Budapest Restaurants

Budapest Restaurants

In Budapest Restaurants are located on every corner ranging from Michelin star restaurants to small street food booths offering delicious specialties from all over the world. I have visited more than 100 restaurants in Budapest myself and reviewed them here for you to give you a handy overview of where and what to eat. I can give you insights into small Indian backyard restaurants to high class Hungarian cuisine, their menus, the location, service level and my personal recommendation on where to go for which occasion. As mentioned I have visited all the reviewed Budapest restaurants myself and you will find my honest opinion in the review. There are no paid or sponsored reviews you read about in other Budapest guides and no manipulated points or stars as in many large travel websites. Luckily food is a matter of taste and also of being in the right time in the right place so if you disagree with my review feel free to leave a comment.

Budapest Restaurants by Cuisine

Asian Restaurants

Asian Restaurants in Budapest

Hungarian Restaurants

Hungarian Restaurants in Budapest

Mexican Restaurants

Mexican Restaurants in Budapest

My Top 10 Restaurants in Budapest

So which are the best restaurants in Budapest? Are they worth the money? As all these reviews only reflect my opinion on one (sometimes more often) given occasion you might have experienced it better or worse. If so, please do not hesitate to leave a comment with the experiences you have made. You can also have a look at my personal Top 10 Restaurants in Budapest which is here in short:

  1. Chez Daniel
  2. Zeller Bistro
  3. Nancsi Néni
  4. Hemingway
  5. Parázs Presszó
  6. Repeta Lakásétterem
  7. Gesztenyés Kert
  8. VakVarjú
  9. Symbol
  10. M Restaurant

General Information – Tipping, Etiquette & more

In Budapest and all over Hungary generally speaking you find European standards in terms of etiquette and tipping. Depending obviously on the type of restaurant or bistro you are visiting a roughly 10% tip is usual. However in general people tend to give a bit less of a tip most of the time just rounding up to the next 1.000 HUF mark. In higher class restaurants generous tipping is normal also due to the price level obviously. Whereas in street food restaurants, fast food or small snack booths you usually do not tip at all.
Concerning the etiquette there is actually no difference to Western European do’s and don’t’s. In some rare cases you will be seated but otherwise you usually sit down on a table you prefer maybe in a quick exchange with the waiter.

A restaurant for every Occasion

Apart from my top 10 list of the best restaurants in Budapest I have written you might look for a good restaurant for a special occasion. Family dinner, romantic candle light dinner or going out with your kids for example. I try to list some here but if you need further recommendations and tips just let me know in the comments or drop me an email.

Candle Light Dinner in Budapest

Maybe you will not get a classical candle light dinner but in my opinion the most romantic and also most quiet restaurant in Budapest is Chez Daniel. A small, cute French restaurant with superb food and friendly staff that makes you feel like sitting in somebody’s private apartment. You will find a good and quiet corner here to have a romantic evening with excellent wine and food.


Chez Daniel Budapest

Restaurant Chez Daniel in Budapest is one of the best addresses in town when it comes to good food and quality wine. The French restaurant near Andrassy út is a small and very comfortable restaurant where you are treated as a guest and not as a customer. The menu is, compared to some other restaurants in Budapest, very clear and well arranged. The concept of few dishes but high quality is working perfectly fine if you ask me. The menu is purely French so you will not find a Gulash Soup or Pörkölt but extremely nice typical French cuisine. Even though the menu is small there is something for everybody on the card from meat to fish or vegetarian if needed, you can get your soup, a cold starter or warm starters. Also the wine selection is perfectly organized because next to Chez Daniel there is a wine store that is run by the owner as well so he knows his handcraft and can offer the best wine to each course. Chez…


Quick but good – Street Food

There are thousands of small, quick, fast food bistros in Budapest so the choice depends one what you crave for and what is nearby. But if I would need to make a choice that it would definitely by Arriba! a small Mexican restaurant on both Buda and Pest side with great, authentic Mexican food.


Arriba Taqueria – Mexican Street Food

Arriba is a more or less fast food Mexican restaurant in Budapest which serves very good tasting and quality food within minutes. Located between Oktogon and Nyugati Trainstation on Teréz Körút Arriba is in the city center and you can reach the restaurant from nearly any place very fast. The menu is not too large but through the choice of the preparation method you have many possibilities. The menu is built up like a matrix so that you can choose between Burrito, Quesadilla and Taco with different fillings and toppings like sliced pork, chicken, beef, Chorizo, vegetarian and so on. You also can choose vegetables that should go with it from tomatoes, onions, paprika to coriander or spicy pepperoni. So basically you can choose whatever you want to go with you Burrito or Quesadilla. Next to these 3 main dishes Arriba offers a selection of salads and small finger food like the Poppers (Chillies stuffed with cheese, deep fried) which taste fantastic or Taquitos which are a bit dry but…


Best Restaurants with Kids

In general all restaurants I have visited so far in Budapest are fairly children friendly. Most restaurants have extra chairs for small kids, are very helpful with prams for example and many restaurants also offer a special kids menu. In most cases you also get something for the kids to play or draw so that they are happy and you can eat your food. However there is one restaurant which blew my mind in terms of friendliness and being prepared for kids which is restaurant Zeller.


Zeller Bistro

Zeller Bistro is the top rated restaurant in Budapest according to TripAdvisor (what effect that has I will discuss later in the article) so I thought I will give it a try. Located in Izabella utca (Between Oktogon and Heroes’ Square) in the 7th district Zeller is not too far off the track and can be reached easily from the city center. The little family run restaurant is situated in the cellar of a normal apartment house and offers a refreshing, modernized Hungarian menu. Away from Goulash Soup and Pörkölt Zeller is driving more in a modern direction using fresh products from the market and traditional dishes with a drift to exotic ingredients. The menu is really straight forward and not longer than a page so you do not get lost in the mass of choices but in the same time there is something for everybody from fish to duck and vegetarian to soups. Few starters a choice of a dozen main courses and 3 desserts that’s what you have…


Michelin Star Restaurants

Currently there are 3 restaurants in Budapest with a Michelin Star. The price range goes from 4.590 HUF to 27.589 HUF for a dinner but I assume the low end is rather a starter. The 3 Michelin Star Restaurants are Costes, Onyx and Borkonyha Winekitchen. If you want to try some proven excellent food in Budapest with highest quality than visit one of these 3 restaurants.

Recently Reviewed Restaurants


Wine Tasting in Eger with Start in Budapest

Enjoy the beautiful wine region of Eger with its classy wines and beautiful landscape. You will visit the Basilica and a 16th-century castle which is visible from almost everywhere in the beutiful town of Eger. The heart is the view of traditional wine cellars in Eger including a three-course restaurant lunch before tasting five wonderful wines from the region Eger in a local and private wine cellar. Eger is a wine region that is underestimated and not well known due to the famous Tokaj wine region which is not far away but the wines are very good and tasty so this tour will give you an insight and of course you will have the chance to boy some wines for home. Included in the Tour : Guided excursion to the wine region of Eger Admission to the Basilica and castle Three-course lunch with wine Tasting of five local wines Commentary from your guide in English and German Roundtrip transportation via coach Hotel pick-up in Budapest Important Information Start: 9 a.m….


Restaurant Ramenka

Ramenka is a small but stylish and good restaurant in the Jewish quarter focussing on serving superb Ramen – a Japanese noodle soup. If you are looking for other food then Ramen you better go and choose another restaurant as Ramenka solely serves soup except from a few side dishes. Nevertheless if you want to eat a fabolous Ramen Ramenka is your place to go to. Located just across the famous ruin pub Szimpla kert Ramenka has a top location with tons of people passing by. The restaurant is very minimal and fairly small so you don’t want to go there to have a romntic candle light dinner with your partner but rather get a quick but awesome soup on a Saturday afteroon before you pop in the city. With only a few places in the restaurant you need to plan some time for waiting to be seated but once you sit and ordered you will get your really tasty soup. There is not really more to say about Ramenka…


Trófea Grill Restaurant

Das Trófea Grill Restaurant in Budapest ist eine Top Adresse speziell wenn es um all-you-can-eat geht. Frisch zubereitetes Fleisch, eine große Auswahl an Beilagen sowie Vor- und Nachspeisen soweit das Auge reicht. Das Konzept ist relativ einfach: Für ca. 6.000 Forint kann in der Mittags- bzw. Abendessenszeit soviel gegessen werden wie man möchte bzw. kann. Ein klassisches All-you-can-eat Angebot, allerdings mit einer gewaltigen Auswahl an fertigen und noch zu machenden Gerichten. Das Herzstück ist sicherlich die Auswahl an verschiedenen Fleischsorten (keine Sorge es gibt auch Fisch) wie Hühnchen, Schwein und auch gute Stücke vom Rind, letzteres aber nur in geringer Stückzahl also früh kommen. Auch Gemüse und Shrimps können gewählt werden. Man nimmt sich also einen Teller, füllt ihn mit dem Fleisch was man gerne möchte und übergibt es dem Grillmeister der es dann vor den eigenen Augen brät so wie man es gerne hätte. Neben der Auswahl an Grillfleisch gibt es natürlich noch viele weitere Gerichte die größtenteils ungarisch sind wie zum Beispiel Pörkölt, gefülltes Kraut oder die ganz…


Trófea Grill Restaurant

Trófea is an all you can eat restaurant chain all over the city including currently 6 restaurants. Mainly being a grill or barbeque restaurant in Trófea you can choose the meat yourself out of the fridge and give it to the grill master who then freshly prepares it for you in front of your eyes. But that is not all, you also get fresh salads, grilled vegetables or fish, other dishes such as stews and of course a large variety of side dishes and desserts. In a nutshell that is it but the variety of food is just endless with mainly typical Hungarian dishes such as soups, pickles or stews but you can also have BBQ chicken wings or other dishes from all over the world. The heart obviously is the grill where you pick your meat and it is being grilled freshly for you. Sometimes if you get in early and are lucky you might even catch some nice steak or shrimps and not only chicken and pork meat….


