Most of you know Twitter which has become an essential part for many businesses in order to communicate with their customers in a short and simple yet modern way. There are many best practices around the globe how to use Twitter to get interactions with your consumers, customers clients however you want to call them. But there is a fantastic example right here in Budapest which I would like to tell you about. It has been mid March that I stumbled across a tweet by the Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest (yes, that wonderful hotel at the end of Lánchíd in the center of Budapest – Book your room here) whom I am following on Twitter (@FSBudapest). Here we go:

Four Seasons Budapest Twitter Foursquare

The Foursquare and Twitter user ebucsko checked in at the Four Seasons and tweeted his check-in. Now Four Seasons saw that and picked up on it and replied with a few nice words and offering help in case he needs something. Isn’t that a brilliant customer care, customer relationship management or whatever it is called? I would feel that I am treated well there, though the reception is downstairs and the phone to call the operator is in the room the staff realized that I am there.

Well so far so good, that might have been just a one time thing or a trial. Anyways I think it is fantastic. I took the above screenshot because I thought that it might be worth a post which I than discarded for a while. Until now in May I saw that they did it again.

Four Seasons reply on Twitter

This time the Twitter User Chris Clarke just tweets that he had a great time at the conference and at the amazing Four Seasons Budapest hotel. So again FSBudapest picked up that tweet and replied with a few words and the message that they would be happy to welcome him again. Brilliant. I would, in case I go back to Budapest, no doubt book my room at Four Seasons again.

Simple tweets that show attention towards the customer guest and make him feel welcomed in the hotel, I think that is a fantastic example for the usage of Social Media and customer care in an industry where one would say “why should a hotel join Twitter or other social media? Do I get bookings there?”. It is not always about the bookings and the direct sales but in a long run this will pay off. I just checked their tweets online (usually I use my mobile for it) and there are many more examples.

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