Student? This is how you find your apartment!

Jan 4, 2016 1

You got your notification that you will be studying in Budapest for a semester or more and now you are getting into the planning phase. But how to find a good apartment without knowing anybody in Budapest and not being actually here? 2 easy steps that is all to lead you to your dream apartment in downtown Budapest. 1. Get an Airbnb apartment in Budapest for approximately a week to have the time to check out long term rentals during that time. Airbnb is very easy and uncomplicated to use and with the right apartment not even expensive. 2. Check out long term rentals, flat share and so one and move when you can. Airbnb apartments can be rented for a day only, for a week or as long as you need to so you are very flexible and can stay until you can move into your final apartment! Please ...

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Budapest Airport Parking

Nov 16, 2015 0

Since the regulation of the taxi industry Budapest Airport Parking became very popular because it is in sum much cheaper to park your car for a weekend than taking a taxi there and back. In the meantime there are a lot of offers near the airport where you can park your car on a guarded place and they transfer you to Budapest airport at the time you need to be there and pick you up again once you arrive. Just like a Budapest Airport Transfer but until the parking place you go with your own car. Let’s do a little calculation: Let’s say you are coming from the city center you would pay roughly 5.000 Forint regular fee with a taxi which means for getting to and from the airport you’d pay 10.000 HUF in total. You are flying from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening for a weekend trip somewhere ...

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Club Play Budapest

Nov 9, 2015 1

Club Play in Budapest is one of the few good clubs on Buda side. Most of the nightlife in Budapest is taking part on the bigger Pest side but Club Play is located in the 11th district. Since years thousands of young people come to party and celebrate in one of the two dancefloors with two different types of music. In the bigger dancefloor you can find house music as you would hear it in Ibiza. The smaller room is for RnB, pop and hip hop tunes. Images of Club Play in Budapest More information Address: Daróczi út 2, 1113 Budapest Opening Hours: Saturday 23:00 – 05:00 Tel.: +3620 4899939 Web: http://www.clubplay.hu/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clubplay.hu/ ...

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Airbnb Apartments & Houses at Lake Balaton

Oct 21, 2015 0

Airbnb Apartments & Houses are becoming increasingly popular at Lake Balaton with every season. The guest house and apartment rental is a very important factor for the region just like gastronomy or entertainment. Most people need for a place to stay, except for people who own a house or apartment, so there is the option for a hotel which often is fairly expensive or an apartment house / flat. You can find rentals in every little village around Lake Balaton but with the increasing popularity of Airbnb booking online becomes more and more convenient and popular. So that is why I have collected a few Airbnb Balaton possibilities (just like the Airbnb apartments in Budapest which I have collected) for you in different cities that look nice, are affordable or have something really nice. Here we go. Top 3 Apartments at Lake Balaton! Airbnb Apartments in Siófok Siófok without a ...

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Kobuci Kert

Sep 24, 2015 0

Kobuci Kert in Budapest is a bar with food and drinks as well as a event location for smaller concerts and performances. It is a fairly simple outdoor place like a beergarden in Óbuda (northern Budapest) offering the usual things to drink and eat for one exception which is the Kobuci sandwich. Kobuci is an assembled word coming from Ko for Kolbász (Hungarian fried sausage) and Buci which is the dough. The Kobuci Sandwich On the dough there is a base of spiced sour cream (tejföl, very popular in Hungary) topped with home made, fried, ground sausage pieces and some vegetables such as tomato slices and diced cucumber. Quite simple but really tasty, this is how it looks like. The Kobuci Kert is originated back in 2005 during the biggest all art festival in Hungary, the Valley of arts. Since then Kobuci is a name and with the start of ...

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Wine Tasting in Eger with Start in Budapest

Sep 7, 2015 0

Enjoy the beautiful wine region of Eger with its classy wines and beautiful landscape. You will visit the Basilica and a 16th-century castle which is visible from almost everywhere in the beutiful town of Eger. The heart is the view of traditional wine cellars in Eger including a three-course restaurant lunch before tasting five wonderful wines from the region Eger in a local and private wine cellar. Eger is a wine region that is underestimated and not well known due to the famous Tokaj wine region which is not far away but the wines are very good and tasty so this tour will give you an insight and of course you will have the chance to boy some wines for home. Included in the Tour : Guided excursion to the wine region of Eger Admission to the Basilica and castle Three-course lunch with wine Tasting of five local wines Commentary ...

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Sunday Morning Hangover Tour through Budapest

Sep 2, 2015 0

See a new face of the ruin bars! You thought ruin bars are equal to nightlife? It is time we showed you that there is really more the ruinbars than just drinking beers in the coolest designed locations ever. We’ll show you the charming morning faces of these bars, where jazz plays softly in the background, you can browse antique and retro objects that conjure up the past. Join a tour with a real local insider and expert who will handpick the best programs for your Sunday. You can taste the delicious products of local gardeners on the farmers market. Yes, you have heard right, you can buy tomatoes on the same spot where you got tipsy a few hours before in the night. We will offer you exquisite coffee to charge you full of energy at one of the best coffee places in town. Chill out with us in ...

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Budapest Ruin Pub Tour

Sep 2, 2015 0

Visit the really legendary places and those tourists have never even heard of! This is not a pub crawl but a pleasant walk with a real insider where you chill out in and around these amazing bars.. Did you know that in Budapest ruin bars… … you can time travel into Hungary’s past with beers and wines? … you can buy artworks and homegrown vegetables? … you can understand the hungarian soul? Imagine Budapest in the early 2000s. Something is going on in the Jewish quarter: bars and cultural centres are opening in partially ruined buildings and courtyards. After a few years, they had an official name: Ruin Bars. After 10 years they have become an ultimate highlight in Budapest. Now they are the pulsating heart of Budapest, the gardens of creativity, cultural and civil hubs, the hidden artist caves, a mingle of everything what we love and what you ...

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Restaurant Ramenka

Aug 31, 2015 0

Ramenka is a small but stylish and good restaurant in the Jewish quarter focussing on serving superb Ramen – a Japanese noodle soup. If you are looking for other food then Ramen you better go and choose another restaurant as Ramenka solely serves soup except from a few side dishes. Nevertheless if you want to eat a fabolous Ramen Ramenka is your place to go to. Located just across the famous ruin pub Szimpla kert Ramenka has a top location with tons of people passing by. The restaurant is very minimal and fairly small so you don’t want to go there to have a romntic candle light dinner with your partner but rather get a quick but awesome soup on a Saturday afteroon before you pop in the city. With only a few places in the restaurant you need to plan some time for waiting to be seated but once ...

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Trófea Grill Restaurant

Aug 26, 2015 0

Trófea is an all you can eat restaurant chain all over the city including currently 6 restaurants. Mainly being a grill or barbeque restaurant in Trófea you can choose the meat yourself out of the fridge and give it to the grill master who then freshly prepares it for you in front of your eyes. But that is not all, you also get fresh salads, grilled vegetables or fish, other dishes such as stews and of course a large variety of side dishes and desserts. In a nutshell that is it but the variety of food is just endless with mainly typical Hungarian dishes such as soups, pickles or stews but you can also have BBQ chicken wings or other dishes from all over the world. The heart obviously is the grill where you pick your meat and it is being grilled freshly for you. Sometimes if you get in ...

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