Jamie’s Italian Budapest

NOTE: If there is any joke made about Hungary and hungry I’ll be very very disappointed and delete this post! Jamie’s Italian in Budapest is going to open up in Spring 2016! What can you expect in the Jamie Oliver Restaurant in Budapest? Jamie Oliver without a doubt is one of the best chefs around the globe and for sure the best known TV chef. But this doesn’t make a great restaurant yet. Browsing through the web and checking independent reviews about the existing Jamie’s Italian in the UK are not as good as the name might be. “What a disappointment – Mr Oliver cashing out” “Disappointing!” “bad, bad, bad” These are just a few reviews that I have found but of course you have good ones as well. And yes, the positive reviews are many more than the negative. But 132 “Terrible” and 203 “Poor” reviews do speak a clear language. Or is it just people who want to give bad reviews because it is Jamie Oliver? Address: Buda…

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Die VakVarjú Restaurants

Das Restaurant VakVarjú in Budapest, bzw eher die 4 Restaurants, ist meines Erachtens nach eine der besten Anlaufstellen für gutes Essen zu fairen Preisen. Ein international ausgerichtetes Konzept mit Speisen die exzellent schmecken und auch satt machen. Das alles sogar mitten in der Innenstadt wo Preise normalerweise überdurchschnittlich sind. Auch das VakVarjú ist sicherlich nicht die billigste Adresse in der Stadt aber für die Leistung absolut vertretbar. Im VakVarjú in Budapest gibt es von Suppen und Vorspeisen über deftige Hauptgerichte sowie leichte Köstlichkeiten und Nachtisch alles was das Herz begehrt und der Magen mag. Hier können Sie typisch ungarische Gerichte ausprobieren wie zum Beispiel die Gänseleber aber auch guten Lachs mit Salat haben. Die Auswahl ist ausreichend, aber nicht unübersichtlich. Ein paar Worte noch zum Restaurant an sich, es ist stilvoll eingerichtet mit kleinen Feinheiten an allen Ecken und Enden. Service und Personal ist schnell und hilfsbereit, also gibt es auch von dieser Seite nichts zu meckern. Ein rundum gelungenes Restaurant für ein leckeres Abendessen. Restaurant VakVarjú Information: Wie gesagt…

vegan restaurant budapest

Vegan Restaurants in Budapest

Finding true vegan restaurants in Budapest is not too hard as this is a very vegan friendly city and once you have a look around you will be able to chose from several great vegan restaurants. I myself am not vegan so it took me some research to find them online but now I have gathered a nice little list of 100% vegan restaurants. No restaurants that seel 95 meat dishes and 1 salad which is vegan but these restaurants are exactly what you are looking for. Vegan, creative and in Budapest. List of Vegan Restaurants in Budapest Vega City Vega City is located in the heart of Budapest between Astoria and Kalvin tér. They offer daily different dishes from hearty dishes including cabbage and dumplings to more exotic food with coconut and curry. Web: Nemsüti Nemsüti is near Margaret Bridge on Pest side and offer weekly menus including soups, sandwiches, pasta, salads and more. Web: Kozmosz Kozmosz is in the 6th district of Budapest and they say…


New York Bagel Budapest

New York Bagel is a place to grab a quick breakfast before heading to work located in the 13th district on Vaci út. Located next to massive office buildings with thousands of workers commuting by every day New York Bagel has a perfect location for the right customers. The little shop is not much more than a sales desk and a small bakery because the bagels are baked in store. A small selection of bagels to not over do it and your breakfast is ready to go. You can choose between 8 bagels including the superb “Tuna Melt” with Tuna and melted cheese or the “Manhatten” with Ham & Cheese. You can also get a classic with cream cheese and salmon, a vegetarian bagel or a hearty barbeque. All bagels in New York Bagel are well topped so you never have the feeling to just eat the bagel but you taste and feel the toppings. The essential part is that the bagels are world class and really tasty. Here you…


Karaván – The Street Food Plaza

Karaván in Budapest is taking advantage of the increasing popularity of food trucks in Budapest (yes, there is already a festival for it). A small lot in Budapest downtown where a building used to be but got demolished functions as a parking place for several street food artists serving classy food before, during or after your party in the nightlife of Budapest. It is a wild mixture of tasts, all independent serving the food they know the best and all of it is really tasty. Trucks include the famous Parázs Presszó serving Thai food, the new invention Kolbice a bun stuffed with Hungarian sausages and sauces, a place selling all things deep fried, a Lángos truck and of course you can get warm and cold drinks as well. All this combined with a great atmosphere in the middle on Budapest and the romance of ruins as know from the famous ruin pubs in Budapest makes Karaván a great experience. The location is as mentioned alreay in downtown Budapest, right next…


Hai Nam Pho Bistro

Hai Nam Pho Bistro bistro is a small, simple yet fantastic Vietnamese restaurant on Buda side. From outside it looks like one of these fastfood Chinese restaurants that you find at every second corner in Budapest ans also from inside it looks fairly unspectacular. Nevertheless you will leave Hai Nam Pho Bistro with the will to come back to eat one of the Phos (Vietnamese soups) or any other dish. For me a good sign about originality and quality of the food is when people from that particular country sit in a retaurant and that is the case here. The menu is relatively small which makes the choice easy. It consists half of Phos and the other half of meat and vergetable dishes that you can order with rice or noodles. A Pho is traditionally a beaf broth made of bones with slices of beef in it as well as noodles and vegetables. But also seafood, vegetarian or other meat is possible. Regarding the other dishes you get a lot…


Magic Burger – Der beste Burger in Budapest

Magic Burger in Budapest ist meiner Meinung nach der mit Abstand beste Burger den es gibt. Punkt! Ich habe viele Burger über die Zeit in kleineren Restaurants probiert die alle selbstgemacht waren, also kein Fast Food, und keiner kam auch nur annähernd an Magic Burger ran. Wie viele bietet auch Magic Burger an den Burger so individuell wie möglich zu gestalten mit diversen Fleischsorten zur Auswahl, verschiedenen Brötchen und vielen, auch extravaganten Toppings. Das Herz des Burgers ist das Fleisch das es als traditionelles Rind gibt, hier kann auch das ungarische Steppenrind (Magyar szürke szarvasmarha) gewählt werden, natürlich auch Hühnchen, Schwein und sogar mit Fisch. Das Fleisch kann in 2 Größen gewählt werden 100 Gramm oder 200 Gramm je nach Hunger und Lust. Das Brötchen, für mich einer der wichtigsten Bestandteile, kann als klassischen Burgerbrötchen gewählt werden, aber auch extravaganteres wie Vollkorn Brötchen, Oder knuspriges Brötchen mit sonnen getrockneten Tomaten und vieles mehr. Zusätzlich können dann die verschiedensten Toppings gewählt werden von den klassischen Arten wie Käse, in verschiedensten Arten,…


Parázs Presszó Thai Restaurant Budapest

Das Parázs Presszó in Budapest ist für mich seit dem ersten Mal das ich dort gegessen habe das beste Thai Restaurant in Budapest. Es gibt einige gute Asiatische und auch Thai Restaurants in Budapest die authentisch sind (nicht diese Fast Food Chinesen an jeder Ecke), aber das mit Abstand beste ist für mich noch immer das Parázs Presszó. Sie bekommen hier absolute geniale Suppen wie auch gute Thai Currys und sonstige traditionelle Thai Spezialitäten serviert die alle, von denen die ich probiert habe, exzellent schmecken. Der Großteil der Gerichte ist mit Hähnchenfleisch, aber fast jedes Gericht kann Ihnen auch mit Schwein oder Rind serviert werden oder sogar mit Fisch. Zusätzlich gibt es viele Leckereien aus Krabben und auch sehr gute Vorspeisen. Doch auch Vegetarier kommen hier auf Ihre Kosten, es ist also nicht Fleisch im Überfluss sondern eine gesunde Mischung. Eine gute Eigenschaft vom Parázs Presszó ist die Möglichkeit die Schärfe selbst zu bestimmen denn einigen ist es entweder zu scharf oder eben nicht scharf genug, so können Sie bereits…


Restaurant Nancsi Néni Budapest

Das Restaurant Náncsi Néni in Budapest, bzw in der Nähe, wird Ihnen in jedem Reiseführer und auf jeder Webseite als eins der besten ungarischen Restaurants in Budapest über den Weg laufen. Es ist ein sehr ruhiges, nettes Restaurant mit traditioneller ungarischer Küche die weit ab von Touristengegenden leckere und große Portionen auf den Tisch stellt. Ein guter Beweis für ein empfehlenswertes Restaurant ist immer wenn Einheimische hier essen gehen und dies ist auch im Restaurant Nancsi Néni der Fall. Vor etwas längerer Zeit wurde es auch mit einem Michelinstern ausgezeichnet, den Nancsi Néni allerdings nicht halten konnte, aber man darf nicht vergessen das es derzeit lediglich 3 Michelinstar Restaurants in Budapest gibt. Daher ist es schon sehr hoch anzurechnen, dass das Nancsi Néni als traditionell ungarisches Restaurant jemals einen hatte! Sie finden hier alle typisch ungarischen Gerichte wie die weltbekannte Gulaschsuppe, aber auch Spezialitäten die nicht über die Landesgrenze hinaus bekannt sind wie zum Beispiel kalte Kirschsuppe. Als Hauptspeisen werde große Portionen gefülltes Kraut, Gänseleber oder auch Pörkölt (was in…


Restaurant Zeller Bistro

Das Zeller Bistro ist derzeit neben dem Chez Daniel das beste Restaurant in Budapest. Es ist das Gesamtkonzept was stimmt und den Besuchern einen perfekten und runden Abend beschert. Egal ob mit Kindern oder romantisch zu zweit das Zeller schafft es jeden so zu bedienen wie es gewünscht wird. Die Karte ist übersichtlich aber doch ausreichend um viele Geschmäcker zu treffen ohne die Gäste vor die Qual der Wahl zu stellen. Hinzu kommt die Qualität der Produkte die frisch vom Markt kommen, teilweise sogar aus eigener Produktion bzw Anbau der Familie. Das alles verbunden mit einem guten Koch bringt ein fantastische Essen auf den Tisch. Doch das alleine ist nicht ausschlaggebend um das Zeller Bistro in Budapest zu einer Topadresse zu machen, es ist vor allen Dinge auch der Service der weit über ungarischen Standards ist. Freundlich, zuvorkommend und auch eine persönliche Note machen den Besuch unvergessen. Zudem wird hier auf Kinder geachtet mit diversen Spielzeugen und Malsachen die die Kinder bei Laune halten was sowhl den Eltern als auch…


Restaurant Hemingway Budapest

Das Restaurant Hemingway hat nicht viel aussergewöhnliches zu bieten ausser fantastisches Essen, sehr gute Cocktails und den Blick auf einen kleinen See. Das Hemingway befindet sich auf der Buda Seite und ist ein fantastisches Restaurant mit vielen guten Gerichten, die wirklich jeden Gaumen bedienen. Fleisch, Fisch, Salate, Süssspeisen und alles andere was das Herz begehrt bekommen Sie im Hemingway. Hemingway Fotos Hemingway auf der Karte View Larger Map Restaurant Hemingway Information Addresse: Kosztolányi Dezso tér 2 Telefon: +36 (1) 381 0522 Öffnungszeiten: Monday – Saturday 12h-24h, Sunday 12h-16h Mehr auf der Hemingway Webseite oder auf Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


