Pure live sports!

Champs Sportsbar in Budapest is one of the most popular sports bars in Budapest. Several screens fill a big location with above average priced but excellent food like meat, pasta or fish. The menu contains a calorie table including the work out required to get the dish off.

You also can weight you in Champs Sports bar Budapest just like a boxer. Champs offers different sports on different screens to watch. The wine list is very large as well as the selection of beer.

Dohány Utca 20
District 6 Budapest
Phone: +36 (1) 413 1655
Or visit the Champs Sports Bar website.


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    james b
    8th October 2009

    will you show american football games this sunday (steelers game and redskins game)? thanks, james b

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      8th October 2009


      I am not the owner of Champs. A look at the homepage and you will find the program: http://www.champs.hu/index.php?id=3&lang=hu
      So on Sunday Oct. 11th they will show the following NFL games:

      Baltimore Ravens – Cincinatti Bengals NFL
      Philadelphia Eagles – Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL
      Denver Broncos – New England Patriots NFL
      San Francisco 49ers – Atlanta Falcons NFL


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        31st December 2014

        Will you be showing the NCAA Rose bowl (Oregon-FSU) and Sugar Bowl (Alabama-OSU) on New Year’s Day night?

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    1st August 2011

    I want to know if you will be showing Green Bay Packer American Football Games. If you are showing the Green Bay Packers, will they be in English or will there be subtitles for those of us that are still learning Hungarian. I have 5 other friends that speak only English and want to find a place to watch PACKER games as well.



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    1st August 2011

    Seriously……the PACKERS are the world champions and their games should be shown. 🙂

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    6th August 2011

    I seriously had a hard time with the math equation for the spam protection. But anyway, how about THE GREEN BAY PACKERS! GO PACK GO. If you are Hungarian and don’t know about the Packers, they are unlike any other team in the world. During summer practices, they ride the bicycles of children to and from practice with the kids running along side (the kids love it!). After the PACKERS score, they jump over the wall into the crowd! This is after EVERY score. It’s called the LAMBEAU LEAP. The team is the ONLY team in the United States owned by the PEOPLE of the city, not by some rich owner. Oh, did I mention they are the SUPERBOWL champs? So it’s only fitting that me and several other friends would love to make CHAMPS an official GREEN BAY PACKERS fan club location. That is IF you can show the games. Can you? come on…show PACKERS GAMES!

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    18th September 2011

    Can we watch the final of Eurobasket 2011 in the Champs bar ?????

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    7th September 2012

    do you play any afl?

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    29th December 2014

    Will you be televising January 1 bowl games, specifically the sugar bowl which will be starting at about 2 am.
    Hope so!
    Thanks from an Ohio state university fan!

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    2nd September 2017

    Will you be showing the florida michigan game and fsu alabama game tonight?

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