Your Karma!

Karma Budapest is located at 2 places in Budapest, Liszt Ference Tér and West End City Center. In a very comfortable atmosphere you can enjoy drinks, wines, good food and just hang around in all kinds of different sitting possibilities. Bar Karma does not only offer chairs for their guests, no they also have couches, pillows and other relaxing stuff. Usual food in Karma is next to regular chicken, beef and fish Indian dishes like Tandoori chicken or WOK dishes. 

The bar is open until 2 a.m. like almost every bar on Liszt Ference Tér. The place is really nice and most of the weekends crowded to the last place. If you are in Budapest and want to go out and have a drink test the Karma and you will see. f you really don’t like it there are still several other bars around. 


Liszt Ferenc tér 11, 
District 6, Budapest
Phone: (+36-1) 413-6764


Westend City Center, Váci út 1-3, 
District 6, Budapest
Phone: (+36-1) 238-9712

Or visit the website

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