Trattoria Toscana

Die Trattoria Toscana in Budapest ist eines der besten italienischen Restaurants in der Stadt mit grossartigem Essen weit ab von Pizza und Pasta und hat dazu noch einen wunderbaren Ausblick auf den berühmten Gellértberg. Zwischen Freiheitsbrücke und Elisabethbrücke auf der Pest Seite direkt an der Donau gelegen bringt die Trattoria Toscana leckere Gerichte aus ganz Italien auf den Tisch. Obwohl sich die Qualität besonders im Service etwas verschelchtert hat ist es doch immer noch eines der angesagtesten Anlaufstellen für hohe italienische Küche. Hier gibts es neben Pizza und Pasta auch Norditalienische Spezialitäten, leckere Fischgerichte und auch Antipasti. Allein dies hebt die Trattoria Toscana schon von den meisten italienischen Restaurants in Budapest ab die meist nur Pasta, Pizza und Salate servieren. Das Ambiente in der Trattoria Toscana ist sehr gemütlich und einladend und mit einer ausgedehnten Weinkarte die ungarische und italienische Weine anbietet wird hier rundum für das Wohl der Gäste gesorgt. Wie bereits eingans beschrieben hat die Qualität im Service meiner Meinung nach allerdings ein bisschen nachgelassen über die Jahre…


Chez Daniel

Das Restaurant Chez Daniel in Budapest ist eine der besten Adressen der Stadt wenn es um exzellentes Essen geht. Es ist keins der 3 in Budapest existierenden Sternerestaurants punktet aber trotzdem mit fantastischen Gerichten grösstenteils aus der französischen Küche. Ebenso gut ist das Ambiente des Chez Daniel in dem man sich sofort wie zuhause fühlt was auch daran liegt, dass das Restaurant in eine eigentlich Wohnung gebaut ist also über mehrere Zimmer verfügt. Es ist also als sei man bei guten Freunden zu Gast. Die Karte ist sehr übersichtlich in der Auswahl und auch im Aufbau, denn es gibt nur eine Karte im ganzen Restaurant. Im Prinzip ist die Karte wie ein Aufsteller, den man normalerweise vor Restaurants findet, der von Tisch zu Tisch umgestellt wird. Angeschlossen an den Innenbereich des Restaurants ist auch ein kleiner Garten in dem es sich im Sommer wunderbar drauss sitzen lässt. Es sind nicht nur die Art der Gerichte sondern auch die Zutaten die das Essen im Chez Daniel so gut machen. Wer hier…


Restaurant Veranda Kopazsi Gát

The restaurant Veranda in Budapest is located on the beautiful recreation area Kopaszi Gát, a popular destination for people from Budapest to enjoy their weekends out in the sun, runners and families. Among other restaurant such as the Vakvarjú Beach Veranda offers Italian food such as Pizzas, a large selection of Pastas and Salads, Antipasti as well as desserts including ice cream. The first time I went there I was not really impressed so that I was waiting with my review which has been in my drafts until today. However yesterday I went there again to give it another try to convince me to recommend it to you. Veranda has made improvements compared to the last time I have been there so that I can without concerns recommend you to go there once you happen to be on Kopaszi Gát. The food in Veranda was one of the points that has not really convinced me however yesterday it was very good and there is nothing to complain about. It is…

csalanosi csarda budapest

Csalánosi Csarda Óbuda

The Csalánosi Csarda in Budapest, to be precise in Óbuda, is a traditional Hungarian restaurant with an extensive menu of good Hungarian food such as soups, meat dishes of all kinds, vegetarian food, pasta and of course some desserts as well. Located on the beautiful Fő tér of Óbuda it is in between block buildings but near the Árpád bridge but in the very cute old town of Óbuda. The interior and atmosphere is really nice with a beautiful backyard which is perfect for summer days and also a little terrace in the front which you can see on the picture above. Inside as well as outside the Csalánosi Csarda is friendly and cozy and in the same time modern and clean. The staff is friendly and helpful, also with the massive menu of over 200 dishes and side-dishes, and also multilingual with English and German. You also get on request or if the waiters realize you speak a foreign language a English or German menu to make your choice….


Bubba’s Water Grill

Bubba’s Water Grill in Budapest is a small street food joint and it is all about seafood. Located right at Déli train station it is not a regular place you pass as a tourist however many people commuting to Budapest probably pass it daily. The area is full of abandoned little shops with Bubba’s water grill as one of the only ones being in use. The location itself is great for commuters running through Déli every day however it is hard to convince yourself to go out to Bubba’s Water Grill in Budapest if you are coming from the other side of the city. But no worries a new location is already planned near Corvin Sétány on Pest side. Due to the fact that the location has no windows, it is rather something for newspaper stands or a little convenient store, the air inside the place itself is nearly unbearable as it smells of fat from the deep fryer. Enough of the negative side, Bubba’s Water grill has places to…


Symbol Budapest

If you are still undecided what to eat, which cocktails to sip or what music to listen to than Symbol in Budapest is the right spot for you. In an old building in Óbuda, very inconspicuous from the outside, Symbol opens up many possibilities to spend your time. Entering the main entrance you are facing a large sort of entrance room with a long bar which at night becomes a party spot and is the central point in Symbol. Centrally located and large enough to host big events it is a lounge kind of room from where different possibilities open up. You can find the Puskás Pancho Sports Bar, an Italian fine cuisine, entrance to a more than 220 years old wine cellar, stairs to a conference enabled gallery and the stairs down to a pumping party place. All you need, all in one spot. Many other locations have managed to fail when trying the all in one thing but Symbol did it very well keeping the quality good and…


Földes Józsi Vendéglöje

Földes Józsi Vendéglöje is a small hidden restaurant on Buda side in the 2nd district not far away from Margaret bridge. This typical Hungarian restaurant just by the interior does not really look inviting as the chairs and table remind of communist times and are outdated by any means. However I had the chance to visit the Földes Józsi on a company event as it can host large sized groups and I was positively surprised by the quality of food. As a appetizer there was plate of typical Hungarian cold cuts such as sausage (Kolbász), ham, different creams, tepertő cheese and all sorts of vegetables to go with a slice of bread and next to the first beer. The real starter was an incredible Hungarian Goulash soup which still is in my mind as one of the best I have ever eaten. The main course consisted of 2 choices where I had a traditional Hungarian Pörkölt what is wrongly known all over the world as Goulash which was also very…


Zeller Bistro

Zeller Bistro is the top rated restaurant in Budapest according to TripAdvisor (what effect that has I will discuss later in the article) so I thought I will give it a try. Located in Izabella utca (Between Oktogon and Heroes’ Square) in the 7th district Zeller is not too far off the track and can be reached easily from the city center. The little family run restaurant is situated in the cellar of a normal apartment house and offers a refreshing, modernized Hungarian menu. Away from Goulash Soup and Pörkölt Zeller is driving more in a modern direction using fresh products from the market and traditional dishes with a drift to exotic ingredients. The menu is really straight forward and not longer than a page so you do not get lost in the mass of choices but in the same time there is something for everybody from fish to duck and vegetarian to soups. Few starters a choice of a dozen main courses and 3 desserts that’s what you have…


M Restaurant Budapest

M Restaurant in Budapest is a small but very stylish eatery near Oktogon in downtown with a small but wisely chosen menu of excellent food. Passing by the location M restaurant would not really catch your eye and even if you would recognize it from outside it rather looks like a little, cheap bar with a few tables and chairs. There are more tables upstairs which you cannot really see from outside so in total M can hold something like 30 people and it would be packed. This all sounds not too interesting but once you check the menu which you can have a look into outside your mouth will be watering and you might take the step inside. The restaurant itself reminds me a lot of the very famous Ruin Bars in Budapest with simplistic decoration, paper table covers with a stamp on which you can paint on and little interior highlights here and there. Nevertheless M Restaurant in Budapest is a very comfortable and stylish place to have…


Magic Burger – Best Burger in Budapest

Magic Burger in Budapest is for me the best place to have a good, juicy burger the way you like it. It is your choice what bun you take, which meat you choose and which additional toppings you want to have on your burger. You can choose between the classical beef, but also choose the famous Grez cattle from Hungary, chicken, pork and even fish. The meat is very tasty and not these McDonalds type of patties. The buns range from a normal white flour bun over baguettes to crusty buns with sun dried tomatos. The toppings you can choose are endless starting from traditional cheese in all its types or bacon to onion rings, red cabbage or Jalapenos. Since moving to the 11th district (before Magic Burger was located in the 3rd district – read more below) also the place became very nice, comfortable and a good place to sit with friends or family. The staff is super friendly and very much into their work so that you always…


Zakuszka (Paprika Spread)

Zakuszka is a roasted paprika (pepper) based spread that is extremely popular in Romania but also you can find it in many fridges in Hungary. Next to the roasted paprika as a main ingredient there are onions, carrots and tomato puree, additionally some put beans or aubergine in it as well. It is comparable with the Serbian, Croatian Ajvar. But compared to Ajvar which is mainly eaten next to meat, Zakuszka is only eaten with bread. The word Zakuszka comes from the Slavic language and means “appetizer” or “snack”. To make Zakuszka you boil all the ingredients for around 4 to 5 hours so people tend to make big amounts and keep them in a preserving jar to have some throughout the year. The below Zakuszka recipe is for a large amount which requires a huge pot to boil it or you do it as in the image above in a bogrács (Cauldron) in which you also make for example Goulash Soup (Gulyás leves) or all kinds of stews.(Pörkölt) Zakuszka…


10 Best Restaurants in Budapest

Restaurants are always a matter of taste and of course what type of cuisine you would like to eat at the moment. So I collected a good choice of different cultures for you to select from. I have visited all of the blow restaurants at least once but most of them several times and the review or recommendation is honest and according to my taste. My Top 10 Restaurants in Budapest 1. Restaurant Chez Daniel Calm, romantic and very good French food. That’s how I would describe Chez Daniel in one sentence. You get a bit of a French feeling in there with a lot of French specialties either drinks or food. The service is very nice and friendly. For those of you who speak neither Hungarian nor French there will be no menu but the waiter speaks English. For a romantic dinner Chez Daniel is the number one. 2. Zeller Bistro Zeller is a small family run restaurant on Pest side with a short but fantastic menu. Staff is…

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Paprika Vendéglő Budapest

Paprika Vendéglő in Budapest is a restaurant offering traditional, hearty Hungarian dishes in oversize. From traditional gulyásleves (Goulash Soup) to Pörkölt and family sized meat dishes you can find anything that foreigners would like to try. Not only the meals are traditional Hungarian but also the interior is kept in a countryside farm house style which reminds of the Puszta and horse riding men popping in to grab a bite and some Pálinka. Lets get back to reality and the food in Paprika Vendéglő, meaning restaurant or Inn, which is as many people think Hungarian food is like, greasy. First of all the portions are not just big but useless over sized so that a grown up men has no chance to finish his plate without falling into a deep, long lasting hibernation. Without Pálinka your stomach will not recover for days. On top of the uneatable portions the food is swimming in grease which makes any food food heavy as stones. To stay fair I have to admit that…

mokus kert budapest

Mókus Sörkert Budapest

Mókus Sörkert in Budapest is a small Hungarian restaurant in Budapest located in the 3rd district close to Árpád bridge and the Danube. I go there mainly for lunch time when they offer a reasonable menu (soup + main course) for a fair price but I can imagine that a regular lunch or dinner a la carte is nice as well. The offered food is very good and especially the soups are tasty. In Mókus Kert you get traditional Hungarian cuisine such as Hortobágyi Palacsinta (no, not the sweet pencake but stuffed with meet), all kinds of delicious soups, the no-way-around Pörkölt, all types of pickles and of course sweets such as the Somloi Galuska or Gesztenyepüré. As mentioned above the food is very good and the portions are enough to fill up your stomach for dinner. The restaurant itself is located in the middle of a living area not far away from the Danube and the Árpád bridge on Buda side. The building and the interior do not give…


