After a long day of visiting all of Budapest’s top tour attractions, a fun night out is a great way to end the day. One thing you‘ll never fail to find is fun place to go out in Budapest ,
there is a wide range of clubs and bars all around the city. A lot of the clubs are seasonal, since the outdoor patio locations can’t be open during the winter. A newly opened hot
spot, know as Anker’t, is one of the spring/summer locations.

It is the largest garden in the center of Budapest. In the first, larger courtyard, you will find the bar and the dance floor, while in the smaller one, you can relax on a sandy beach
atmosphere. They are both fantastic, with a dance floor in a downtown garden and an urban beach in Pest. It has opening hours during the day, where it offers a variety of food, drinks, barbecue dishes, vegetables, an opportunity to play beach soccer, televised soccer games, and cocktails. At night, it offers more of a club scene with fairy lights, music that ranges between weekdays and weekends, one-liter beers, and lounges.

Why is Ankert so special? It is characterized by minimalst design that makes it ultra chic, it has newly planted trees and huge spacious areas. What better way to enjoy warm summer days and nights then lounging, sipping cocktails with your toes in the sand and enjoying the warm crisp weather.

Ankert is closed during the Autumn and Winter but it reopens in spring.

AnKER’T Photos

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Further Info about AnKER’T

Address: Paulay Ede u 33.
Tel.: +36 30 360 3389
There is no official website but you can check out the Facebook Page.

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