Budapest Events, Concerts and Festivals

Budapest is often called Festivalcity due to the amount of festivals throughout the year that cover really every single niche you can possibly imagine. Next to the big events in Budapest such as the Formula 1 race, the Sziget Festival or the internationally recognized Wine Festival you can go to events such as the Lecso Festival or the Mangalica Festival. There is also a large variety of seasonal events taking place as for example the Christmas Market or the carnival celebrations.
On top of these events there are many parties kicked off for special events such as Halloween parties or New Years Eve parties but also regular parties in clubs should not be missed.
This page gives you an overview of events taking place in Budapest, check it out.

Upcoming Events in Budapest

April 2018


Hungarian Folklore Performance + Dinner & Cruise

Folk Performance, Dinner & Cruise

From 20.00

November 2018


Christmas Markets in Budapest

Enjoy mulled wine and kürtös kalács

Venue: Various Locations in Budapest

December 2018


Christmas Chamber Concert + Dinner Cruise

From 20.00 until 23.59

Venue: Danube Palace


2017/2018 New Year's Eve Party on the Danube

Party with the most picturesque landscape possible!

From 19.00 until 05.00

Venue: On the Danube

Annual Top Events & Festivals in Budapest

There are a number of recurring events in Budapest that are indispensable for the city and the crowd. Since years these events are bringing the masses together and entertain the young and old.

Budapest Wine Festival

The Budapest Wine Festival is the best opportunity for everybody who is interested in tasting Hungarian Wines as a lot of producers from all over Hungary join the Festival and showcase their products. You will find here exhibitors from the well known wine regions such as Tokaj, Villány or the Balaton region but also from smaller and less known region such as the closed to Budapest located Etyek which actually produces quite nice wines and has its own wine festival. The Budapest Wine Festival takes place every year in the Castle District Budapest around September time (This is the Festival Season with the Formula 1 in Budapest, the Sziget Festival and also the Red Bull Air Race) and lasts for a long weekend. The first Budapest Wine Festival was hosted in 1991 which makes it already a stable part in the list of Festivals in Budapest. So not only music is a big topic for festivals but also food and drinks such as sausage, Pálinka or the famous Mangalica pig….


Sziget Festival Budapest

Sziget Festival Budapest 2016 | 08.-15. August 2016 – Hajógyári Sziget, Óbuda, Budapest The Sziget festival is the biggest Rock festival in Europe concerning the number of visitors. The reason for that is that the Sziget festival lasts a complete week and not like many other Budapest festivals just a long weekend. The speciality about the Sziget festival is that it is on an island (Sziget = Island) and even though in between Buda and Pest you feel like being in another world, somewhere in the wood far away from the city center. The island is usually called Óbudai Sziget even though the official name is Hajógyári Sziget. Óbudai island is the biggest island in Budapest measuring more than 70 football pitches and is in the northern part of Budapest. The Sziget Festival exists since 1993 and started as the “student festival” and was organised by a few music fans, what came out of it is what we have today… a fully comercialised festival with more than 1000 performances and…


Formula 1 Budapest

27. – 30. July 2017 – Budapest (Hungaroring) “The Formula 1 in Budapest is a fixed date in the race calendar” is what Bernie Ecclestone said a couple of years ago. Since 1986 the Formula 1 circus comes to Budapest for a stop at Hungaroring. Since then it is probably the biggest event in Budapest and for the whole country. Not just Hungarians but also people from Croatia, Slovakia, Romania and the Ukraine come year by year to see the fastest cars, the most famous drivers and the best looking girls in the world. The Formula 1 Budapest 2017 Weekend Schedule All Winners of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Budapest More than 25 years the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Hungary is taking place at Hungaroring near Budapest now and there have been a lot of winners. Michael Schuhmacher with 4 victories is leading the list followed by Ayrton Senna and Lewis Hamilton with 3 victories and a few other with 2 victories each such as Piquet, Hill, Villeneuve,…


Events in Budapest by season

Of course the warm months of the year are stuffed with outdoor events, concerts and parties but also during the winter months there are a few events that are well worth visiting and usually when it is cold outside there are many concerts that take place. Here is a rough overview of which events take place in which season of the year.

Budapest Events in Spring

The weather is getting warmer and outdoor places open their gates so the time is here for some cracking spring events in Budapest. Broken down to the months they usually take place see the hottest events in spring.

Events in March
  • Budapest Spring Festival
  • St. Patrick’s Day
Events in April
  • Budapest Spring Festival
  • Titanic International Film Fest
Events in May
  • Bread and Pastry Festival
  • Belgian Beer Festival
  • Budapest Pálinka Festival
  • Budapest Gourmet Festival

Budapest Events in Summer

The summer is obviously the most crowded season for events and outdoor concerts and within summer August is packed with top events. Music, sports and culinary events in Budapest are taking place every weekend and even during the week. Pick from the best events in summer below.

Events in June
  • Budapest Gourmet Festival
  • Hand Crafted beer Festival
  • Night of Mueseums
  • Children’s Island
  • Czech Beer Festival
Events in July
  • Czech Beer Festival
  • Balaton Sound
  • RockPart Rock Festival
  • Formula 1 in Budapest
Events in August
  • Sziget Festival
  • Volt Festival Sopron
  • Jewish Summer Fest

Budapest Events in Autumn

The autumn events in Budapest are traditionally culinary ones, especially the wine festivals are taking place in this season as it is wine season. During this time you need to check the weather forecast carefully to not get surprised by a sudden rain or storm.

Events in September
  • Goose Liver Festival
  • Budapest Wine Festival
  • Budafok Wine Festival
  • Sweet Days
Events in October
  • Oktoberfest in Budapest
Events in November

There are no events planned in November currently. If you know one please contact me.
For alternative activities check out Things to do in Winter

Budapest Events in Winter

Actually Winter is not the time to organize or participate events as it is freezing cold outside however there are many very interesting things you can do during Winter in Budapest so get dress up warm and go to the fresh air a bit on one of the below events.

Events in December
  • Christmas Markets in Budapest
  • Indoor Festival
Events in January

There are no events planned in January currently. If you know one please contact me.
For alternative activities check out Things to do in Winter

Events in February
  • Mangalica Festival
  • Budapest Fish Festival

Over the years, mostly concerts and non recurring events, a lot of great events have taken place in Budapest. To get a good idea of what happened in the apst have a look at the past events that have taken place in Budapest.