The old civilian town Aquincum is a definite must see for any tourist visiting Budapest as it is situated on ancient roman ruins. From the first century BC to the fifth century AD Western Hungary was part of the Roman Empire and it was called Pannonia. Pannonia’s largest town was Aquincum which many say is the ancestor of Budapest. Today, It gives tourists an insight into the extremely rich history of the city. It was situated on the North-Eastern borders of the Pannonia province within the Roman Empire. Back in the roman era it was originally settled by a Celtic tribe called the Eravisci and it was used as a military base since it was part of the Roman border protection system called “limes”.

The city gradually grew around the military base and became the capital city of Pannonia Inferior in AD 106 when the Romans reorganized Pannonia. The city continued to grow and by the end of the second century contained thirty to forty thousand inhabitants. Those inhabitants got to enjoy many of the achievements of the Roman Empire including public baths, palaces, amphitheatres used for gladiator combats, central heating in the houses and much more. The remains of many of these structures have been excavated including the amphitheatre and some statues to name a few. The Area which was covered by the city is known today as Obuda which means old Buda and forms part of District 3. Many historic artifacts from the city can be found in the Aquincum Museum.

Today the ruins of that city are found in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, and are a very popular tourist destination. It’s popularity is mainly due to the rich history which took place on this site. Furthermore, many believe that Marcus Aurelius wrote his book “Meditations” at the Aquincum giving history buffs even more reason to visit the historic site.

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More Aquicum Information

Opening Hours: 15 April – 31 October : 9.00 – 18.00 (Closed the rest of the year)
Entrance fees: Between 300 and 1.600 HUF
Address: Szentendrei út 137, 1031 Budapest
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