If you’re looking for a taste of an Asian environment while in Budapest, then the Chinese Market is possible place to visit. Chinese market is the popular name for what is actually called Józsefvárosi Piac (Józsefváros Market). Chinese is just a reference the Hungarians came up with, but the market actually features Thai and Vietnamese people and products. The Chinese market is a similar market you’ll find in the suburbs of Asian cities, it is place where you can ultra-bargain prices on items made in China and Vietnam.

The market is actually dirty, chaotic and frantically busy during weekends. It has a bit of a tarnished reputation since it is located in the least desired part of Budapest in District VIII. It consists of a wholesale market where sellers are constantly haggling you, so it is advised that people just be careful when purchasing items, and also keep a close eye on your personal items. Most, if not all, the sellers have learned a little of a lot of languages in order to persuade your purchase.

It is actually a really popular place and during the weekends it is practically impossible to find a parking space because the market is not only flooded with Hungarians hunting for cheap (unauthentic) branded clothes but also with visitors from Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Slovenia.

Apart from cheap clothes you can also get pirated DVDs and cheap electronics at the market. And there is even a selection of exotic food and the most authentic Asian cuisine in Budapest, located right at the back of the market displayed on simple stalls. The market can be found just past Kerepesi cemetery, behind the yard for Józsefvárosi railway station and is easy to reach by tram from Blaha Lujza tér.

According to Origo, the largest news website in Hungary, the Chinese Market is about to be closed down. Instead there will be a sport and social center built up.

Where is the Chinese Market in Budapest?

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    17th February 2014

    Hello,Im intresting the Jozefsvaros piac,I will go on april in Budapest.What can I buy on piac.Is it close any cheap hotel?

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