David Guetta in Budapest

Nov 24, 2011 0

David Guetta is coming to Budapest to give a concert in the HungExpo (1101 Budapest , Albertirsai út 10.) on December 17th 2011. The prices for the gig of the world wide superstar DJ range from 8.990 HUF to 15.000 HUF for a VIP ticket. At the moment David Guetta is for sure the most successful and famous male artist and producer worldwide. His events are always sold out so that you should hurry up to get your ticket for the David Guetta Concert in Budapest. David Guetta has been playing already on Balaton Sound this year and according to the reactions on Facebook or Twitter it was a blast. Though very comercial, or probably that is the reason why, he fills up every venue and so he will do with the HungExpo as well. The “Nothing but the Beat Tour” which this concert is part of has been very ...

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Children Train (Gyermekvasút)

Nov 5, 2011 0

The Children Train in Budapest (or as it is called in Hungarian Gyermekvasút) is a historical train from the Hungarian national railway company Máv which is still operated on a separated route and the interesting thing on it children are running it. Well not actually driving the train but all the things around like checking the tickets, working on the stations etc is done by kids from the age 8 – 16 I would guess. For the children it is a kind of hobby to do so and as we know all children would like to be a train driver once they are grown up so this is a good chance to check out what it is like to drive a train and what is connected with it, all the work around. But why I am writing this here is because the Children Train is a fantastic chance for families with kids ...

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Aquarena Budapest (Mogyoród)

Nov 4, 2011 0

Aquarena in Budapest, or to be specific in Mogyoród is a tremendously large water park with a lot of slides, many pools, spa area, kids pools and slides and much more. Who ever has been to the Formula 1 in Budapest or just left the city on M3 has seen the slides up on the hill where the Aquarena is located. You catually can see the Hungaroring from there. The Aquarena is almost an own city measuring 11.5 hectar with shops, food, recreation area and so much more to do that you can spend days there without doing the same activity twice. You can find here 21 water slides which all together count a length of 1 mile which makes it a great experience. The pools in Aquarena Budapest are not just simple pools but an experience pool, Jacuzzi, three-level diving pool or the slowly streaming Lazy River, there is ...

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Barefoot Park

Sep 14, 2011 0

The Barefoot Park (Mezítlábas Park) is, unfortunately, not located in Budapest directly but around 30 minutes by car to the south in a small village called Tabajd. So what is the Barefoot Park? The Barefoot park is a free park where on specially created lanes you are experiencing different undergrounds barefoot such as stones of different sizes, water, sand, wood and even corn cobs.The other good thing is that it is outside in the wood near a little village and during the entire walk which takes around 30 minutes (often depending on the kids) you are on the fresh air. In winter it might not be a too good idea to go there. Kids love this activity and are really interested in how the next lane will feel like and how they will solve walking there. At the end of the Barefoot Park there is a big playground for the kids ...

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Millenáris Park Budapest

Jul 20, 2011 0

The Millenáris Park in Budapest is a venue for a big variety of events, concerts, exhibitions, programs for children or fairs such as the Budai Gourmet Festival or the press foto of the year exhibition. The reason for the big variety is that in Millenáris Park you have a lot of different smaller venues where those events can take place, no matter if inside or outside. Additionally there is the so called Palace of Wonders which is a constant exhibition with different physical “wonders” explained in a playful way which is extremely popular among children but also the parents are wondering about it. This Palace of Wonders is an absolutely recommendable place to go to with your kids or even alone, you will not get bored there and see a lot of fascinating things. Concerts at Millenáris Park There are several good concerts taking place in Millenáris Park mainly smaller ...

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Rammstein Budapest

Jul 11, 2011 0

10.11.2011 – Papp Laszlo SportArena Rammstein is most probably the most successful German band outside Germany next to Tokio Hotel and Scooter which is still performing today and now they come for a concert to Budapest again. Rammstein has been in Budapest I think 2007 the last time and even if you don’t like their music you have to admit that their live performance is a blast. I have seen Rammstein live last time they where here and the stage was full of fire, laser, special effects and other show elemets which you won’t see in any other concert. ...

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Budai Gourmet Festival

Jun 21, 2011 0

The Budai Gourmet Festival in Budapest (Millenaris Park) is organized by Sziget.hu, the company organizing the Sziget Festival, Balaton Sound and the Volt Festival in Sopron as well. So it is ensured that this festival is professionally organized maybe even a bit too professional in my opinion. For the relativly high entrance fee of 2.900 HUF you are equipped with a wine glass and a payment card (based on NFC -Near Field Communication technology) in order to make your payments at the stands. This payment method seems to be very popular nowadays among festivals in Budapest, this was the case at the Pálinka Festival already, and the card will be valid for the Balaton Sound, Sziget Festival as well as the Volt Festival as well. OK, enough talk about the organizational issues, let’s jump into what the Budai Gourmet Festival has to offer in terms of Gourmet. Basically the festival ...

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Britney Spears Budapest

Jun 20, 2011 0

30.09.2011 – Papp Laszlo SportarenaDo you want to see Britney Spears in Budapest live? Well here you go, she is coming for a concert to Budapest on 30th of September in Papp Laszlo Sportarena. The regular tickets will be between 9.900 HUF for a simple ticket up to 21.900 HUF for tickets right in front of the stage. There is also the possibility of a meet & greet with Britney Spears, if you are interested in it please leave a comment below and I will send you more information. If you don’t have the album yet to sing all songs with her, you can buy the Britney Spears Femme Fatal Album here. Britney Spears started her “Femme Fatale” Tour in mid-June and is touring in North America till end of August until in September she will come to Europe. On September 30th she than is here in Budapest for her ...

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Tropicarium Budapest

Jun 17, 2011 0

The Tropicarium in Budapest is the biggest indoor aquarium in Central Europe and is the home of several thousand fishes, reptiles and other animals living under water or in tropical areas around the world. With thousands of visitors week by week the Tropicarium is one of the top indoor attractions of Budapest located in Campona Shopping Center and is especially popular among kids. The highlights are probably the crocodiles and the sharks swimming in a massive aquarium with a tunnel made of glass to have the best view. Though to be honest both of them are fairly boring to watch, the crocodiles are laying around and move very rarely, the sharks are swimming (they have to in order to survive) but it is the same way over and over again. Nevertheless the Tropicarium in Budapest is worth a visit if you are interested in the under water world or if ...

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Budapest Circus

May 10, 2011 0

The Budapest Circus is not a travelling circus located in the beautiful Városliget, the city park, right next to the Budapest Zoo, the Amusement park and the Szechenyi Bath. This area is the recreation and amusement are of Budapest and packed every weekend with families coming for entertainment such as the Budapest Circus. In the Budapest Circus you will find performances of all kind from animal shows over artistic performances up to the traditional clown making you and your kids laugh. ...

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