At the moment the ARC exhibition is taking place in Budapest on Ötvenhatosok square which is near the hero square. The task was to create a poster for the topic “What is happiness” which turned out to deliver some very very good results. Some funny as hell, some really serious but all of them super creative. The exhibition will run till 22nd of September and who cannot watch it due to the distance you can watch the pictures in gallerie which you find here. So make sure to check back after September 22nd.

No as I said some pictures were just hilarious for example this one:

It took me a moment to get it but I think thats just simple and good. There were tons of good posters so if you have the chance to see it go for it. It is for free, you can get drinks there and it is open till late if not all night. For all of you Hungarian speakers check the website.

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