50 Marathons in 50 Days

Jun 4, 2012 0

The 25 year old Norman Varga is on the run at the moment from Budapest to London where he expects to arrive on July 27th to attend the opening of the Olympic Games. Varga is not (only) running for but for a good reason, he runs a foundation in Budapest (does anybody know what foundation that is? I would like to link to it) and as he told to AFP “I run to promote endurance and strong will”. His way will lead him from Budapest and Hungary through several other countries such as Slovakia, Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands before he will finally arrive in London. The total distance is 2100km which is equivalent to 50 marathons. He will make 3 stops a day to talk to civil organizations, local children and representatives of local councils. The former cage fighter is accompanied by a masseur, a doctor, ...

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Budapest as a Film location for Hollywood

May 22, 2012 0

Budapest with it’s historic buildings and beautiful city center is a very popular location for all kinds of films. Not only advertising films but also Hollywood Blockbusters are shot in the capital of Hungary. There is a hype at the moment around Bruce Willis in Budapest shooting the latest film A Good Day to Die Hard, part 5 in the more than successful Die hard series. This hype has even been bigger when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie lived in Budapest for Pitts latest movie World War Z which has been in the press not only for being shot in Budapest but also the incident with the Hungarian police interfering the shootings. So I have made may way over to IMDb and checked what movies in the past have been shot in Budapest already and with almost 1.000 results there are a lot to pick from. So I took some ...

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Invitation for bi-weekly seasonal dish testing

May 18, 2012 0

This weekend I have been to the restaurant Gestenyés Kert in Budakeszi, a very nice place with garden, large chestnut trees (that’s where the name comes from gestenye is chestnut in Hungarian) and even a little area for kids to play. The food here is excellent even though I was a bit disappointed this time with my steak which I ordered medium rare and it came very well done. Usually I order any meat medium rare when I go for dinner because they always overcook it a bit so that a medium steak comes out. Well, not this time. Also the service was very slow this time and some orders have been forgotten. However, why I am writing this post is that after checking in on Foursquare, which by the way gets you a free desert as a special, the manager approached me and told me that every second Friday ...

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Brilliant Social Media CRM example by the Four Seasons Budapest

May 17, 2012 0

Most of you know Twitter which has become an essential part for many businesses in order to communicate with their customers in a short and simple yet modern way. There are many best practices around the globe how to use Twitter to get interactions with your consumers, customers clients however you want to call them. But there is a fantastic example right here in Budapest which I would like to tell you about. It has been mid March that I stumbled across a tweet by the Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest (yes, that wonderful hotel at the end of Lánchíd in the center of Budapest – Book your room here) whom I am following on Twitter (@FSBudapest). Here we go: The Foursquare and Twitter user ebucsko checked in at the Four Seasons and tweeted his check-in. Now Four Seasons saw that and picked up on it and replied with ...

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A38 and Szimpla awarded by Lonely Planet

Feb 21, 2012 0

The well known travel guide series Lonely Planet year by year starts small competitions or researches which the users can vote for. So far so good. This time it was about 100 great bars worldwide and as you can read in the headline already A38 and Szimpla Kert have been in the list. Still OK I would say but that A38 is winning this competition and Szimpla lands on a remarkable 3rd place is just amazing! You can find the entire result here and check out what other places from around the world are among the top 100 bars. About A38 A38 is a bar and restaurant that is lcoated on a boat on the river Danube in Budapest. It used to be an old army boat called Artemovsz 38 but got rebuilt to host cultural events such as concerts and a fairly good restaurant. If you want to know ...

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E-Ticket System for the Public Transport

Feb 1, 2012 0

It will be over with the little orange strips called “Vonaljegy” that you need to validate in trams, busses and the metro in Budapest soon. Well not too soon but at least starting from 2014 progressively a new so called E-Ticket system will be introduced. Plan is to have it all done by 2014 which is not a tough deadline I would say. The tickets will be step by step replaced with a plastic card which is based on the same technology as PayPass and many people know already from cities like London where the Oyster Card also replaced paper tickets. The first step will be to replace time based tickets such as monthly tickets which allow owners to travel unlimited within Budapest. As a second step than the one time tickets will fade out and the last step is the installation of automated entrance and exit stations that might ...

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Budapest Cover Photos for Facebook

Jan 30, 2012 0

Facebook has rolled out the Timeline function for all users recently and so they will most probably do for Facebook pages as well by end of February. So we will see the new Timeline all over Facebook soon. One, as I think, cool feature of these changes is the so called cover foto which gives you the opportunity to add one super large image on top of your profile which than makes your profile look something like this: I think that it is a cool way to show your interests or what you like, in my case it is the parliament building by night. therefore I have collected som nice images of Budapest that you can save to your computer and use them as your Cover picture on Facebook. Have fun and show your support to Budapest. Click to enlarge the pictures. If you would like to add an image ...

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Steve Jobs Statue in Budapest

Dec 23, 2011 0

On Wednesday December 21st the Steve Jobs statue in Budapest got unveiled which is standing in Budapests technology business park called “Graphisoft Park”. For you information, Microsoft Hungary has its office here. The 6 1/2 feet tall bronze statue was commissioned in mid October, right after Steve Jobs death, by the Hungarian Gabor Bojar who is the founder of Graphisoft, a software company that developes software solutions for architects. But why did Bojar commissioned the statue of Jobs? Steve Jobs in the mid 90s stumbled accross Bojars software and was impressed so that he helped him out in bad times and basically saved Graphisoft to exist. Bojars statement was   “Apple’s support included cash and computers at a time when Graphisoft was a small company with limited resources, working within the economic and political confines of what was, at the time, communist Hungary. Apple also introduced Graphisoft to its worldwide ...

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101 Things to Do in Budapest

Dec 9, 2011 9

The full list of things you must see and do in Budapest There are some things you have to see or do in Budapest. Some are in the Budapest guides, some not so here is an all complete list of things to see in Budapest! The points will have small comments what it is about or why you have to do it, most of them have links for further, more detailed information. This list will be updated constantly and if you have any suggestions about what to see or do please leave a comment. Sights & Tours in Budapest Budapest Parliament The parliament in Budapest is definitely a building you need to see, from outside and inside. It is not just beautiful but also a very historical building. By the way the best picture you can take from the other side of the Danube on Batthyány Tér. Citadella The Citadella ...

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Cost of Living in Budapest

Dec 8, 2011 102

If you are thinking about to move to Budapest for studying or working here you have to face the daily life and costs in Budapest and Hungary. Most people moving here from all over the world come to Hungary because of the job, just think about big companies such as Vodafone, Mercedes or Audi, or the second reason is love. So you come to the country, find an apartment and start your job but there are of course duties that have to be done. From my own experience I can tell you that there are a lot of things that have to be taken care of from paying the bills for gas to shopping your daily supplies. In this article I would like to give an overview about how much do things cost, something like the Big Mac index, and what you have to expect to spend for your daily ...

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