Riso Ristorante Budapest

In case you are a fan of Risotto than Riso in Budapest is the best place for you to go to. The Risottos are superb, not over or under cooked as they sometimes are and prepared very creatively. Ristorante Riso is located on the Buda Hill right in front of where the castle district starts and with the nice terrace a great place to enjoy your dinner. Inside as well as outside the interior and decoration is very well organized and beautiful for example you can read the menu as well as ingredients and sometimes cooking instructions on the wall which gives Riso a very nice flair. The outside part is well kept, nice tables to sit on, sun protections and also a small playground in case you are with kids they will enjoy it too. The restaurant has Italian dishes and is famous for its Risottos but also the other food on the menu is very good. I had to try the Risotto of course so I took a…

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Vasmacska Terasz Budapest (Budafok)

Vasmacska Terasz, which means translated Anchor, is a very new restaurant in Budapest or to be precise in Budafok (A part of the 11th district) directly next to the Danube. It mainly attracts cyclists who are heading to the South or from the South into the city center along the Danube due to the perfect location in between the cycling way and the river. You will not get “Haute Cuisine” here but I think that is not what people expect when they pop in. Basically Vasmacska Terasz in Budapest is a self service restaurant with prepared food such as Pörkölt or different soups, different types of chicken meat and the obligatory rantott hús which is a Schnitzel made from pork. Additionally to the prepared food you can get fresh fried fish such as Trout or Hake. This fresh frying of fish is very popular in Hungary, you can get it in many places such as Romai Part or all over Lake Balaton. Unfortunately I must say that the fish in…


Sunny Lounge Budapest

Sunny Lounge in Budapest is a small restaurant located in the North of Budapest, in Óbuda, right next to the main road leading you towards Szentendre. On their Facebook page they describe their style very divers saying that the kitchen is American, Italian, Thai which is true so you can find burgers on the menau as well as pizza and Thai dishes. Also in the corner of the restaurant there is a Sushi bar which seems to be unused or at least during the lunch time when I have visited Sunny it was closed. For me that is a bit too much of a mixture but what I have ordered was really nice. As a starter there was a Tom Yam, a spicy Soup originated in Laos and Thailand followed by grilled vegetables with roasted goat cheese which actually has been a starter but I ate it as a main course. As said it all tasted very nice but to be honest Sunny in Budapest is quite overpriced. A main…


Restaurant Normakert in Budapest

The restaurant Normakert is a small restaurant up in the near Budapest recreation area Normafa where people come for tours, Picnic or even for skiing in winter. In this large area Normakert is located on top of the hill near the parking space and the bus stop so in a very prominent place. The house it is located in is fairly old and nice though not really renovated to high end which brings me to the food. It is rather classical Hungarian with Goulash Soup, Hortobágyi palacsinta and many deep fried things but overall it is very nice, especially the soups are great. Portions are very generous so don’t be worried to go home starving, a starter and a main course will fill up a grown up easily, for children rather try to get a kids plate or just share your dish. From pricing point of view Norakert in Budapest is I would say average and absolutely justified for the amount and the taste and also for such a recreation area…


The Fishmonger – Best Place to buy Fish in Budapest

Inspired by a post from We Love Budapest and my love for fish I have visited The Fishmonger as it is called in English, originally Budaörsi Halpiac, a fresh fish market in Budaörsi in the outskirts of Budapest. Budaörs is a little city located where the M1/M7 highway enter Budapest with a lot of shopping and industry is going on such as Ikea, Decathlon, Tesco, Auchan and many more. In between you can find a wholesale company for fish called PLP Seafood which has an own little shop located where the warehouse is. Why I was so interested in this shop and which finally made me go there is the low quality of fresh fish in Hungarian supermarkets. Some shops have fresh fish but to be honest it does not look too fresh anymore and I was desperate for a good shop selling fresh fish. What has been written in the We Love Budapest article sounded very promising so I gave it a try. As the fish is straight from…


Repeta Lakásétterem (Home Restaurant) – A fascinating idea

Last weekend I had the chance unique to visit a so called Lakásétterem for the first time in my life named Repeta Lakásétterem. Translated to English Lakásétterem means Home Restaurant. But before jumping into the menu or the experience overall I would like to tell you what exactly a Home Restaurant is. What is a Lakásétterem / Home Restaurant? Imagine you are invited to a friends home and get a fantastic 7 course menu served in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. That is how I would describe a home restaurant in one sentence. So basically the flat or apartment of a cooking interested person is serving as the restaurant where you are having dinner with and the owner himself is the chef because he enjoys cooking and serving people. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? ← → x × Previous Next


Restaurant VakVarjú in Budapest

Restaurant VakVarjú is located in the city center of Budapest, near Déak Square and Andrássy Út. Actually the VakVarjú is a group of place with one restaurant on Buda side, another one on Pest side and a third restaurant on Kopaszi Gát (VakVarjú Beach). The fourth location is a “kocsma” so a small pub actually called VakEgér with beer and snacks. That about the locations and restaurants but lets have a look inside. The restaurant VakVarjú in Budapest is a very nice decorated place with excellent food. In every corner of the restaurant you can find some funny or interesting decoration like for example a boxsack in the toilet, some Vespas in front of the bar to sit on or many other little bits and pieces. The place in Paulay Ede utca is fairly large so that large groups also fit in there without having trouble with other guests, however I think you should make a reservation because on that Wednesday I have been there the place was full till…


Indian Restaurant Indigo in Budapest

Indigo in Budapest is an Indian restaurant offering really a massive variety of Indian dishes with a very nice flair and a cool location. They state on the website that “Indigo Indian restaurant opened in december 2005 with a vision of providing authentic indian flavours in a relaxing atmosphere” which is partly true, the flavours are great and authentic, though the atmosphere is a bit busy and somehow typical Hungarian so for me it was not really a relaxing experience. However the food, and they offer a lot, was great and the portions rich so there is nothing to complain about. Located in Jókai utca it is not far off the pulse of the city actually it is still considered as the city centre. As mentioned the food is really great and the portions are enough to get full. I tried the typical Chicken Tikka Masala which was well spiced and had a really great taste and also the traditional Hungarian Dreher beer was good. It took me actually a…


Restaurant Jardinette

First time that I have been to restaurant Jardinette in Budapest was at a wedding I was invited to but obviously the menu was different from what the restaurant usually offers. However the chef was probably the same and as the food was very good I decided to visit restaurant Jardinette again. Located in the beautiful Buda hills close to a cemetary Jardinette is in a really nice, calm area of Budapest. A large house with an attached garden functions as the restaurant. The interior is a bit boring to be honest but the garden is nice with a lot of trees and an area for kids to play. That makes jardinette very nice especially in summer. Coming to the menu of restaurant Jardinette in Budapest which is fairly international but here and there you can find a typical Hungarian dish such as goose liver or cat fish paprikas. I decided to take the “Cream of aubergine with zucchini and toasted turkish bread” as a starter followed by a classic…


Restaurant Gesztenyés Kert

Actually restaurant Gesztenyés Kert is not located in Budapest directly but in Budakeszi which is approximately 15 kilometers from the city center but as I did it recently with restaurant Kistücsök at Lake Balaton I want to recommend good restaurants I have visited and that does not have to be in Budapest only. So the Gesztenyés Kert is a small restaurant which gets a lot of attention because of the nearby Vadaspark (Wild park) which is just like a zoo but with wild animals such as wolves, deer and so on. By the way kids love it. Nevertheless, the attention is justified because the food, drinks and the service in Gesztenyes Kert are really good and a visit there is a good choice even if you are not going to see the Vadaspark but you happen to be nearby. In Gesztenyés Kert you can find international dishes on the menu such as Cesar Salad, lamb Italian style or a simple steak but also Hungarian cuisine is offered such as Goulash…


Hard Rock Cafe Budapest

World famous Hard Rock Cafe opened up a restaurant in Budapest on Vörösmarty Square in the city center. As you can see on the image on the left side it is stated officially on the Hard Rock Cafe website that the Hard Rock Cafe Budapest, Hungary is coming soon next to some other new openeing. Hard Rock Cafe is popular all over the world for their rock music, stylish cafes, the collectables which you can find in the cafes as well as of course the food and drinks. Fantastic Burgers, Ribs, salads and other American style dishes are served to rock fans all over the world since years while enjoying rock music either live or from the Hard Rock TV music channel. I really like their burgers which are super tasty and the variety is large so that you can choose from original quarter pounders down to blue cheese burgers with bbw sauce, fried onions to guacamole and whatever. Hard Rock Cafes also have great cocktails which makes it attractive…


Restaurant Kistücsök at Lake Balaton

Kistücsök restaurant is in Balatonszemes at Lake Balton so far away from Budapest but this restaurant deserves a review because it is a great place to eat and if you happen to be around that I absolutely recommend you to stop by for a lunch or dinner. If you like a good dinner with high international standards after a day or weekend on Lake Balaton Kistücsök gives you the best choice to do so. I am down at Lake Balaton almost every year and this is by far the best food I have eaten around. To tell you upfront, Kistücsök is not the cheapest restaurant for sure but the food and location make it worth it. Location and the restaurant Kistücsök Kistücsök restaurant at Lake Balaton is located on the main road of Balatonszemes which used to be the only road around Balaton before the highway M7 was built, so now it is fairly quiet there since Balatonszemes is not one of the bigger cities around the lake. The house…


Wang Mester Konyhája

I have heard a lot about Wang Mester Kinai Konyha (Wang Master Chinese Kitchen) before I first time went there, friends told me it is the best Chinese restaurant you can find in Budapest. Upfront: It turned to out to be. Wang Mester has actually to locations and I tried the one in 9th district somewhere in the middle of a living area, so no hotspot for restaurants, no potential customers passing by accidentially only people who are going to that particularly restaurant. I musty admit that chinese restaurants do not have a extraordinary good reputation in Budapest due to the many small “Chinese Fast Food” restaurants that offer a full meal including soup for 2-3 Euro which simply cannot be proper food. So it is not too easy to find a good chinese restaurant but here you go (next to Momotaro and Hong Kong). First impression on Wang Mester to be honest was not too positive as the facilities are really basic decorated, kind of a place where you…


