Since the regulation of the taxi industry Budapest Airport Parking became very popular because it is in sum much cheaper to park your car for a weekend than taking a taxi there and back. In the meantime there are a lot of offers near the airport where you can park your car on a guarded place and they transfer you to Budapest airport at the time you need to be there and pick you up again once you arrive. Just like a Budapest Airport Transfer but until the parking place you go with your own car.

Let’s do a little calculation: Let’s say you are coming from the city center you would pay roughly 5.000 Forint regular fee with a taxi which means for getting to and from the airport you’d pay 10.000 HUF in total. You are flying from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening for a weekend trip somewhere 3 days parking cost you 4.200 HUF including the transfer. A saving of 5.800 HUF not taking your gasoline costs into account.

Book your Parking Place Online

The booking of the parking place is dead simple. You just state the day you arrive and leave, the flight number and your data and you are all set. You are now expected to be there at the given time and will be transferred to the airport just as you need it. There are several offers that provide airport parking in Budapest however I am always taking the following as they are very reliable and fair priced:

Airport Parking Center
budapest airport parking centerWebsite:
Address: Üllői út 859., Vecsés
Tel: +36 30 374 9650

The Budapest Airport Parking Booking Process:


Budapest Airport Parking prices:

1 day 2.900 HUF
2 days 3.600 HUF
3 days 4.200 HUF
4 days 4.700 HUF
5 days 5.100 HUF
6 days 5.700 HUF
7 days 6.500 HUF
8 days 7.100 HUF
9 days 7.300 HUF
10 days 7.500 HUF
11 days 8.100 HUF
12 days 8.600 HUF
13 days 9.200 HUF
14 days 9.700 HUF
15 days 9.900 HUF
16 days 10.300 HUF
17 days 10.500 HUF
18 days 11.000 HUF
19 days 11.500 HUF
20 days 12.000 HUF
21 days 12.500 HUF
22 days 13.000 HUF
23 days 13.500 HUF
24 days 14.000 HUF
25 days 14.500 HUF
26 days 15.000 HUF
27 days 15.400 HUF
28 days 15.800 HUF
29 days 16.200 HUF
30 days 16.600 HUF

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