The Citadella in Budapest stands on top of Gellért Hill which is emerging on Buda side at the end of Elisabeth bridge. The famous statue which is overseeing the city is holding a palm leaf in her hands, which originally used to be a propeller blade honoring Miklós Horthy who died in a test flight when world war 2 stated. Due to his good contacts to Hitler the propeller blade has been replace by the palm leaf. The Citadella is such a famous tourist place because it offers a beautiful view especially bi night and is very popular by visitors for that one picture of Buda, Pest and the Danube in between. There are tons of buses arriving every day shipping up tourists.

The fortress on which the statue is standing has been built up in 1848 shortly after the Hungarian revolution and it has been possessed by the state in late 19th century. Since then and especially nowadays it mainly serves as a tourist destination including museums, restaurants, cafés and even a club which are located in the U shaped 220m long and 60m wide building. In the courtyard, which has been refurbished, many fairs and other programs take place.

I have never been to the restaurant but it is supposed to offer high end Hungarian cuisine including a daily folklore show and live music to entertain the guests. To me it sounds very touristy but I might be wrong and happily hear opinions in the comments.

The Citadella in Budapest is reachable by car but parking by now costs a good amount of money. You can also take a walk up there, the path starts from famous Gellért Hotel and takes 20 – 30 minutes if you are OK on your feet. Alternatively you can also take the public transport and use bus number 27 which stops few meters away from the entrance.

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