The Children Train in Budapest (or as it is called in Hungarian Gyermekvasút) is a historical train from the Hungarian national railway company Máv which is still operated on a separated route and the interesting thing on it children are running it. Well not actually driving the train but all the things around like checking the tickets, working on the stations etc is done by kids from the age 8 – 16 I would guess. For the children it is a kind of hobby to do so and as we know all children would like to be a train driver once they are grown up so this is a good chance to check out what it is like to drive a train and what is connected with it, all the work around.

But why I am writing this here is because the Children Train is a fantastic chance for families with kids to go on a half day trip and see the country outside of Budapest (around Normafa), drive through the woods and have a great view over the Buda hills. Children love the train as most passengers are either children or there because of their children since the children train itself is not really usable as public transport. On one hand it is driving around in the middle of nowhere one the other hand it is simply too expensive to get from A to B.

There are some really historical trains which are also very interesting for adults, it is always the men taking the pictures about the locomotive with all the details, and there are some trains which are a bit more modern, not that lound and more comfortable. In either way it is a good idea for a sunny saturday with your family.

Children Trian (Gyermekvasút) Information

Hűvösvölgy station:

Telefon: (1) 397 5394

Széchenyi-hegy station:

Telefon: (1) 395 5420

The best way is to check out the official website in English, German or Hungarian.

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