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Sine a long time I haven’t been to Cafe Monyó in Budapest simply because the Metro 4 construction is hiding this good bar. I used to go regularyl to Cafe Monyó because in the evening you could have nice drinks combined with good music and party. Since Metro 4 is build on Kalvin Tér Cafe Monyó has the worst place you can imagine as it is in a dead end where nobody is passing. Sad for them and other people because nobody can find it.

Cafe Monyó is very good in the evenings if you like hard drinks, a bit harder music and dance till you can’t stand anymore. As it is minimum 2 years ago that I have been there I can’t tell what is going on there at the moment. When I have been there it was around 8 or 9 in the evening which is not the time the party starts. If you want to check it out, do it and if you don’t like it there are several other possibilities to go to e.g. Irish Cat Pub or Szimpla Kert is not too far as well. 

Kálvin tér 7, Budapest.
Reservations: +36 1 769-1309
Or visit the website

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