Asian Restaurants in Budapest

There are many Asian Restaurants in Budapest such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai restaurants. Which ones are the best and worth the money and which Asian restaurants you should avoid you can read here. 95% of the Asian restaurants in Budapest are cheap, Chinese fast food restaurants here you can find the remaining 5%.


Restaurant Ramenka

Ramenka is a small but stylish and good restaurant in the Jewish quarter focussing on serving superb Ramen – a Japanese noodle soup. If you are looking for other food then Ramen you better go and choose another restaurant as Ramenka solely serves soup except from a few side dishes. Nevertheless if you want to eat a fabolous Ramen Ramenka is your place to go to. Located just across the famous ruin pub Szimpla kert Ramenka has a top location with tons of people passing by. The restaurant is very minimal and fairly small so you don’t want to go there to have a romntic candle light dinner with your partner but rather get a quick but awesome soup on a Saturday afteroon before you pop in the city. With only a few places in the restaurant you need to plan some time for waiting to be seated but once you sit and ordered you will get your really tasty soup. There is not really more to say about Ramenka…


Hai Nam Pho Bistro

Hai Nam Pho Bistro bistro is a small, simple yet fantastic Vietnamese restaurant on Buda side. From outside it looks like one of these fastfood Chinese restaurants that you find at every second corner in Budapest ans also from inside it looks fairly unspectacular. Nevertheless you will leave Hai Nam Pho Bistro with the will to come back to eat one of the Phos (Vietnamese soups) or any other dish. For me a good sign about originality and quality of the food is when people from that particular country sit in a retaurant and that is the case here. The menu is relatively small which makes the choice easy. It consists half of Phos and the other half of meat and vergetable dishes that you can order with rice or noodles. A Pho is traditionally a beaf broth made of bones with slices of beef in it as well as noodles and vegetables. But also seafood, vegetarian or other meat is possible. Regarding the other dishes you get a lot…


Parázs Presszó Thai Restaurant Budapest

Das Parázs Presszó in Budapest ist für mich seit dem ersten Mal das ich dort gegessen habe das beste Thai Restaurant in Budapest. Es gibt einige gute Asiatische und auch Thai Restaurants in Budapest die authentisch sind (nicht diese Fast Food Chinesen an jeder Ecke), aber das mit Abstand beste ist für mich noch immer das Parázs Presszó. Sie bekommen hier absolute geniale Suppen wie auch gute Thai Currys und sonstige traditionelle Thai Spezialitäten serviert die alle, von denen die ich probiert habe, exzellent schmecken. Der Großteil der Gerichte ist mit Hähnchenfleisch, aber fast jedes Gericht kann Ihnen auch mit Schwein oder Rind serviert werden oder sogar mit Fisch. Zusätzlich gibt es viele Leckereien aus Krabben und auch sehr gute Vorspeisen. Doch auch Vegetarier kommen hier auf Ihre Kosten, es ist also nicht Fleisch im Überfluss sondern eine gesunde Mischung. Eine gute Eigenschaft vom Parázs Presszó ist die Möglichkeit die Schärfe selbst zu bestimmen denn einigen ist es entweder zu scharf oder eben nicht scharf genug, so können Sie bereits…


Wang Mester Konyhája

I have heard a lot about Wang Mester Kinai Konyha (Wang Master Chinese Kitchen) before I first time went there, friends told me it is the best Chinese restaurant you can find in Budapest. Upfront: It turned to out to be. Wang Mester has actually to locations and I tried the one in 9th district somewhere in the middle of a living area, so no hotspot for restaurants, no potential customers passing by accidentially only people who are going to that particularly restaurant. I musty admit that chinese restaurants do not have a extraordinary good reputation in Budapest due to the many small “Chinese Fast Food” restaurants that offer a full meal including soup for 2-3 Euro which simply cannot be proper food. So it is not too easy to find a good chinese restaurant but here you go (next to Momotaro and Hong Kong). First impression on Wang Mester to be honest was not too positive as the facilities are really basic decorated, kind of a place where you…


Parázs Presszó Budapest

I have been to Parázs Presszó in Budapest already several times but just now I find the time to actually write my article about it. For me Parázs Presszó is definitely the best Thai restaurant I have visited in Budapest and among the best Asian restaurants in Budapest next to Momotaro Metélt and Wasabi (both Japanese). Actually Parázs Presszó is not only a Thai restaurant but also a Hungarian restaurant so it combines the specialities of two worlds, the heavy food of Hungary and the exotic food of Thailand. The menu is clearly seperated into the 2 different styles and contains everything from starter to dessert. So if you fancy a typical Hungarian soup followed up by a spicy Thai Curry this is your place to go. I am talking mainly about the Thai part of the restaurant since this is the only food I ate there till now. Maybe this will change some day even though I strongly doubt it simply because once you are in a place like…


Momotaro Metélt Budapest

I have been there now 3 times but always forgot to review the Momotaro Metélt in Budapest. Momotaro Metélt is a fantastic, authentic chinese restaurant in Budapest with amazing chinese dishes. The restaurant itself is super small, maybe 8 tables, where you sit on simple, wooden chairs just like in a pub. Momotaro Metélt doesn’t make such a nice first impression on you but once you get your food served you will hit the floor. I mean everything I have ever eaten there, and I tried a lot, was absolutly amazing and tasty. Another thing which makes me confident that it is quite authentic is that you see a lot of chinese people eating out there so it has to have a certain status. Momotaro Metélt in Budapest is know for 2 things. Their soups which come with different meat types or vegetarian with Tofu, pasta and vegetables. The second thing are the dumplings which are stuffed with all types of meat and seafood. You have to try both of…


Restaurant Hong Kong

The Chinese restaurant Hong Kong in Budapest is one of the best Asian restaurants in Budapest. It is located in the same building as McDonalds headquarter Hungary which is not very useful for a restaurant. But once you are in there there is nothing reminding of fast food even though the food is served very fast which is quiet normal for Asian cuisine. The menu is offers a massive amount of dishes where you don’t really know what it will be. “Kon Pao style”, “Ming Lao style” and whatever sounds Asian has a style there. But once you know where pork, beef, chicken and fish is everything tastes good. The best proof for an authentic and good kitchen is that people from this country are visiting the place and this is the case in Restaurant Hong Kong where you will always pop into some Chinese either on a business lunch or dinner or private. Also Chinese tourists come into the restaurant so it is well visited. Adress:  Gyáli út 3/b District 9,…


Wasabi Budapest

Wasabi is a spicy Japanese horseradish paste used for sushi dishes. The restaurant Wasabi in Budapest offers traditional Japanese food like sushi, wok dishes and other fresh made meals. The exotic thing about Wasabi is that you can choose to sit on the running sushi or in separate rooms on the floor. The variety of different wok dishes is excellent so you never have to eat the same dish twice on one evening. Small portions let you try all the goods. No matter if fish, meat or vegetarian Wasabi offers something for everybody. Next to the main dishes restaurant Wasabi has offers salads, soups, desserts or fresh fruit as well in the running sushi. Wasabi also offers home delivery in Budapest. The price does not depend on the amount you eat or how long you are in the restaurant. It is a “all you can eat” offer. The opening hours are from 11.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. every day. From 11.00 to 16.00 the visit costs 4.990 HUF (around 16€) From 16.00 to 23.00 the visit…