Coffee Cat Budapest

Jan 5, 2012 1

Coffee Cat is a small, cosy and friendly café in the centre of Budapest offering a superb selection and quality of coffee. If you want to get away from Starbucks and Costa Cafe quick drinks for a lot of money I can only recommend you to visit Coffee Cat because the coffee is really excellent, if not the best I had in Budapest. Located in a quiet area of Ó utca which is known for bars and pubs Coffee Cat is a very small but super friendly and cosy place to have your coffee in the morning or afternoon. Above the counter you can finda  visualized selection of all the coffee types available ranging from a normal Espresso, the traditional cappuccino to Mexican Coffee and Iced Latte Macchiato so whatever you prefer you will find it in Coffee Cat. The coffee is according to the website 100% Columbian Arabica which ...

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Hard Rock Cafe Budapest

Dec 5, 2011 0

World famous Hard Rock Cafe opened up a restaurant in Budapest on Vörösmarty Square in the city center. As you can see on the image on the left side it is stated officially on the Hard Rock Cafe website that the Hard Rock Cafe Budapest, Hungary is coming soon next to some other new openeing. Hard Rock Cafe is popular all over the world for their rock music, stylish cafes, the collectables which you can find in the cafes as well as of course the food and drinks. Fantastic Burgers, Ribs, salads and other American style dishes are served to rock fans all over the world since years while enjoying rock music either live or from the Hard Rock TV music channel. I really like their burgers which are super tasty and the variety is large so that you can choose from original quarter pounders down to blue cheese burgers ...

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Grandio Party Hostel Budapest

Jul 11, 2011 0

To tell you upfront, I haven’t tested the hostel itself I have just been to the bar of Grandio Party Hostel in Budapest. Grandio claims itself to be a party hostel and I can support this name since the hostel is very well connected to the bar attached to it. So think of a house in U-shape with room doors all around for the hostels guests and in the backyard there is a massive bar with places to sit, things to eat and of course lots of drinks. Grandio Party Hostel reminds me of one of the Budapest famous ruin bars like Instant, Szimpla Kert or Romkert partly refurbished but mainly left as it used to be which for a hostel is lets say takes a bit getting used to because you are sleeping there. But as I said I cant say anything about the hostel itself. The bar is ...

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Pezsegő Bar Budapest

Mar 16, 2011 0

Pezsegő Bar in Budapest is a little, fancy place in the city center surrounded by several other bars. The speciality of this bar is champagne and wine which is really excellent. It seems that this place is a little in bar for rich people and those who would like to be, a bit poshy and snobbish but I have to admit that I felt great there. You can also have nice dinners there served really excellent and well tasting as well. Also very good is the DJ who is playing lounge type of music rather for the background than for dancing but going well with the style of the bar and not too loud so you still can have a chat with your people. To be honest there is not too much to write about Pezsegő Bar Budapest except from that it is a really nice and cosy place to ...

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Zöld Pardon Budapest

May 5, 2010 0

Zöld Pardon is an open air place on the Buda side of Budapest. It is located directly next to the bridge or actually within the range of the bridge because you can turn left if you come from Pest side to reach the upper Danube road and in this circle is Zöld Pardon. By the way, on the other side of the bridge is the open air club Cafe del Rio. In Zöld Pardon in summer there are a lot of live concerts of Hungarian bands in the evening. The audience of Zöld Pardon is very different. You can see very young people around 16 or old people in the 40’s or even 50’s. The place is very big and offers to places to party plus several bars aside. The one dance floor is usually used for Hip Hop music and the second, the bigger one, is for the live ...

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California Coffee Company

Sep 30, 2009 0

California Coffee Company is one of these Cafés just like Starbucks or Cafe Costa and since a while there are three stores in the center of Budapest, one outside and another one in Kecskemét. Yeah, another one. I do like coffee and the coffee in California Coffee company does taste great if you take one of the normal coffees. Too fancy are the white chocolate macchiato, caramel iced latte and what so ever. The California Coffee Company has opened up stores on Teréz Körút, Kálvin Tér and Szent István Tér as well as in the Premier Outlet Center close to Budapest. They offer free Wifi, next to the coffee they serve different sandwiches, cakes and some more stuff to eat as well as tea but also cold drinks of course. ...

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Holdudvar Budapest

Sep 14, 2009 2

Holdudvar in Budapest is in my opinion one of the best locations to go out for a drink and to party. It is the most complete club and has an incredible location. Since 2006 Holdudvar in Budapest is located on Margit Sziget (further down you’ll find some info about the former location), coming down from Margaret Bridge you walk some 100m, pass the music fountain and you are standing in front of an old, refurbished casino surrounded by trees. The entrance for Holdudvar is free so you just get in to the bar, restaurant, club and whatever else you can find there. You enter the place to the large outside area which is mainly the restaurant with hundreds of tables and some bars in the middle and a stage on the right hand side for live music, concerts and much more. On the left hand side you find the building ...

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Costa Coffee Budapest

Sep 9, 2009 0

No, Starbucks is not yet in Budapest but the California Coffee Company and now finally the Enlish version Costa Coffee opened up in the heart of Budapest. Located right on the corner of Andrássy út and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út which is probably one of the most promenent places in the city. ...

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Bar Domby

Sep 7, 2009 0

Fine drinks and style! Bar Domby is for sure one of the classiest bars in Budapest. It has the typical New York look and feel in black and gold interior with large, high mirrors hanging on the wall. The atmosphere is good and bar Domby seems to be crowded whenever you go there. ...

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*CLOSED* Bar & Café Minyon in Budapest

Sep 7, 2009 0

Bar Minyon in Budapest is located in one of the upcoming areas of Budapest downtown, Király utca. In Király utca more and more bars, cafes and restaurants open up which all are styled well, serve good food and offer great cocktails. Bar Minyon is one of those. The interior reminds me of some lounge style straight from New York or London, modern a bit sterile but comfortable on every place. The interesting thing about Bar Minyon is that on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 o’clock the bar turns into a club with dance floor, loud live music and a bar as long as the place itself. I haven’t been there for the club time but I heart that it is good. During the day Bar Minyon is more or less a cafe with small snacks, fresh coffee and cakes. In the afternoon and evening in Bar Minyon well prepared food ...

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