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Aquaworld BudapestAquaworld in Budapest opened up on Friday December 5th 2008 and is one of the biggest indoor theme parks in Europe. Aquaworld is located in the norhtern outskirts of Budapest and offers a gigantic variety of water activities. In total Aquaworld has 17 pools, 1 slides with a total length of 11km, a 3m diving tower, a sauna landscape for 200 people and a beach. The theme park is connected to the Ramada Resort Hotel which offers 261 rooms.

Aquaworld Pools

Aquaworld BudapestThe pools in Aquaworld offer all you can imagine from lying or sitting water massage over a connected outdoor pool to a wave pool or a surf pool. With a total of 17 pools Aquaworld in Budapest offers enough space for several thousand people at a time and everybody will find its place. The surf pool is big enough to host surf competitions and can be used with special boards designed for indoor surfing. The indoor part is so big that it easily could host a family of blue wales, the biggest creature on earth.

11 Slides

The 11 slides in Aquaworld are in total 1 kilometer long and guarantuee a maximum of entertainment and adventure. Accessibla are the slides by stairs or even by elevator. The highest slide in Aquaworld Budapest start at a hight of 17m and the longest slide is 180m long.

Sauna Landscape

As mentioned before the saunas in Aquaworld can host up to 200 people. Also available are steem aroma baths, heated beds and Finnish types of sauna. If that is not enough try one of the infra saunas or the specially designed Bio sauna.

Aquaworld Beach

The beach basically exists of the outside part of Aquaworld which means pools, timber sauna, volleyball, barbeque pavilion and of course the sandy beach. Here children can play, build sand castles or do whatever they want with the sand.

For Kids

Of course in Aquaworld Budapest the children are having a great time as well. Next to swimming or the slides Aquaworld offers tons of activities designed for kids such as a playhouse, outside pools, snorkeling possibilities and specially designed kids pools of all depth.

The Location


1044 Budapest, Íves út 16. – Map

For further contact details visit the Aquaworld website.


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