Pastrami Budapest

About Pastrami At first I thought that Pastrami in Budapest would be a copy cat of the successful Italian restaurant Vapiano in Budapest as the pictures looked very similar. With its central, very open kitchen and a lot of little bits and bobs stading and handing around, the menu written up in large above the kitchen it just felt like Vapiano, going to the counter where the chef takes you order, cooks a fresh pasta and off you go to your seat. But enough of that comparison because restaurant Pastrami turned out to be a regular but fantastic restaurant including waiters, a proper menu and without self service but all in a very modern and good atmosphere. ← → x × Previous Next



The Pörkölt is what most Europeans title as Goulash whereas the Gulash in Hungary is the Goulash soup. Pörkölt is rather a stew with a think sauce and only meat pieces inside. The Goulash Soup is very liquid and next too meat you have vegetables such as potatoes or carrots. So if you come to Hungary and want the Goulash that you know you should order a Pörkölt which you get in nearly every Hungarian Restaurant. Pörkölt is so popular that you even find festivals all over Hungary where Hungarians meet for challenging themselves in who makes the best Pörkölt, with loads of Pálinka aside and a big celebration of the winners at the end. I recommend you if you have the chance to go to such a festival, please do so. Here you will see the real Hungarian tradition and culture. Pörkölt Recipe Ingredients for your Pörkölt Beef meat Onions Paprika powder, pepper, salt Some water How to do your Pörkölt In a large pot or in the Cauldron…



Lángos is probably one of the traditional Hungarian food that you immediately connect with Hungary, just like the Goulash Soup or Paprika. There is no festival or event without a booth serving you fresh fried Lángos in all its different ways. Lángos is a deep fried dough topped with different things such as tejföl (Sour Cream), cheese and garlic sauce. Sounds all a bit wierd but in the end its a kind of bread with sauce on top. I have eaten many of those Lángos all over Hungary, on festivals or on Lake Balaton but I never thought about how it is made so just for this article I was reading different receipes and in the end it sounds fairly simple even though I wouldn’t like to make it at home because my kitchen will be a mess. Anyways, Lángos belongs to Hungary just like the Parliament or Pálinka. ← → x × Previous Next


Restaurant Melba Marina Part

The restaurant Melba in Budapest is located on the so called Marina Part, which is a newly built area in the 13th district right next to the Danube. Restaurant Melba is offering a wide variety of internation and traditional Hungarian dishes on a above average price level but thats what you have to pay sitting right on the Danube enjoying your lunch or dinner. The so called Marina Part is an area of newly built houses with masses of apartments and offices and in these places usually a restaurant is not missing. But the restaurant Melba is located on the, fairly small, port of that area. The food in restaurant Melba is very good and the staff really friendly. You can get here international as well as traditional dishes, so from a NY Rib Eye Steak down to the all Hungarian Gulash Soup you can find everything here. The restaurant is really nice with a large area to sit outside in the sun enjoying your lunch or dinner and also…


Il Terzo Cerchio Budapest

Until now I was absolutely convinced that Trattoria Toscana is the best Italian restaurant in Budapest but since I have been to Il Terzo Cerchio in Budapest I have am not sure anymore. Il Terzo Cerchio is a super cosy and authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Budapest, located in Dohány utca in the the 7th district. Next to the really superb food and drinks they have there the ambience is what makes a big difference. As you can see on the picture Il Terzo Cerchio is kept in a nice mediterranean style. Of course that does not yet make a superb Italian restaurant so lets have a look in the menu which is stuffed with fantastic food, freshly prepared and really authentic. You can find here from Northern Italian food to Southern Italian food everything your appetite desires. From well known dishes such as Pizza and Pasta as well as the Caprese salad over to meat and fish dishes you will get it, even fresh lobster. As starters…


Túró Rudi

Túró Rudi is Hungarian culture! There is no Hungarian who does not know Túró Rudi and probably almost nobody who doesn’t like it. It is without any doubt the most popular sweet in Hungary. So what is Túró Rudi? In few words, it is a chocolate bar stuffed with curd. On the image you can see it as an example. Túró Rudi is a 100% Hungarian product and thats probably what people love about it. Once the Hungarian Social Network IWIW has asked its users living abroad what they miss the most while not being in Hungary and Túró Rudi was the most voted because it is not available outside of Hungary. The producing company Pöttyös (only available in Hungarian) tried it some time ago to introduce Túró Rudi outside of Hungary under the name “dotted” but it didn’t work out. The curd with which Túró Rudi is stuffed is very popular, it is also used for Palacsinta (pencakes), Túrós gombóc (curd balls) and many other sweets, and usually lemon…


Villa Bagatelle

Good bread is something I was missing in Budapest, until now. Villa Bagatelle in Budapest is a bakery, café and home decoration shop in one place. It settled in a big, beautiful villa in the 12th district in Budapest, that why it took the name of Villa Bagatelle. The building is from 1929 when an owner of a pharmacy built a villa in Németvölgyi út for him and his family. Over the years the house has changed owners sometimes and now it became a family business including a superb bakery, the coffee place and a home decoration shop in the top floor. Beautifully renovated and with a very nice garden around Villa Bagatelle invites guests to have a coffee on the balcony or in the wonderful decorated inside. Also the place is very children friendly, equipped with many children seats and a nice corner to play for children of all ages. ← → x × Previous Next



Pálinka is the traditional Hungarian shot which is similar to a fruit brandy most often made out of plums, pears, apricot or peaches but also very popular made from cherries, apples, raspberries or even mulberries and caraway. So you see that basically from everything you can make a Pálinka and in Hungary it is probably the most popular drink next to water. Even though Pálinka is a really strong drink it is very popular also among young people or women who often drink it in a long drink for example pear Pálinka with apple juice which actually tastes quite nice. In almost every pup or club in Budapest you have a corner dedicated to Pálinka and producers nowadays are really fighting to be on spot in the nightlife in Budapest. Types of Pálinka There are different types of Pálinka but 2 of them are probably the most popular. Next to the normal Pálinka there is the so called Ágyas Pálinka which means “bedded” and simply describes the fact that there…


Parázs Presszó Budapest

I have been to Parázs Presszó in Budapest already several times but just now I find the time to actually write my article about it. For me Parázs Presszó is definitely the best Thai restaurant I have visited in Budapest and among the best Asian restaurants in Budapest next to Momotaro Metélt and Wasabi (both Japanese). Actually Parázs Presszó is not only a Thai restaurant but also a Hungarian restaurant so it combines the specialities of two worlds, the heavy food of Hungary and the exotic food of Thailand. The menu is clearly seperated into the 2 different styles and contains everything from starter to dessert. So if you fancy a typical Hungarian soup followed up by a spicy Thai Curry this is your place to go. I am talking mainly about the Thai part of the restaurant since this is the only food I ate there till now. Maybe this will change some day even though I strongly doubt it simply because once you are in a place like…


Hathi Indiai Kifőzde

For now: Hathi is the best Indian restaurant in Budapest, most probably even the best I have ever been to. The Hathi Indiai Kifőzde is rather a lunch place than a proper restaurant, so if you expect wine glasses on the table or dressed up waiters serving you, you better go somewhere else. The word Kifőzde in Hungarian describes a place where you get prepared food from a pot and not a freshly cooked dish. In Hathi you are even served on plastic plates and plastic forks so it is a real “grab your food, eat and leave place”. All that sounds not too good but once you get your food you will be amazed how good it is. Usually the “Indian” restaurants serve you kind of Indian food which is prepared for Europeans meaning that spices are not used properly and probably the receipe is not what you expect from Indian food. In Hathi all dishes I ever ate, due to the fact that I am arround there quite…


Restaurant Robinson

Recently I have been to Restaurant Robinson in Budapest which has probably one of the coolest location of all restaurants in Budapest. Built on the lake in the city park Robinson offers a super romantic atmosphere with a nice view on the city park itself which especially in summer time is really nice while sitting outside on the terrace with a glass of wine and a good dinner. The arrangement of the restaurant itself is very nice and stylish with a lot of flowers as you can see on the image (click to enlarge) which makes the restaurant really cosy and enjoyable. The only critics I had when I went to restaurant Robinson is that the menu is fairly small and meaty. Of course you get some soups and also not so heavy dishes but the majority, and that seems to be what they are famous for, of the selection is steaks. Not that I don’t like a proper steak for dinner but it seems that its all about meat….


*CLOSED* – Bistro Aldente

Aldente Bistro Italiano is a newly openened Italian restaurant in the environment of Allee Shopping Center on Buda side offering a wide variety of dishes. You can find here the regular Italian menu covering Pizza, Pasta, Salads but also meat dishes from rather Northern Italy. The interior design of the restaurant is really cosy and invites for nice evenings with a glass of wine and a good dish including great desserts and fantastic starters. It all sounds too good to be true but of course there are negative points as well which I don’t want to leave out. I had pasta the second time I went there and according to my feeling the chef, maybe it was only on that day, used way too much oil for my “Spaghetti Bumm Bumm” so at the end of the meal there was an oil soup left. Nevertheless the Spagetthi where great until I saw the left overs. All in all I have to say that Bistro Aldente is a good alternative to…


Goulash Soup

Goulash Soup, in Hungarian Gulyásleves, is THE number 1 food people all around the world connect with Hungary. Maybe only Paprika comes close to Goulash Soup but as we are talking here about ready foods that is definetly the one to go for. Goulash Soup is a soup made basically of beef and vegetables but there are variables in there which depend on the region or on the simply on the family receipt. One fills up the pot with wine, the others with water. Some add Nokedli (a kind of pasta) some leave it out. So there are many different varieties of the traditional Goulash Soup but on thing they have all in comon: The original Goulash Soup is boiled in a so called Cauldron (in Hungarian Bogrács) which is a big bowl hanging directly above the fire. Of course you can just use it outdoors above the open fire but it gives the entire Soup a different flair. It is almost like a BBQ… you smell the meat, the…


*CLOSED* Bombay Express

Restaurant Bombay Express in Budapest is located in one of the hottest spots in the city on Ándrassy út right at Oktogon and Liszt Ferenc Tér. As the name says you get offered Indian food as well as drinks and imported spices and herbs. Bombay Express is kind of a fast food restaurant since most of the food is prepared and offered in buffet like pots. Nevertheless the Bombay Express is a very good choice when it comes to Indian food and the choice is not too bad. Of course in Bombay Express you can find tghe typical Indian tastes like Tandoori Chicken and more but they also offer a great variety of a la carte dishes like Chicken Vindaloo or Madras Chicken and many more. For the menu check the website at the end of this article. I had there a lamb curry which was really excellent but in terms of quantity a bit poor compared to the fairly high price you pay. Nevertheless they have quite fancy things…


Holdudvar Budapest

Holdudvar in Budapest is in my opinion one of the best locations to go out for a drink and to party. It is the most complete club and has an incredible location. Since 2006 Holdudvar in Budapest is located on Margit Sziget (further down you’ll find some info about the former location), coming down from Margaret Bridge you walk some 100m, pass the music fountain and you are standing in front of an old, refurbished casino surrounded by trees. The entrance for Holdudvar is free so you just get in to the bar, restaurant, club and whatever else you can find there. You enter the place to the large outside area which is mainly the restaurant with hundreds of tables and some bars in the middle and a stage on the right hand side for live music, concerts and much more. On the left hand side you find the building with a massive bar so that everybody gets a drink as fast as possible. Behind the bar there is the…


