Cahchacha Cabrio Budapest is the summer residence of Chachacha Underground Cafe which used to be on at Kalvin square and is near Nyugati now. The best way to reach Chachacha Cabrio is to enter Margit island at Margit bridge. From there you walk approx. 200m and on the left side you will find the entrance. The Chachacha Cabrio is an open air price with a very nice ambience and fantastic music. The party starts at around 1 at night when the club starts to get crowded. The prices for drinks are below average and the staff is very friendly.
We highly recommend Chachacha Cabrio as well as Chachacha Underground Cafe in winter.

For pictures please check this site.

Margit Sziget
Best entrance from Margit bridge, 200m on the left side.
Or visit the Chachacha website

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