Club Süss fel nap does not exist anymore!

Süss fel nap in Budapest offers depending of the day different music. Most famous is the saturday night with Hip Hop and RnB. The club itself is quiet complex what you would not expect seeing it from the outside. Besides the massive dancefloor Süss fel nap has a seperate area to chill out with relaxing music. Süss fel nap also offers places to sit and many bars to get drinks. The prices for drinks are average. beer from 310 – 380 HUF and cocktails from 900 – 1600 HUF. You can also eat small things like sandwiches.

The Club Süss Fel Nap does not exist anymore and is called Morrisons 2 now.

Corner of Honvéd u. and Szt. István krt.,
District 5, Budapest.

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