Restaurant Roxane

Restaurant Roxane is probably not one of the most visited restaurants in Budapest due to its location and missing word of mouth propaganda. Thats what I would like to change because Roxane is a very good quality restaurant and café in the 11th district of Budapest, so Buda side in the south part. Roxane is one of these restaurants which is located in the middle of a living area where it gets most customers from and thats it. Usually these types of restaurants are cheap but offer lower quality food. Not so Roxane which serves international cuisine in a very nice ambience, with a fantastic garden and really friendly staff. From really good pasta over massive meat dishes up to fancy salads and good cocktails you will get anything in Roxane and all that for a fair price. So if you live in 11th district or by mistake have a stop there I recommend you to go to restaurant roxane. Adress: Csorbai út 3/c 1119 Budapest Phone: 06-1-206-5677 Opening Hours:…


Arriba Taqueria – Mexican Street Food

Arriba is a more or less fast food Mexican restaurant in Budapest which serves very good tasting and quality food within minutes. Located between Oktogon and Nyugati Trainstation on Teréz Körút Arriba is in the city center and you can reach the restaurant from nearly any place very fast. The menu is not too large but through the choice of the preparation method you have many possibilities. The menu is built up like a matrix so that you can choose between Burrito, Quesadilla and Taco with different fillings and toppings like sliced pork, chicken, beef, Chorizo, vegetarian and so on. You also can choose vegetables that should go with it from tomatoes, onions, paprika to coriander or spicy pepperoni. So basically you can choose whatever you want to go with you Burrito or Quesadilla. Next to these 3 main dishes Arriba offers a selection of salads and small finger food like the Poppers (Chillies stuffed with cheese, deep fried) which taste fantastic or Taquitos which are a bit dry but…


Két Szerecsen Budapest

Until recently I haven’t heart anything about the restaurant Két Szerecsen in Budapest. It is located in the city center, near Andrássy út and Nagymező utca. At first I thought it is a simple café serving coffee, tea and cakes but it is not only. Két Szerecsen has a very good kitchen, and when I say very good, I mean very good. The menu is not too long and the food to choose from is special but what you get served is just amazing. Két Szerecsen means “Two nutmeg” and the name comes from tradition. In early years 2 people from Muskat opened up a store where they sold tea and in that time an unknown drink called coffee. It used to be a little shop in the outskirts, what is today the city center of a 2 million city. So by that time people came there to drink coffee or tea imported from Muskat. Later the coffee shop turned into a restaurant but the coffee shop stayed aside so…


Restaurant Székelykapu Budapest

As I know quite a bit about Transilvania and especially about the food and drinks there I went into restaurant Széklykapu in Budapest with high expectations. Additionally the dinner was organised by a Transilvanian so I was totally happy about going there to have a nice dinner with some nice Pálinka. Unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectations at all. The Pálinka was fine and the beer, the original, fantastic “Ciuc”, was as usual fantastic and the live music was OK that alone made a great evening because there is nothing else you need when you get drunk and can dance. Nevertheless I expected a nice food so I ordered the Vinette (Padlizsan Krém / Aubergine Creme) as a starter which didn’t even have onions in it which is an absolute No Go in Transilvania. It tasted just like nothing. As I main course I decided to eat a slice of pork meat with a onion, paprika sauce on top which as well had no taste at all. Not even the…


Kisvigadó Budapest

To get some more Hungarian restaurants in the list I visited Restaurant Kisvigadó in 11th district. Restaurant Kisvigadó is a small but nice and comfortable Hungarian restaurant with really good food and good sized dishes. Nevertheless I found 2 things which I absolutely did not like there. The service was so slow that we could order food after being there for about 1 hour. If we would have said something maybe after 30 minutes would have been possible but the waiter just too busy serving all the guests. The second thing I didn’t like was the fact that this restaurant closes around 10pm which is not too bad but they didn’t even asked us for a last round which I absolutely don’t understand. It might look like that everything has been bad there but it was not really. These were just 2 points I didn’t like at all, that’s why I write them down. In total the Restaurant Kisvigadó was absolutly fantastic, especially the food. So if you search for…


Déryné Bistro

Good breakfast If you are searching for a good place in Budapest to have a breakfast I can recommend to you Café Déryné in the heart of Buda. It is located right at Krisztina Tér, which is behind the tunnel and on the foot of the Buda Castle disctrict. ← → x × Previous Next


Momotaro Metélt Budapest

I have been there now 3 times but always forgot to review the Momotaro Metélt in Budapest. Momotaro Metélt is a fantastic, authentic chinese restaurant in Budapest with amazing chinese dishes. The restaurant itself is super small, maybe 8 tables, where you sit on simple, wooden chairs just like in a pub. Momotaro Metélt doesn’t make such a nice first impression on you but once you get your food served you will hit the floor. I mean everything I have ever eaten there, and I tried a lot, was absolutly amazing and tasty. Another thing which makes me confident that it is quite authentic is that you see a lot of chinese people eating out there so it has to have a certain status. Momotaro Metélt in Budapest is know for 2 things. Their soups which come with different meat types or vegetarian with Tofu, pasta and vegetables. The second thing are the dumplings which are stuffed with all types of meat and seafood. You have to try both of…


A38 Budapest

A38 in Budapest is a ship at the danube shore. Welome aboard to a club, restaurant and bar on the water. Tired of drinking on dry land? Than come to A38 ship in Budapest and see famous Hungarian bands playing, drink a cocktail on roof terrace of the boat or have a good dinner. A38 used to be an old stone carrier from the Ukraine which was build in 1938 and was reconstructed in 2003 and reopend as one of the hottest places to be in Budapest. The Restaurant The restaurant on A38 offers a delicious kitchen. With dishes from all around the world the card is large. No matter if you want meat or pasta, salad or soup A38 restaurant offers almost everything to affordable prices. The wines are great as well. If you get a place (better reserve a table) and want to you can sit outside and watch the Danube while eating, drinking and chatting. The Club The Club on A38 is famous for live concerts. Many…


Dunapark Café in Budapest

Expensive upper class! The Dunapark Café in Budapest is located on the Pest side next to a little park near the Danube. It’s a quiet poshy place and if you want to see a Maserati or some expensive car like that, this is your place. I don’t know if it was bad luck which I had but when I arrived in Dunapark Café and opened my laptop the internet was not working there. Additionally they didn’t have Lager beer anymore and the salad I ate was nothing but some lettuce with a chicken breast which was supposed to be a “Saté Chicken”. In total the Dunapark café in Budapest was a rip off, expensive, low quality even though the place has some flair with comfortable corners to sit in, Poker tables and much more. Nevertheless I would recommend to go to some other café, bar, restaurant in Budapest. ← → x × Previous Next


Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant in Budapest

Restaurant Mongolian Barbecue Budapest is a restaurant which is quiet amazing. The system is that you re actually not ordering your food but yu go to some kind of buffet, take out the meat you would like to have and bring it to the barbeque guys who fry it for you. During the frying you can choose your side dishes and after pick up your fresh fried meat. The variety of meat offered there is amazing, not just the different spices and tasts but also “exotic” meat types like sheep or horse meat. I know that horse meat sounds a bit hard but probably this is what mongolians like to eat. The interior and location of the Mongolian Barbecue in Budapest is some communistic left. So the place and ambience of the Mongolian barbecue restaurant is not that nice but the food is very good and the prices are fair. Thus it is worth a visit if you are interested in eating Mongolian.  Adress:  Márvány utca 19/a. District 12, 1126…


Paulaner Brauhaus Budapest

Paulaner Brauhaus (Engl.: brewery, Hun.: Sörház) Budapest is on top floor of MOM Park Shopping center. The restaurant is very big and offers enough space for big groups of people, parties or just a two person dinner. The menu in Paulaner Brauhaus consists mostly of traditional German food like “Haxe, Schnitzel or sausages”. To stay in German tradition of course the beer is not missing. Several fresh draft and bottled beers from different parts of Germany are offered. Besides all this German specialties Paulaner Brauhaus in Budapest offers Hungarian dishes as well like Gulash soup or palacsinta. For all Germans the Paulaner Brauhaus is a must if you want to feel like home.  Adress:  Mom Park Alkotás utca 53 District 12, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 224 2020 Vistit the Paulaner Brauhaus website or like them on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


*CLOSED* Hotel Kempinski Brauerei

The Kempinski Hotel „Brauerei” offers a lot of good German food like „1 Meter Nürnberger Bratwurst”, sausages, schnitzel and other meaty snacks. In Kempinski Hotel located the Pub is of course a little bit more expensive than others but still affordable. A big variety of beers is offered there and of course the Weizenbeer is not missing. The ambience is held in traditional German wooden interior with a big bar and a brew kettle in it. The waiters and waitresses speak several languages as it is common for a top hotel. For a German snack and a beer the Kempinski Brauerei Pub is excellent.  Adress:  Hotel Kempinski Erzsébet tér 7-8 District 5, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 429 3777 or vistit the Hotel Kempinski website ← → x × Previous Next


Oriental Restaurants in Budapest

1001 nights in Eastern Europe Through the influence of Turkey on Hungary many oriental restaurants opened up in Budapest. You can find Turkish kebab houses all over the city which represent more the take away or fast food restaurant. It is definitely enough to grab something to eat fast or on the way home but the charm of those restaurants is not too nice. But not only Turkish kebab houses offer their food also you can find Indian, Mongolian or Persian restaurants. The variety of these restaurants in Budapest is very big and the food is very tasty.  ← → x × Previous Next


Spanish Restaurant Pata Negra Budapest

Tapas, ham and wine Tapas are small Spanish dishes of which you eat 3 or 4 usually bread as a side dish. The tapas bar Pata Negra is located at Kalvin tér and obviously suffering very much from the construction activities for the Budapest Metro station 4. Hidden in the last corner, directly next to the building lot the tapas bar Pata Negra is very hard to find. But once you are in there you are welcome in Spain. Spanish guitar music, ambience and tapas with an extremly large variety. I can highly recommend the chicken with perperoni and garlic, the gambas in garlic oil, the meat balls, potatoes with ailolic and of course the Serrano ham. All of them taste aboslutly fantastic. The prices are find, one tapas comes between 300 and 1800 forint. The expensive ones are usually the fish dishes. If you feel like going to have a Spanish dinner or lunch please go there it is probably the best in town.  Address:  Kálvin tér 8., District 8, Budapest….


