The Hungarian cuisine is boiled down by stereotypes to Goulash Soup, Salami and Paprika but it has so much more to offer. To show you the diversity of the Hungarian kitchen the Budapest Food & Wine Tour is a perfect 3 hour program. During this program you will see the Central Market Hall, one of the most impressive market halls in Europe, and the products available in Hungary which are not only paprika, tomatoes and salamis. Afterwards be invited to a 5-tier wine tasting of great Hungarian wines, a 3 course menu cooked for you as well as an informative session about the secrets of the Hungarian kitchen and recipes that you can cook at home.

What will happen on the Food & Wine Tour in Budapest?

The Budapest Food and Wine Tour takes approximately 3 hours and consists of 6 major parts to inspire your mind and kill your hunger. You will get an 360 degree insight in the Hungarian cuisine which will make use of all your six senses. You will do and learn during this Food Tour:

  1. Visit of the Central Market Hall
  2. A historical sight that is on all must-do lists about Budapest and you need to make that tick behind it. A great piece of architecture with a vibrant life showing you the real Hungarian way of shopping fruits, vegetables, meat and ingredients. Here you will meet the butchers, the farmers and the makers of great traditional Hungarian things such as Rétes (Strudel) or cheese. See in which parts Hungarians cut the meat and why it is so. A greater inside into Hungarian traditions and lifestyle you will not get other than in the Central Market Hall in Budapest.

  3. Overview of products and history of the Hungarian cuisine
  4. While walking around the market your guide will tell you historical facts and give you information about the products you see. What traditional dishes can be made of which vegetables? After this informational input you will understand the market and its sellers and what traditions there are in Hungary related to which product. You will quickly learn that the Paprika does not play such an important role as you might think and what really nice Hungarian cream you can make from Aubergines.

  5. 5-tier Wine Tasting
  6. Did you ever hear about Hungarian Wines? Maybe Tokaj wine rings a bell but did you know that in Hungary also great red & white wines are produced as well as very tasty rosé wine? Abart from the very famous Tokaj wine region in the North-East of Hungary there are several other regions that make world class wines which are not very known outside of Hungary such as Villány or Szekszárd wine regions. During this 5-tier wine tasting you will get the know the regions and wines better and of course taste them and get a little historical and cultural background.

  7. 3 course Menu for lunch
  8. It is time to eat after walking through the Central Market Hall, hear about all the nice products and tasted some good wine. You will have a 3 course meal for lunch, of course traditional Hungarian and with fresh products from the market. This course is first of all to have something to eat but also to experience the Hungarian tradition and typical dishes. While having a talk with your tourguide you can ask questions and get a lot of details.

  9. Information, secrets and recipes of the Hungarian kitchen
  10. After the lunch you will get some more insights and details about the Hungarian cuisine, some secrets and of course recipes to take home and cook again once back at home. The recipes and information are a great memorable for the trip to Budapest.

  11. Restaurant tips
  12. Still not enough with the information you get. After all the great tips and tricks you received you might want to try some typical Hungarian restaurants during the rest of your stay in Budapest. You will get restaurant recommendations that cook good Hungarian food far away from typical tourist traps on Vaci ut, with real Hungarian food and fair prices. A really valuable piece of information. Of course you can also follow my recommendations for Hungarian restaurants in Budapest.

What is the timetable of the Food & Wine Tour

The Food and Wine Tour is held in 3 different locations in Budapest that you will visit during the ~3 hours. The main points of your tour will be:

  1. Central Market Hall
  2. A Wine Cellar in Budapest
  3. Typical Hungarian Restaurant

The Food & Wine Tour in Budapest starts every day (except Sunday because the Market Hall is closed) at 10 a.m. in front of the main entrance of the Central Market Hall. After approximately 3 hours the tour will end near the Budapest Opera House Metro stop. The tour includes the 5-tier Wine tasting, the 3 course menu and an English speaking guide.

Budapest Food & Wine Tour Information

The food during the tour is non-kosher food. Vegetarians will be served vegetarian dishes when they notify the guide before the tour. In case the Market Hall is closed the shopping will be done in a local grocery store, which is of course not as impressive as the market but you still will see the traditional Hungarian ingredients. During all parts of the tour you will be able to take pictures.
Starting time: 10 a.m. Every day except Sunday and public holidays
Duration: ~3 hours
Price: 76€ per Person

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