Ötkert is one of the most popular clubs in Budapest these days so prepare for long queues in case you show up Friday or Saturday night. Located in the city center near Basilica Ötkert is in the best area for nightlife with many clubs, bars and restaurants around as well as hotels and typical tourist spots. Being a very popular hotspot at night is not the only thing Ötkert offers. You can also have a nice dinner or lunch here, visit exhibitions or listen to live music throughout the week. What makes Ötkert in Budapest so popular? In my opinion Ötkert is an absolutely great example of superb interior design. It is one of those backyard buildings which many Ruin Pubs in Budapest make use of as well. A tree in the club and different plants growing all over the place hanging down from the balconies paired with stylish interiors makes it a lovely place to go to. However at night you might not see all the bits and pieces around so there must be something with the music or in the drinks. The music in Ötkert is trendy and mass market compatible so many young people feel good here and the drinks as far as I have experience it are fair priced and well mixed. Perfect conditions for a night out which in Ötkert can last very long. But as mentioned above Ötkert is not only about party and nightlife on weekends but also hosts a lot of exhibitions, live music events and even theater plays so naming it a club is actually not enough, it is a cultural center with high popularity in nightlife these days. There is a monthly program with jazz evenings, salsa parties and much more which you can check out on the official website or Facebook page (both links can be found below). I have only been to Ötkert for party so I cannot judge the food here but from what I have experienced Ötkert is great however the queues sometimes are extraordinary long which makes many people decided to go to Creol instead, one of the higher priced clubs in Budapest. This queue shows the popularity of Ötkert these days so if you plan to go there I recommend to get in earlier or train your legs before, I waited approximately 30 minutes to get in but did not regret it.

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Ötkert Information

Address: Zrínyi utca 4. Tel.: +36 70 330 8652 Visit the official Website or become a fan on Facebook.

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    17th September 2014

    Hi there,
    I was wondering you would be able to help me in the right direction.
    I am thinking about visiting my brother who lives somewhere in Hungary.I am from London UK but acand I actually live and have my own lounge bar/restaurant here which you can check out the website.
    I am also a keen dj that has been playing in various places like China, Taiwan and Thailand.
    I am alwayskeen to play in different parts of the world so am hoping when I visit my brother I can get a gig somewhere. I play a mixture of deep, tech, prog house and do not play anything commercial.
    I would consider myself to be old school and still play vinyl but turning to Serato Scratch more but still beat match from listening from my ear than letting a computer do it.
    Any leads would be highly appreciated.
    Michael Richardson

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