The Club Akvárium in Budapest is what has been before the Gödör Club at Déak Tér in the heart of Budapest. Since February 1st 2012 Gödör had to close its doors for Akvárium which takes exactly the same facilities, the same setup, I guess even the interior like chairs and tables is what has been Gödör before.

According to the Gödör Klub Website the Ministry of Public Administration did not prolong the contract with the owning company of Gödör Klub that is why they had to move. But that is not subject of this review.

Consequently Club Akvárium opened up February 1st 2012 and as mentioned above left most of it as it is, Gödör was a very successful club in my eyes, and continued a good cultural program with a lot of different acts, performances and other events. Main part of Club Akvárium though is the terrace which originally are the stairs down to the club. Here is the life of Akvárium with chairs, tables and a lot of sunshine in the summer in the heart of Budapest.

To get an idea of the program and also see what is on in the next weeks you should visit the Akvárium Budapest Facebook page, which is also the official website. In the cover photo you can find the monthly top programs and in the events tab you find the detailed daily events.

I for myself love the location and Akvárium is a great place to enjoy a drink in the sun and have a chat with friends. Also the program is really good so it is worth to have a look or if you are around there during your sightseeing tour just make a stop and grab a drink.

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Club Akvárium Budapest Information:
Address: Erzsébet Tér, Budapest
Phone: +36 30 860 3368

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