Sad news for all kids today, the Amusement Park (Vidámpark) in Budapest will close its gates permanently as of November 6th 2012 as I just read on Caboodle. The park is close to bankruptcy and the renovation would cost around 1bn HUF. City leaders are pro amusement park in Budapest but would prefer an entirely new park together with a private investor.

The closure will only be beneficial for the Zoo in Budapest which will expand into the area of the park and will also keep historical rides such as the 1922 built roller coaster in function. So as of next year you will have to possibility to have a ride during your Zoo visit.
In case you would like to visit the park once more you need to hurry up, it’s only a bit more than a month left until permanent closure. For many Budapesters this will be a nostalgic moment as it was part of their childhood and youth and it has ever been around.
One of the main attractions is the “nagy hullámvasút”, have a look at the ride.

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