En vogue party!

B7 in Budapest is a club for the younger, fashion styled audience. B7 plays most of the time chart music but what is very nice is the live sax going with the music sometimes. It sounds strange if you first listen but it’s an upgrade of the music. The audience in B7 Budapest is quiet young but feels much older. Usually the girls are dressed up a lot and the boys waving with money at them. For a party night B7 is a good place for haters of chart, dance, disco music it is not the right place to go. 

Nagymező utca 46-48
District 6, Budapest
Phone: 0630 670 1404
or vistit the B7 website


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    28th September 2009

    This place rocks if you are a bit nostalgic about the late 90’s,… or so it felt on 26/09/09 – only time I was there. I’m sure they carter for all tastes on different nites anyways. Check out the gallery guys, WoW!!! 😉

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    18th December 2011

    I’ve been at this club recently. Me and others girls.The atmosphere is interesting and there is a current song. Unfortunately the staffs are rude and bad mannered. After a problem created by them, I tried to resolve it and they had the greatest contempt in solving it. Everyone ignored me and when I asked for the manager, they said he was not. When trying to communicate with them in order to solve the problem, which was created by them, they said that did not understand English, and when I arrived everyone knew, understood and spoke well in English. After much time and when I lost my patience, I said I would denounce everything on the internet and the “security staff” grossly said: Do it!
    How I felt abused and ignored on this sheet place, I promised I would do something, so that other people do not pass by the same rudeness I had to pass.
    Choose better places in Budapest. B7 is sucks.

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