Is there a website like eBay in Hungary?

Dec 3, 2014 0

Yes, there is indeed a website like eBay in Hungary called Vatera. You can check it out under but it is in Hungarian only. The website is working like eBay so people submit items and you can bid on them and if you are the highest bidder the item will go to you. Furthermore there are also classified websites (just like eBay classifieds) which you can find under or but it is not based on a bidding system. There are tons of mostly used items which can be purchased for a fixed price often very cheap. ...

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3 Star Budget Hotel in Budapest

Nov 6, 2014 0

Among the many hotels in Budapest you can find everything from dirt cheap hotels without a star up to the high class 5 star hotels. But what is the best value for business travelers and tourists? In my opinion it is in the category of 3 stars or max 4 stars depending on your wallet. If you are looking for clean, friendly and comfortable places to stay in the city you should start looking from 3 stars upwards. A very good value for the price is the Jagelló Business Hotel ( on Buda side which offers all you need for... ...

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Where can I buy English newspapers in Budapest?

Oct 14, 2014 0

English newspapers are fairly easy to get in Budapest. There is a newsstand chain called Inmedio which is selling all kinds of foreign language newspapers and magazines. You can find Inmedio shops in various places across the city. You can find a list of all Inmedio outlets here: Of course you can find many more shops that sell newspapers in English or in another foreign language. A good way to start is to check the area around your local Embassy in Budapest. Alternatively most newspapers have online versions as well which are either for free or up to subscription. ...

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Do you know a Good Gym in Downtown Budapest?

Sep 1, 2014 0

There are a lot of gyms / fitness centers in the city center but often I am asked for a clean and high standard gym in Budapest but in this question I see the focus is on the location. However the recommended gyms are also high class and equipped with the latest equipment. So here are a few gyms that are considered in the city center: Mariott World Class – Expensive but good service and facilities Life1 at Corvin Negyed – Near many universities Oktogon Fitness Holmes Place Flex Gym ...

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Can you recommend a website for Apartment rental in Budapest?

Aug 13, 2014 0

There are several Budapest apartment rental websites where you also can find there houses, properties, holiday houses or business premises. Also you need to distinguish between long term and short term rental which makes a great difference in where to start your search. Assuming that you are interested in long term rentals I can recommend you the following websites to start your research: (English version of Except for Ingatlanbazar and Duna House ( all websites have a English version however the property description will still be in Hungarian but at least you can see... ...

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Do you know a unique Jewelry Designer in Budapest?

Aug 12, 2014 1

In Budapest there are many creative people with great ideas and a very interesting alternative / underground scene for all sorts of unique items let it be clothing, accessories, shoes, art or as you are asking jewelry. When walking through the inner city of Budapest and nowadays especially the Jewish district you find a lot of little shops either selling the designers jewelry or you find the designers own shop. But to not send you for a walk and ending up in the middle of nowhere without actually finding something that interests you I have researched a bit to find... ...

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Do you know a Latin Dancing School in Budapest?

Aug 8, 2014 0

I am not really a dancer, especially not a Latin dancer but I have researched a bit and browsed the web for a Latin dancing school in Budapest. I have no experience with these schools nor have I ever seen one from inside but here is a little collection of Latin / Cuban / Salsa dancing schools, courses or meetups in Budapest: (Hungarian only) (Hungarian only) (Hungarian only) Also you can find a lot of events all around Latin dancing on ...

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Where can I unlock my phone?

Jul 29, 2014 0

An often asked questions because usually expats bring their phones from home and often have the problem that it is locked to their old carrier. No matter which country you or your phone is from all phones, yes Apple iPhone as well, can be unlocked and that is pretty easy. Already the big mobile phone carriers offer such service but it is way cheaper if you go in one of the million GSM shops which you find in almost any shopping center in Budapest and also in crowded areas throughout the city. Here you can unlock your iPhone in Budapest... ...

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Where can I sell (or buy) handcrafted goods?

Jun 26, 2014 0

There are several possibilities to sell or buy handcrafted goods such as jewelry or home design objects in Budapest. Budapest is a heaven for such things and there are many people offering their arts in shops or design fairs. Here is a little overview where you could try to sell your handcrafted jewelry. The WAMP design fair – GOUBA in Gozsdu Udvar – The Valley of Arts – DIP Design Passage – Budapesi Zsibvásár – (Hungarian only) Bolha Palota – Margitutcakilenc – The Facebook Group “Handmade Stuff for sale Budapest” – Try... ...

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Can you recommend a relocation service from the UK to Budapest?

Jun 24, 2014 0

I have never used a relocation company to bring my belongings to Budapest but there are a few relocation companies from Hungary and also international ones recommended by the Embassy of the United States of America. They are probably not only do relocations from the US to Budapest but from the UK as well. You can find the list of relocation companies here: I hope that helps and gets your belongings safe to Budapest. ...

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