The Budapest cinemas or movie theatres are usually connected to shopping centers such as theArena Plaza or West End City Center. In nearly any shopping center you can find cinemas. Nowadays most movies are dubbed but still the blockbusters run in original language with Hungarian subtitles which makes it good for expats to see movies in Budapest.

A cinema ticket in Budapest is around 1200 Forint which is around 5 Euro and not too expensive. The food and beverage prices are lower than in western Europe so with around 10 Euro you can have a fantastic evening in the cinema in Budapest.
But there still exist some niche cinemas where you would never think that in these buildings could be a cinema. In regular houses on the main roads with small entrances you can find cinemas showing alternative movies and low cost productions.
If you don’t feel like sharing your evening with a lot of people there is still the Video or DVD rental possibility which is quiet cheap as well and they offer nearly any movie as a DVD with Hungarian or English language.
For the up to date cinama timetable in English please click here

  • Palace Westend
  • West end city center
    Váci út 1-3., 1062 Budapest

  • Palace Campona
  • Campona Budafok
    Nagytétényi út 37-43., 1222 Budapest

  • Palace MOM Park
  • MOM Park
    Alkotás utca 53., 1123 Budapest

  • Palace Mammut
  • Mammut shopping center
    Lövoház street. 2-6., 1024 Budapest

  • Bem cinema
  • Margit körstreet 5/b., district 2, Budapest

  • Cinema City Csepel Plaza
  • Csepel shopping center
    Rákóczi F. u. 154-170., 1211 Budapest

  • Cinema Europa
  • Europark Budapest
    Üllôi út 201., 1191 Budapest

  • Hollywood Multiplex Duna Plaza
  • Duna Plaza shopping center
    Váci út 178., 1138 Budapest

  • Hollywood Multiplex Lurdy Ház
  • Lurdy Ház shopping center
    Könyves Kálmán körút 12-14., 1097 Budapest

  • Cirko-Gejzír
  • Corvin Budapest Filmpalota
  • Hollywood Multiplex Óbuda
  • Hollywood Multiplex Pólus
  • Hunnia
  • Kossuth Mozi
  • Kultiplex
  • Muvész
  • Odeon-LLoyd Mozi
  • Örökmozgó
  • Puskin Cinema
  • Szinbád
  • Tabán
  • Toldi
  • Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház
  • Vörösmarty cinema

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