Budapest is a magnificent city known for its breathtaking architecture, it’s rich history and its beautiful scenery. It is also a city which is becoming more and more renowned for its nightlife. A seasonal city, Budapest has very cold winters and extremely warm summers and as a result has both summer and winter club seasons. During winter all the clubs are indoor, however, during the summer months the majority of the indoor clubs are closed and the outdoor clubs take over. The largest and most popular of these open air clubs is Bed Beach which is open during the summer months as well as during May and September. The night club opens in the evenings and is usually open until 5 AM and even later on special occasions.

Bed Beach is located on Hajogyari Sziget, an Island dedicated completely to night clubs and bars. On such an island it is very hard for a club to stand out, Bed Beach, however, stands out due its very chic and clean design consisting of an all white look including white sofas and beds in the VIP section and white bars, textiles and decorations. The club hosts many events and concerts, but is mainly known for its white parties during which guests are required to wear white from head to toe. The club has a very unique feel as it also includes a man made pond in the middle of which you can find one of the many VIP tables offered at Bed Beach. The music featured at Bed Beach is mainly house and club music attracting high-class regulars giving the club a more mature and established feel. The club has a very high class look and it tailors to a high class crowd with numerous VIP sections including VIP tables, beds and even a VIP bar.

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Bed Beach Information

Address: Hajógyári Sziget, Budapest, Hungary, 1033
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    4th May 2016

    Info stag party

    Dear Sir good morning,
    I’m writing from Italy and I would like to ask you some information about your club as write below:
    We would like to spend a friday night to celebrate our friend stag party, we are going to go to Budapest on friday, june, 10.
    We are 10/15 people ( more or less) and I want to ask you if is possible to reserve a privè, with table and vodka or something else.
    Please, could you write your best offer about our requirement?
    We are 30/35 years old and we would like to spend a very funny moment in Budapest.
    I’m waiting for your kind reply, best regards
    this is a message who I wrote to bed beach on facebook but I haven’t receive any reply.
    I don’t know how can I contact them, please, could you help me?

    Fabio Villa

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