Budapester Winter invitation
The Hungarian Tourism Office launched a new winter campaign just like last year to attract tourists mainly from Europe to come to Budapest in winter time. Last year this campaign waas called Budapest Winter Invasion this year it will be Budapest Winter Invitation. You can find further Information on the Budapest Winter Website.

Basically Budapest Winter is a union of tourism related businesses in Budapest such as hotels, the airport, Malév, the Hungarian tourism office and so on to attract visitors from Europe to spend some days in Budapest from beginning of November till the end of March which are usually the less frequented months in Budapest. The Hungarian Tourism Office spends 100 Million Forint (approx. 390.000 EUR, 315.000 GBP or 490.000 USD) plus another 35 million Forint collected from the attending companies.

The new website is quite nice, at least better than the old one and offers more information about what to do in the winter time in Budapest and guides for every type of person. So go and check for more info.

By the way I just can encourage everybody to come to Budapest even in the winter time. I mean it can be really cold but if it should snow it is just so nice. And of course you can see all the sights in Budapest in the wintertime as well, visit the Pubs and Restaurants in Budapest and do whatever you feel like. Just the Open Air Clus and Bars will be closed.

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