to some other new openeing. Hard Rock Cafe is popular all over the world for their rock music, stylish cafes, the collectables which you can find in the cafes as well as of course the food and drinks. Fantastic Burgers, Ribs, salads and other American style dishes are served to rock fans all over the world since years while enjoying rock music either live or from the Hard Rock TV music channel. I really like their burgers which are super tasty and the variety is large so that you can choose from original quarter pounders down to blue cheese burgers with bbw sauce, fried onions to guacamole and whatever. Hard Rock Cafes also have great cocktails which makes it attractive…

*CLOSED* School Club Budapest

Former Közgaz in new style! School Club in Budapest is the former Közgaz Club in Közgaz university. In a complete new design School Club reopened in 2005. By now there is much more space, no seperated dance floors and a much more people. Before the reopening the club seemed not to be full at any day. The audience is more mixed than it used to be. Now the people partying at School Club are students and other young people whereas in Közgaz times the crowd was younger. ← → x × Previous Next


T.G.I. Friday’s Budapest

TGI Friday’s is a famous American type restaurant chain in Budapest. The interior is typical Amrican and the food as well. Club sandwiches, Steaks, fantastic burgers, fries, cheese cake and much more are the specialities of Friday’s in Budapest. Located at Oktogon and in West End City Center Friday’s has top locations in Budapest. For the young generation in Budapest Friday’s is the place to be and to eat before going out. With a wide range of salads and sandwiches Friday’s offers little things for in between exactly what you need in West End City Center Budapest while you are on your shopping tour. But also for a complete dinner Friday’s offers a lot like steaks, burgers and pasta dishes. Try it, you won’t regret. Adress: Oktogon ter 3, district 6, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 321 8739 Vaci ut 1-3, district 6, Budapest (West End City Center) Phone: +36 (1) 238 7004 Visit the Website or become a Fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next

*Closed* Restaurant California in Budapest

BBQ Ribs and Ceasar Salad! California restaurant in Budapest is very close to the Basilica. The traditional American restaurant offers things like BBQ Rips, Chicken Wings, Ceasar salad or Cheesecake. The ffod is good but not fantastic or somehow special. The prices are fair and the waiters very friendly but restaurant california in Budapest is not a place where you stay all night with friends to talk and enjoy. It is just a retaurant but not more. If you are American and miss your food California restaurant is for sure a good adress. ← → x × Previous Next


Leroy Café Budapest

Leroy Café is a wide spread restaurant chain in Budapest. They offer many kind of dishes but mainly American food like Steaks or Sandwiches. The interior is kept in Asian-Buddha style which makes Leroy Budapest very comfortable and enjoyable. Also very good are the Leroy Cafe cocktails and longdrinks as a starter in the night or for the afternoon coffee. Other Leroy Cafes have another interior but the same card. For example Leroy Cafe at the Basilica in Budapest has a colorful pink, green, blue, brown painting and offering also to sit outside with a great view on Basilica. Adress: Sas u. 11 District 5 Budapest (Basilica) Phone: +36 (1) 266-5248 Adress: Liszt F. tér 10 District 6 Budapest (Liszt Ferenc tér) Phone: +36 (1) 411-0915 Adress: Váci út 1-3, District 6 Budapest (West end City Center) Phone: +36 (1) 411-0915 or visit the website. ← → x × Previous Next


Fat Mo’s Music Pub

Fat Mo’s Music Pub is in the heart of the touristic part of Budapest. Next to Vaci utca it is a well known place specially for expats and tourists. With live music every evening and very good food Fat Mo’s offers everything you wish. The menu offers a large variety of American and Mexican dishes. From excellent steaks to Wraps and Burritos Fat Mo’s Music Club offers well cuisine. If you are a fan of Jazz and Swing and like the time of Prohibition Fat Mo’s is the place to be for you. Adress: Nyáry Pál u. 11,  Phone: (+36-1) 267-3199 Visit the website or become a fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next