Andrássy Avenue or as the Hungarians call it, Andrássy út, is a world heritage site and a famous boulevard in Budapest which was established back in 1872. It serves as a link between Erzsébet Square and Városliget and it boasts some of the finest shopping that Hungary has to offer. It is the site of the Hungarian State Opera House, the House of Terror, Heroes’ Square, the entrance of the City Park, The Palace of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts and also contains many fine cafes, restaurants and theaters.

Andrássy út consists of four main parts, the first part is from Erzsébet tér to Oktogon which is mainly used for commercial purposes, the second part is from Oktogon to Kodály körönd which includes residential areas and universities, the third part is from Kodály körönd to Bajza utca which is also mainly residential and finally the fourth part is from Bajza utca to Városliget which contains residential areas as well as some embassies.

The history of Andrássy avenue is very rich; it was decreed to be built in 1870, due to heavy traffic on Kiraly utca (which runs parallel) and in order to connect the inner city parts with the City Park. Construction on Andrássy Utca began in 1872 and was financed by Hungarian and other banking houses. The avenue was inaugurated on August 20th 1876 which is a national holiday. In 1894 construction began on the Budapest Metro which runs underneath Andrássy út and which was the first underground railway in Continental Europe. In 1896 the Budapest metro was finished and was the main venue of the millennium celebrations of Hungary, today it still runs and is a world heritage site. In September of 2011 the Secretary of State Culture, Géza Szőcs, officially announced plans to build the Budapest Museum Quarter on Andrássy út which would house the collection of the current Hungarian National Gallery.

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Tours covering Andrássy út

As Andrássy út is one of the most central points in Budapest and also belongs to the top things to see among travelers nearly every tour at some point covers the spectacular avenue. Many bus tours have their starting points here.

Sights on & around Andrássy út

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Since 2002 Andrássy út is recognised as a World Heritage Site.

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