Bar Instant in Budapest is one of the famous ruin pubs which are very popular in Budapest and are very trendy among tourists, expats as well as locals. It is a similar place to Szimpla Kert or other ruin pubs which seem to open up on each and every corner due to the success they are. The mechanism is fairly simple, an old ruin or rather not restaurated house in the city center is rented, most of the time because it is too expensive to renew it, put some old chairs which you can buy on the flee market or used from other bars and pubs in there and place a bar somewhere. That is all what a ruin pub is about.

Ruin pubs used to be the place to go for rather alternative people and students but became very famous over the time with more and more tourists coming. These days you can find these bars in every tourist guide so it is not the secret place to go to which it used to be.

Bar Instant came along after the first wave of ruin pubs with Szimpla, the old West Balkan or Romkert but with very good interior design they quickly closed the gap to other, more prominent bars and became one of the first choice among tourists. However since these places are visited by stag groups, foreign students and expats mainly they lost their attractiveness and you need to search for the really back to the roots old school ruin bars.

The prices in Bar Instant in Budapest are average and the product range normal. They does not serve food except from some really bad tasting sandwiches but thats not why you go there. So to have a beer with some friends Instant in Budapest is very good. Go have a try.

Akácfa utca 51
District 7, 1073 Budapest.

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