Poker Rooms in Budapest

Sep 12, 2013 0

Since Poker became very famous through online poker rooms also a number of physical poker rooms have open up around the city for passionate poker players to meet and play a round of poker or an entire tournament. In online poker rooms many tournaments are played throughout the year with great prices and rewards. However poker as an old and traditional game which used to be played in bars or in separate rooms of restaurants is still a question of atmosphere and the eye contact or personal interaction makes a big difference to the game. You can see your opponents on the tables starting to sweat, making perfidious movements or talking which can all be signs of a good hand or bad hand, a bluff or really strong will to win this hand. So for the people who are interested in poker, I became interested a few weeks ago myself, ...

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Mangalica Festival in Budapest

May 24, 2013 0

7. – 9. February 2014 – Szabadság tér – Open hours: 09.00 – 22.00 If your in Budapest during the first two weeks of February the Mangalica Festival is a definite must see. The festival is held at the Szabadsag tér situated near the Parliament after it was moved from the Vajdahunyad Castle in City Park the previous year. The festival has free admission and provides something to do for every member of the family. Mangalica which is also known as a curly-hair hog is a unique breed of pig which is indigenous to Hungary resulting from the cross breeding of Bansagi Sumadia and Szalonati Bakonyi pigs. The Mangalica festival was created in order to pay tribute to this unique Hungarian heritage breed which had come close to extinction just a few decades ago. The Mangalica Festival was first held in 2007 in order to promote Mangalica products and has ...

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X6 Gallery

Apr 9, 2013 0

While handling limited edition photography series from international, and Hungarian artists, X6 GALLERY offers new ways of approaching photographic art. As partner of LUMAS, the gallery represents works from 160 established photographers and up-coming debutants. Established by art collectors LUMAS offers inspiring and original artworks by over 160 international photographers. More than 1400 works are available as original photographs in limited editions of 75-150, signed by the artist. Such high editions enable more affordable prices. Thanks to the close and continuous cooperation between artists, the curatorial board and first-class production partners, LUMAS has achieved a globally unique position as a dealer of photography editions. The first gallery opened in 2004, and today 20 exhibition spaces display the latest works from the LUMAS portfolio in Berlin, Zurich, Paris, New York, Vienna and London among others. X6 GALLERY joined LUMAS as the first and singular exclusive representative of the portfolio in Hungary. ...

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Margaret Island – The Green Lung of Budapest

Nov 20, 2012 0

In the heart of Budapest is the breathe taking Margaret Island which is a definite must see for anyone visiting Hungary. The Island is found in the middle of the Danube river and is full of many family friendly recreational activities. Margaret Island has numerous landmarks with historical significance and even has two landmarks which are UNESCO protected sites. The Landmarks include a small Japanese Garden, the Centennial Memorial of 1973, The Music Well, The Music Fountain, the octagonal Water Tower of 57 m and even a small zoo. The Music Fountain and the Water Tower are both protected UNESCO protected sites. Many say that the best way to see Margaret Island is to take a jog around the Island which is one of the most spectacular and popular areas for joggers in Budapest. On the Island one can also have a great swim in either the Palatinus water park ...

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Top 5 Activities with Kids in Budapest

Sep 21, 2012 2

Are you in Budapest for a family trip and would like to give your kids some change to the sightseeing and culture you are having than the below activities for children are a great start to do so. The activities are basically good for kids of all ages. 1. Budapest Zoo The Budapest Zoo is a great place to spend time with your kids and it is so big that you easily can stay for a day until you have seen every animal or botanical highlight. The Zoo is located in the recreation area of Budapest next to the Amusement Park, the Szechenyi Bath and the Budapest Circus, so it is your choice once you are there. 2. Budapest Circus The Budapest Circus is as written above as well located in the recreation area of Budapest and open daily with 2 shows, Saturday and Sunday even three. The program is ...

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Budafok Winefestival

Sep 7, 2012 0

The Budafok Wine Festival (Budafoki Pezsgő- és Borfesztivál) is a, compared to the large Budapest Wine Festival, small and familiar comming together to taste the best wines from wine makers mainly from Budapest and surroundings. Budafok is the 22nd district of Budapest and most wine makers in the Budapest wine region are located here. You will most probably miss the biggest and most famous wine makers on this festival except from Törley, the producer of the most famous Hungarian champagne. The festival takes place in the entire center of the district for the 23rd time this year and in 13 wine cellars and dozens of booths you can taste a glass and discuss about Hungarian wine all weekend long. I especially like the Budafok Wine Festival for exactly this familiar and cosy atmosphere which is missing a bit from the large wine festival on top of Buda Castle. Also it ...

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5 Tips to Cool Down in Budapest

Jun 21, 2012 0

These days it is really unbearably hot in Budapest with around 35 degrees Celsius on the thermometer which probably feel around 40 degrees in the sun. This heat makes it really hard to enjoy the day outside sitting in the sun or traveling around the city. But here are some tips how to cool you down even if it is just for a few minutes but it will help. 1. Get a good Ice Cream Ice Cream always works and is the summer sweet of them all and is just so delicious. But where to get the best ice cream in Budapest? Honestly there are many shops in the city who mainly sell prepared ice cream from big producers, the ones you get in supermarkets as well but you what you wan is really yummy, home made ice cream. My favorite ice cream in the city you get at Daubner ...

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Night of Baths in 5 Budapest Baths

Mar 6, 2012 0

Every year the 5 best know baths in Budapest, the Gellért Bath, the Széchenyi Bath, the Király Bath, the Rudas Bath and the Lukács Bath unite and organize the Night of Baths in Budapest which this time takes place at March 10th from 22 to 03 o’clock. In this night all of the baths are open for the public and DJs are spinning the discs to the maximum and make the crowd go wild. All while hundreds of people are dancing and partying in the bath. In the 5 venues 20 DJs will perform in that night including names such as Karmatronic, Whiteboy, Muzzaik, Girls&Mathematics, Superman, Simon Iddol or Jutasi. Tickets for the night of baths cost 3.490 HUF / 3.990 HUF with which you can go in any of the baths during the night. Wityh big light shows and sound systems, big sponsors such as Heineken or PertiEst this ...

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Sweet Days Festival in Budapest

Jan 3, 2012 0

The Sweet Days Festival or “Chocolate and Candy Sweet Days festival” as it is called officially is a 3 days festival in the Buda Castle all about sweets, candy, ice cream and chocolate. Organized by the supermarket hipermarket chain Cora some 60+ manufacturers (list further down) of sweets present their products to the interested audience. Mostly small local sweets producers coming from all over the country are exhibiting their work which is far more than just a bar of chocolate or a bag of candy. On the Sweet Days in Budapest you can find hand made chocolate in all different styles, types, shapes and colors such as green tea chocolate or little chocolate pieces on a stick turning into hot chocolate when you put them in hot milk. Also you can see and of course buy a lot of cookies and other candy but the chocolate is probably the most ...

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MiniCity Playhouse in Budapest

Dec 1, 2011 1

MiniCity in Budapest is a type of playhouse for children where your youngest ones can experience different scenes and parts of a city in a size that is more convenient for them such as a kitchen, a car repair service or a bank. So your kids can try out what it is like to work in such a place and how it feels like as an adult to visit places like this. The model seems to be that they asked different companies to sponsor MiniCity and therefore they can expose their shop in miniature size in the playhouse and probably attract mothers and fathers for their products as well and strengthen their brand awereness as you can see it here with the bookshop Libri and Domestos but also you could find Erste Bank, TV2, Opel and many more who for sure have given some Forint as an investment in their ...

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