T.G.I. Friday’s Budapest

TGI Friday’s is a famous American type restaurant chain in Budapest. The interior is typical Amrican and the food as well. Club sandwiches, Steaks, fantastic burgers, fries, cheese cake and much more are the specialities of Friday’s in Budapest. Located at Oktogon and in West End City Center Friday’s has top locations in Budapest. For the young generation in Budapest Friday’s is the place to be and to eat before going out. With a wide range of salads and sandwiches Friday’s offers little things for in between exactly what you need in West End City Center Budapest while you are on your shopping tour. But also for a complete dinner Friday’s offers a lot like steaks, burgers and pasta dishes. Try it, you won’t regret. Adress: Oktogon ter 3, district 6, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 321 8739 Vaci ut 1-3, district 6, Budapest (West End City Center) Phone: +36 (1) 238 7004 Visit the Website or become a Fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


*Closed* Restaurant California in Budapest

BBQ Ribs and Ceasar Salad! California restaurant in Budapest is very close to the Basilica. The traditional American restaurant offers things like BBQ Rips, Chicken Wings, Ceasar salad or Cheesecake. The ffod is good but not fantastic or somehow special. The prices are fair and the waiters very friendly but restaurant california in Budapest is not a place where you stay all night with friends to talk and enjoy. It is just a retaurant but not more. If you are American and miss your food California restaurant is for sure a good adress. ← → x × Previous Next


Restaurant Hong Kong

The Chinese restaurant Hong Kong in Budapest is one of the best Asian restaurants in Budapest. It is located in the same building as McDonalds headquarter Hungary which is not very useful for a restaurant. But once you are in there there is nothing reminding of fast food even though the food is served very fast which is quiet normal for Asian cuisine. The menu is offers a massive amount of dishes where you don’t really know what it will be. “Kon Pao style”, “Ming Lao style” and whatever sounds Asian has a style there. But once you know where pork, beef, chicken and fish is everything tastes good. The best proof for an authentic and good kitchen is that people from this country are visiting the place and this is the case in Restaurant Hong Kong where you will always pop into some Chinese either on a business lunch or dinner or private. Also Chinese tourists come into the restaurant so it is well visited. Adress:  Gyáli út 3/b District 9,…


Restaurant Fakanál Budapest

Well the chosen name of restaurant Fakanál is a bit… hilarious but nevertheless the restaurant Fakanál in Budapest is a good place to eat. Situated in the city centre, right in the Central market hall the restaurant Fakanál is easily accessible for everybody.  The restaurant offers not really high class fodd rather than lunch dishes for working people, so fast but good and especially cheap. If you want to grap quickly some Hungarian food and you are around restaurant Fakanál is a good place to go.  Address: Vamhaz krt, 1, Budapest. Reservations: +36 1 217 78 60 Visit the website or become a Fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


Taverna Dionysos Budapest

The Taverna Dionysos is a typical Greek restaurant in the heart of Budapest. Located at the water front of the Danube on the Pest side it has is in the center of the city. Dionysos is probably the best Greek restaurant in Budapest. The menu is massive and offers all the Greek specialties you would like to eat in Greece. Typicale Greek dishes like Gyros, Souvlaki or Mousaka are on the menu of Dionysos as well as a lot of starters, salads, soups, meat or vegetarian dishes up to desserts. If you cannont decide what Greek specialties you should eat why don’t you take the Dionysos plate which comes around 20€ and offers everything? In nice atmosphere with quiet Greek Music the restaurant Dionysos is booked up almost every night. Even though it is very big (3 floors) you always sit comfortable and relaxed and don’t feel like it is crowded. But you should reserve a table for Dionysos wich is near Szabadság híd. Taverna Dionysos also offers home delivery in Budapest.  Adress: Belgrád rakpart 16 District 5 Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 318-1222…


Taverna Zorbas Budapest

The Restaurant Taverna Zorbas in Budapest has two locations, one in the Mammut shopping center, the other on in Podmaninczky utca. I have just visited the second one which was not recommendable. The food might be Greek but the taste and quality of Taverna Zorbas food is not what I expect from a Greek restaurant. It is not that something was bad or unacceptable but it was by far not as tasty as Taverna Dionysos. So if you decided to go for a Greek dinner or lunch the way you should go is to Dionysos. Adress: Taverna Zorbas 1065 Budapest Podmaniczky utca 18. ← → x × Previous Next


Restaurant Mezcal Budapest

If you want to eat Mexican food there is not only Iguana bar and grill in Budapest even though it is still the best. Anyways, the restaurant Mezcal in Budapest is a quiet nice and good restaurant. It serves good food and not only maxican, but mainly. If you don’t know the difference between Fajita, Quesadilla, Burrito and another one named quiet alike no problem the waiters can tell you the difference. I ate some pork Fajita (it is the one which you have to mix yourself, the meat comes in a pan) which came with a lot of different vegetables aside and 3 different kind of sauces was very good. The other dishes look quiet nice as well and also tasted very good. So f you like Mexican food and you are sick of Iguana go to Mezcal you will not regret it.  Address: Tompa utca 14, Budapest. Reservations: +36 20-428-28-72 Or visit the Mezcal website ← → x × Previous Next


Iguana Bar & Grill Budapest

Iguana Bar and Grill is a Mexican restaurant in the center of Budapest. Behind the parliament and next to the American embassy the TexMex restaurant offers tacos, nachos, burritos, fantastic cocktails and much more. A highlight every year is the open air party in front of Iguana with beer, cocktails, dancing and a lot of good music. On two floors Iguana is first of all a restaurant but the later the night the more people you find at the bar who are just there for drinking cocktails, shots and beer. For a warm up or a nice Mexican dinner Iguana Budapest is perfect. Iguana is mostly visited by Expats from around the world who fancy TexMex food and want to meet other expats. Knowing that the prices are fairly high compared to other restaurants in not so prominent areas. Adress: Zoltan u. 16, District 5, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 331 4352 Visit also the Iguana website ← → x × Previous Next


Vapiano Budapest

Restaurant Vapiano in Budapest has its origin in Germany. The young startup franchise company started in 2005 in Hamburg and is currently expanding to whole Europe and US. The main difference to other restaurants is that all food is made in front of your eyes. Vapiano uses only fresh made pasta and creats exotic dishes while you are watching. In three minutes you hold a delicious menu in your hand. In 2007 Vapiano opened up in Budapest and you can taste a bit of Italy right here. The restaurant is located in a parallel to Váci utca, the large touristic shopping street in Budapest. Around the corner are several hotels such as the Kempinski hotel Budapest and it is also closed to the new opened fashion street and to Déak tér, Basilica, chain bridge and many more interesting places. Restaurant Vapiano is a very good Italian restaurant which is a little bit above average in price but the food is absolutly recommendable. Vapiano Images Vapiano Budapest Information: Vapiano City Center…


Pizzeria Don Pepe Budapest

Don Pepe Pizzeria, Pizza Hut or Il Treno… all the same. Big Pizzas which taste not bad but don’t come close to real Italian Pizza. The pastas and salads in Don Pepe restaurants Budapest are quiet good. The prices are fair for the portions and as said before the taste is not bad. Actually you cant call it an Italian restaurant but as the dishes are Italian it is the closest. The waiters are friendly, most of the time speak English and don’t want to rip you off. For a quick grab of food Don Pepe is very good, for a romantic dinner I would recommend other restaurants. Thank you very much for this report to Belgium. Adress: Nyugati tér 8., Budapest. Reservations: +36-1 332-2954 Visit the website or become a fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


Kőleves Budapest

Kőleves (stone soup) in Budapest is a very good Jewish restaurant in the center of Budapest. Budapest is famously known for its numerous ruin pubs. Amid the several you can find walking along the streets of Budapest, there is still a list of the top most visited ones. One of them being Kőleves kert, which in English it is literally translated to stone soup. This place offers a nice, outdoor, relaxed vibe. The scenery of this bar looks as if it was taken out of a beach bar somewhere in Thailand, you can just imagine sitting at this bar with the view of the ocean in front of you, nice to imagine! The bar is decorated with bright colored chairs and pebble stones, with a very earthy feel to it. The crowd is usually university students and locals, and is opened during the summer up until it is no longer warm enough to be outside. Located in the 7th district, its is great for the resident people surrounding the area,…


Cafe Intenzo Budapest

The Cafe Intenzo in Budapest is located directly at Kálvin tér and thus suffering very much from the constructions for the Metro 4 station. Nevertheless when I was in Cafe Inenzo, which is actually a restaurant, the place was not empty, rather well visited. The service is not the best one as simple orders such as a drink take ages even till the waiter is coming to your table takes quiet long. But once you get your food you won’t care anymore since the food is really good. The dishes vary from all Hungarian traditions such as Goose liver to international food like steak or fish dishes. I was drinking some cocktails there but I think it would be better to drink a simple beer as the cocktails were not so good, far too sweet. Anyways Cafe Intenzo is a nice place to go to, they have an outside garden in the backyard and a nice interiored inside area. If you are aroung go have a lunch or a breakfast….


Restaurant Choco Budapest

The restaurant Choco in Budapest is a nice, well styled restaurant in the outscirts of Budapest. Choco offers what is nowadays called fusion food. Duck Asian style and weird seafood creations. Nevertheless the food is good and interesting but proced a bit above average. Restaurant Choco is located in a shopping complex outside of the Budapest city centre.  The prices are a bit expensive but for the food which is served there it is acceptable. But combined with the location outside of the city there are much better restaurants in Budapest.  Adress: Hűvösvölgyi út. 138 1021 Budapest Tel: +36 1 44 24626 Or visit the Choco website ← → x × Previous Next


Kis Borostyán Budapest

Kis Borostyán in Budapest is a restaurant offering Mediterranean food from three different countries. Italy, Greece and France. When I first saw the menu I could not imagine that the food is very good because usually these heavily mixed menus taste awful. But in the case of Kis Borostyán I was wrong. Kis Borostyán in Budapest offers great food from these three countries and additionally a great service. Kis Borostyán is located in the 11th district of Budapest, so on the Buda side. If you live near by or you are there and feel hungry try this fantastic restaurant.  Address: Lágymányosi utca 13 District 11, Budapest Reservations: +36/ 1 209 44 06 For further information please visit the website (just Hungarian but they have an English menu) ← → x × Previous Next


Mokka Budapest

Restaurant Mokka in Budapest is situated close to the Basilica in Sas utca. The first impression makes it a high quality restaurant but on the second view it is an expensive middle class restaurant. The prices are way above average but the food is very good. Interesting are the tappas as a starter. You have to choose 6 different tapas you get served next to a salad and some dips. Small portions but very good. The prices for main dishes go up to 10.000HUF which is very expensive for Hungary but for “Langostino” it is fair. Nevertheless Mokka in Budapest is too expensive compared to better quality restaurants like Chez Daniel or Goa.  Adress: Sas u. 4, Budapest. Reservations: +36 1 328 0081 ← → x × Previous Next


