Budapest Tourist Information

Budapest is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe and surely in Central Easter Europe with more than 8 Million guest nights in 2012. With all the historical sights, the beautiful inner city and millions of things to do and see during the stay. No matter if you stay just for a weekend or an entire week, Budapest never gets boring and there is always something more to see and experience. Additionally to the well known attractions and activities the city is changing rapidly so that even if you travel 2 consecutive years you will find new places, restaurants and adventures to experience.

There are essential information you need to know before arrival to Budapest. I receive a lot of questions concerning flight and airport information, accommodation tips, weather and so much more. Here you can find the answers to many open issues that you might have in your travel plans and if there is still something open please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Arrival to Budapest – Flights & Airport Transfer

The Budapest Airport is located approximately 18km outside the city to the east so one question I receive frequently is Which is the best choice for airport transfer?. Is it a taxi, the public transport or companies specialized on airport transfers? There is no correct answer it all depends on how you would like to hit the city. Slow but cheap, cheap but connected with waiting times or fast but more expensive.
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Accommodation in Budapest – Hotels, Hostels and Apartments

No matter what purpose you stay for in Budapest you will need an accommodation to spend your nights. The range in price and quality is very large so depending on your budget and of course how long you will stay this will affect your decision. Do you only need a small hotel room or are you going to stay for longer and need an apartment? Is a low budget hostel enough or do you prefer a high quality 5 star hotel? No matter what you need I can provide you with further in formation and recommendations about accommodation in Budapest.

Budapest Sightseeing – Attractions and Tours

As mentioned above Budapest is a city of many historical sights and a lot of attractions to see as well as a hotspot for activities to do so you always will leave the capital of Hungary with the feeling that you haven’t see everything or enough. With the long history and many cultural influences from other countries Budapest does not only display the Hungarian history but also others mixed in, most prominently probably is the bathing culture in Budapest that has been brought by the Turks. Be prepared for an international metropolis with a lot of culture from around the world but also of course a lot of Hungarian tradition and habits.

Evening Programs – Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

To round up a beautiful sightseeing day possibly with a thermal bath visit you might want to have a nice dinner in one of the many great restaurants in Budapest, a drink in a trendy bar or swing your hips in a club. I have visited many clubs, bars and restaurants in the years I am living here and wrote hundreds of honest and detailed reviews to give you an insight before you make your choice. Read through the reviews or check out the Top 10 lists below and if you still have questions or need a recommendation please feel free to contact me.

Leisure and Relax – Baths & Daytime Programs

Tough Budapest is a 2 million inhabitant metropolis with a vibrant life and long history there are many places in Budapest where you can be relaxed and calm down from the daily stress. As a tourist on holiday you are also here for leisure. So why not use the opportunity to relax in between sightseeing trips and restaurant visits to explore the calm side of the Hungarian capital? There are many opportunities to do so and many of them also give you a good view on the historical site of Budapest.

Budapest is very famous for its historical thermal baths especially the Széchenyi baths, the Gellért baths and the Király baths. Here you have wonderful architecture from the times of the Turkish invasion, natural healing water sources to provide water you bath in and in the same time you will be fully recharged after a visit to one of these traditional baths.

Another opportunity to relax is to visit one of the many parks that are in and around Budapest. I would like to point out 3 parks that I especially like. First and foremost there is Margaret Island, also called the green lung of Budapest, an island situated in the middle of the river Danube which is separating the city into Buda and Pest. On Margaret island you can find a lot of things to do, relax on the grass, visit a small zoo, go swimming, rent bikes and so on. The possibilities are nearly endless.

As a second green area in Budapest I would like to name the City Park behind Heroes’ Square. A beautiful park with a nice castle (Vajdahunyad Castle) and other important landmarks around that hosts many events an is a brilliant opportunity to relax, walk the dog or just have few hours on the fresh air.

The third great park to visit is in my opinion the Kopaszi Gát, a newly created recreation area on Pest side, a bit off track from the typical tourist destinations, with restaurants, cafés, a playground for kids, beautiful flowers and all right next to the Danube. In summer time people come here for sports, have a pick-nick or just have a drink on the terrace of one of the restaurants.

There are many more recreation opportunities like visiting one of the many coffee or tea houses in the city, go to the cinema or visit one of the 220 museums in Budapest. The choice is yours.