Budapest and Vienna

Jul 31, 2007 0 is going to extend its knowledge to Vienna. Since a couple of weeks Viennaagent is launched under This does not mean that Budapestagent will not be updated anymore we will go on with Budapest as well. So if you want to visit Vienna in the near future take a look at the new and find the same good information as you are used to from ...

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Strange record – “Mass kissing”

Jun 11, 2007 0

This weekend a strange record took place in Budapest. 6400 couples kissed at the same time near the parliament. The guiness world record was held by the Philipines with 6100 kissing couples. ...

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Program Magazines

May 6, 2007 0

Whats going on in Budapest! There are several program magazines in Budapest for nightlife, clubs, parties, exhibitions, cinema program and much more. I took a closer look on nightlife magazines for upcoming parties and events. There are 3 major online and offline magazines in Budapest. ...

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Airport strike Budapest

Apr 8, 2007 0

In the last weeks there were 2 strikes on the Budapest Airport. All airlines except for Malév and SkyEurope had to cancel their flights. The reason for the strike in Budapest was that 1 of 3 companies caring about all airlines arriving and departing in Budapest requested more money. The other 2 companies which were still working are the responsible companies for Malév and it’s partners as well as the for Skyeurope. By now everything is orking again. ...

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