Restaurant Kacsa Budapest

Restaurant Kacsa Budapest is a restaurant specialized on duck. Kacsa is the Hungarian word for duck. On the menu you mainly find duck dishes in all varieties no matter if boiled, fried, with orange or without anything Kacsa offers duck duck duck. Besides that you can of course eat other meals but it is recommendable to try the duck because it is very good. The ambiance is a little bit old fashioned. The waiters are friendly and obliging which makes the stay very enjoyable. Also a trio of musicians brings a certain flair to the restaurant Kacsa.  Opening hours daily are 09:00 – 0:00 Address: Fő Utca 75 District 2, Budapest Reservations: +36 1 201 9992 ← → x × Previous Next


Vörös Postakocsi Budapest

The restaurant Vörös Postakocsi in Budapest is an authentic Hungarian restaurant located in one of the most famous streets for restaurants in Budapest, the Ráday utca. Here you will get exactly the food that Hungarians see as their traditional dishes such as Goulash soup, goose liver, fish soup or pickled vegetables. But not just the food and drinks are typical Hungarian in restaurant Vörös Postakocsi, also the atmosphere is Hungarian with live music, dancing and much more. Vörös Postakocsi means in English “red postcar” In the summertime the restaurant Vörös Postakocsi in Budapest offers a lot of seats outside to enjoy the sun or the warm summer evening next to your Hungarian dish and drink. The prices are average but for the served quality they are absolutely justified. Enjoy an evening in traditional atmosphere with good food in restaurant Vörös Postakocsi in Budapest.  Address: Raday utca 15, Budapest Tel: +36-1-217-6756 Fax: +36-1-215-0044 Website Opening hours: 11.30 a.m – 12.00 p.m. ← → x × Previous Next


Restaurant Régi Sipos Budapest

Régi Sipos Halászkert in Budapest is known for it’s fish soup. If somebody from Budapest wants to eat fish soup restaurant Régi Sipos is the place to go. Other than this the restaurant is quiet touristic with a typical gypsy band playing around you which can be annoying after a while. Pay attention in this restaurant because the tip is in the bill already. Here they don’t put a certain percentage on the bill but round up the bill to the amount they want. So do not give any tip. Nevertheless the fish dishes are very good and in Christmas time Hungarians even come and take away the fish soup because it is really the best place to have one in Budapest.  Adress:  Lajos u. 46. District 3, 1036 Budapest. Reservations: +36-1 368 6480 website ← → x × Previous Next


Kárpátia Budapest

Restaurant Kárpátia Budapest is located at Ferenciek tere, in the middle of the touristic heart of Budapest. Thats what Restaurant Karpatia is like. Folk musicians playing traditional songs singing “salamis, gulyas, paprikas” so every stereotype is served here. The food is more expensive than it tasts. For sure the kitchen is not the worst but it is defenetly not representing the Hungarians best cooking. I ate a duck leg which was too dry and the side dish tasted like frozen food and not fresh made. If you want music, nice decoration and Hungarian ambience Restaurant Karpatia is a good adress but don’t expect the food to be world class and bring a full wallet. 5 persons more than 200€ is defenetly expensive for Hungary and specially for the quality of the food.  Adress:  Ferenciek tere 7-8. District 5, 1053 Budapest Reservations: +36-1 317-3596 Visit the website or become a fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


Normafa Bar and Grill

Normafa usually describes a very popular recreation area in the hills of Buda. On the weekends you will find many people having a walk with their families or going for a run, especially in the summertime of course. The Restaurant Normafa in Budapest is a bar and grill at the Normafa Hotel on top of Sváb-Hill in second district of Budapest. The Normafa Grill in Budapest offers a large choice of good homemade lemonade and several dishes of the traditional Hungarian kitchen. The terrace is very nice with many tables and green around. The prices of Normafa Grill are above average but for the ambiance offered and the friendly waiters who cover each extra wish it is fine.  Adress: Eötvös út 52-54 District 2, Budapest. Reservations: +36 1 395 6505 ← → x × Previous Next


Reastaurant Fatal Budapest

Restaurant Fatal in Budapest is a rustic restaurant in the center of Budapest. Even though it is in the heart of Budapests tourism, the Vaci ut, the restaurant is well visited by locals. The ambiance is very good and exciting. The menu in restaurant Fatal offers large wooden plates with a massive amount of meat and plenty of side dishes. The portions are extra large so many people have to their left overs home. The prices are a little bit above avaerage but for the mass of food you get it is a fair price. The restaurant Fatal is in a hidden small alley crossing Vaci utca at house number 67 wich is between the market hall and Szabad Sajtó út. If you are really hungry and need a lot of food restaurant Fatal in Budapest is the right place.  Adress: Vaci utca 67 (entrance in Pintér utca) District 5, Budapest Reservations: +36 1 266 2607 ← → x × Previous Next


Stex Ház Budapest

Stex Ház in Budapest is a large restaurant at Ferenc Körút, one of the biggest streets of Budapest. In Stex Ház you can eat good fish, salads, meat dishes or soups. It is a big mix of different nationalities offered. Mainly you get served Hungarian food. Stex Ház also offers a big range of entertainment like pool or darts. Usually Stex Ház is crowded so it is recommended to make a reservation. You find many locals in Stex Ház which says that it is a good and trustworthy restaurant.  Address: József krt. 55-57 district 8, Budapest Reservations: +36 1 318 5716 Visit the Stex Ház website or become a fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


*Closed* Pizza Mazano Budapest

Pizza Marzano in Budapest is a very good Italian restaurant serving delicious pizza and pasta as well as good salads and other dishes. To make the dinner complete Marzano Budapest offers great wines. The pizza at Marzano is really fantastic because it is not the typical Hungarian pizza, fat and greasy but more the Italian way of pizza which tasts definetly better. Also the pasta is well made and tasts really good. The waiters and waitresses at Pizza Marzano Budapest are very friendly compared to the average waiter in Budapest. Also for a romantic dinner it is a good place to go. Give Pizza Marzano a try when you are in Budapest. Adress:  Andrassy ut 41 District 6, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 413 6589 Adress: Vecsey utca 5 District 5, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 354 5459 Adress: Batthyany ter 6 District 1, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 225 2700 Visit also the Pizza Marzano website ← → x × Previous Next


Pomo D’oro Budapest

Pomodoro is defensively one of the best Italian restaurants in Budapest you can choose. The restaurant is kept in luxury interior and the food is one of a kind. Pomodoro Budapest is devided in four section. The Loft, the Bastion, the Non-smoking area and the Bar counter area. The prices are affordable, a pizza comes around 6-7€, fish dishes around 7-8€, pasta starting at 6€ and main meat dishes in average 10-12€. Therefore an excellent meal is waiting for you and you can be sure, taste and quality of the food is super.  Restaurant Pomodoro hosted several celebrities from all over the world like Steven Spielberg, Calvin Klein, Lothar Matthäus, Rob Niedermayer, Jose Carreras or Ed Harris. Next to the excellent food in Pomodoro you have a wonderful wine card with Hungarian and Italian wines. There is no chance to avoid restaurant Pomodoro Budapest when you are in the city but reserve a table.  Adress:  Arany János str. 9 District 5, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 302-64-73  Visit the Pomo D’oro website or become a fan on Facebook. ← → x…


Il Treno Budapest

Il Treno is one of the most spread Italian restaurants of Budapest next to Pizza Hut. With 5 restaurants in the city you can reach it very easy and fast from every part of Budapest. In the restaurants Il Treno offers all traditional Italian food like a big variety of pizza, all different kinds of pasta, a lot of salads and much more. The Pizza is very good at Il Treno but you should saty with the Italian food because dishes like Cevapcici are not the way you would expect them. In total Il Treno is worth is visit for a good, quick dinner where you don’t spend millions and get full. For a romantic candle light dinner it is not recommendable. So go out and try one of the big pizzas at Il Treno. Il Treno also offer home delivery in Budapest.  Adress: Becsi ut 38-44 District 2, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 437-8230 Adress: Retek u 12 District 2, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 356-4251 Adress: Fehervari ut 120 District 12, Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 371-1826 Adress:…


Leroy Café Budapest

Leroy Café is a wide spread restaurant chain in Budapest. They offer many kind of dishes but mainly American food like Steaks or Sandwiches. The interior is kept in Asian-Buddha style which makes Leroy Budapest very comfortable and enjoyable. Also very good are the Leroy Cafe cocktails and longdrinks as a starter in the night or for the afternoon coffee. Other Leroy Cafes have another interior but the same card. For example Leroy Cafe at the Basilica in Budapest has a colorful pink, green, blue, brown painting and offering also to sit outside with a great view on Basilica. Adress: Sas u. 11 District 5 Budapest (Basilica) Phone: +36 (1) 266-5248 Adress: Liszt F. tér 10 District 6 Budapest (Liszt Ferenc tér) Phone: +36 (1) 411-0915 Adress: Váci út 1-3, District 6 Budapest (West end City Center) Phone: +36 (1) 411-0915 or visit the website. ← → x × Previous Next


*CLOSED* Barokko Budapest – Club & Lounge

Barokko in Budapest at Liszt Ferenc tér is more than a bar as the others are. Barokko is also a restaurant and has a fantasitic lounge. In the heart of the Budapest Bar scene Barokko offers great international food, cocktails and a music club to dance. It is an all in one place. Barokko Bar: Barokko bar is inside as well as outside the building and offers many place to sit and a wonderful selection of drinks, shakes, coffee, tea and cocktails. In cool summer nights you can sit outside talk and drink to get started. The quality of the cocktails is one of the best in Budapest.  Barokko Restaurant: The food in Barokko restaurant is international and very good. From salads over pasta to grill dishes, deserts and much more you have a big menue to choose. Everybody will find something he likes in Barokko restaurant. With more than 70 seats Barokko restaurant is very big but on weekends a reservation is of advantage due to the popularity of Barokko restaurant. Next to your dinner…


Spoon Budapest – Restaurant, Café and Lounge

The location of the restaurant, cafe and lounge Spoon is unique in Budapest. In the heart of Budapest the Danube directly at chain bridge is the 2 floor boat with restaurant Spoon> on it. The ambiance is incorrigible because you have one the one hand the feeling of being on the water and on the other hand the view from restaurant Spoon is amazing. Docked on the Pest side next to chain bridge you have a brilliant view on all attractions of the Buda side like Castle district or Gellért hill. Of course next to ambiance and outlook the restaurant Spoon offers excellent food. Starters and soups like red tuna tartar, octopus from Barcelona or thai shrimp soup start a wonderful dinner followed by duck breast, king prawns, Steak or a big variety of sushi dishes.  Address: In front of InterContinental at Chain Bridge District 5 Budapest Phone: +36 (1) 411-0933 Visit the website or become a fan on Facebook. ← → x × Previous Next


Pink Cadillac Budapest

Pink Cadillac in Budapest is famous for its pizza. It is located on Ráday utca and delivers the food to many restaurants there. Some bars offer the pizza of Pink Cadillac as their own. The prices are fair and the service is good as well. If you search for a decent evening with Italian food for a good price and you are around Ráday utca go there and enjoy your meal.  Address:  Ráday u. 22., Budapest. Reservations: +36-1 216-1412 Visit the website or become a fan on facebook. ← → x × Previous Next