Budapest Bath Parties, also called SPArty, is a superb set of parties in the historical Széchenyi Bath and became a interesting alternative to clubs in the city. Every occasion more people are visiting the already legendary parties and dance in Bikinis and swimming trunks to house music and have drinks and fun together. This article is the ultimate guide to bath parties in Budapest and gives you all information you need to know in order to become part of it.

What are Budapest Bath Parties?

Budapest Bath Parties are held in the famous Széchenyi Bath almost every Saturday during Spring and Summer time. The pool areas are turned into a large clubbing area with music, light effects and bars to grab drinks. They started as occasional events in Lukács bath and move to the larger Széchenyi Spa later on due to the success and the need for more space. Nowadays the Budapest Bath Parties are fixed events in the Budapest Nightlife and Clubbing scene and are well visited every time they take place.
The idea of partying in one of the most historical Budapest thermal bath with music, light show and drinks attracts many people from all around the world, especially students and young people, is simply great. In a hundreds of years old environment where other people go to relax you can just book your ticket and have a great night out which especially in hot summer nights is just the perfect way to party. No more hot and sweaty clubs but fresh air, cooling water and a great crowd.

Images from the Bath Parties in Budapest

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See what the parties are like in a video

Different Bath Parties in Budapest

The Bath parties in Budapest are appearing under different names but they all take part in the same bath so here is a little overview of names you should have an open ear for and maybe like their Facebook page to stay up to date and get news and images from the parties.


Cinetrip as such is a set of events taking place in exotic locations and in terms of Bath parties this is the case. The parties are organized in Széchenyi bath in different times but approximately once per month. The name Cinetrip came from the fact that it all started with making the soundtrack to silent movies in Király bath. It than slowly turned into a series of parties with proper music and light show – the audio-visual effects have always been a key point.
Prices are 12.000 HUF (40€) at the door with probably some discount if bought in advance.



The name Szecska comes from the location the parties are held in – Szécsenyi bath – in a younger more fancy way. Szecska parties take place every Saturday during the summer from mid April till end of September. The opening hours are 10.30 p.m. – 03.00 a.m. with a cost of 7.000 HUF (25€) in advance or 22€ online.


Magic Bath

Since April 2014 magic bath also moved to Szécheny bath and is practically the same as Szecska. Indoor pools here are closing at 1 a.m. already and it also takes places on Saturdays during the summer times.

Facebook: N/A


Sparty seems to be the collective name of all three above mentioned party series and is probably the best way to inform yourself, book tickets and get updates and news. Sparty also has an online booking system for all parties taking place in Széchenyi bath in Budapest so the booking via is most likely the best.

Website: /

Further Information

Prices: ~25€ – 250€ (10+1 group ticket)
Opening Hours: 22.30 – 03.00
Location: Széchenyi Bath – Állatkerti krt. 9-11., 1146 Budapest

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