Morrisons club in Budapest is closed to the opera at Andrassy ut. You have to go down some stairs and there you are. Why I wrote “Dance and drink with the train”? Because Morrisons in Budapest has a small train running 2,5 meters above the bar. It’s a little gadget but nothing more. Besides this little train Morrisons has a very long bar with 4 or 5 different types of beer, cocktails, longdrinks, wine and more.

Sometimes in Morrisons they have Karaoke nights where many people go to and have fun. Who is not drinking or singing at the moment can dance on the large dancefloor of Morrisons. One thing thats not too good there is the music or better the DJ. No song lasts longer than 2 minutes because he is already playing the next song. A little bit anoying, specially when you like a song. But for drinking, watching an part time dancing Morrisons in Budapest is great. 

Révay u. 25
District 6, Budapest
Phone: 0670 5059870
or vistit the Morrisons website

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