Club Trafiq in Budapest is one of those hip places these days where you spend hours in the queue just to get in just like Ötkert for example. In case you arrive after 10 p.m. you will face an approximately hundred meter queue making you wait for ages just to get in because the entrance is controlled by bouncers. However before 10 p.m. there are no bouncer thus no queue. Additionally to the waiting time you will be asked to pay 2.000 HUF for entrance when coming late. But waiting is well worth it if you want long lasting parties with classy audience in a cool place. Trafiq in Budapest is one of those places which somehow popped up out of nowhere and are now one of the first addresses in town when it comes to clubbing and nightlife in Budapest.

The club itself is really nice and has a good ambiance for parties with fair priced and a good selection of drinks. I have arrived around 8.30 p.m. because I wanted to see the club itself and what it is like. In that time I have been the only paying customer taken care of by at least 15 barkeepers and waiters who were obviously preparing the club for the night. Not long after first guests arrived to grab some drinks and getting ready for party. Most of them probably to avoid the queue and the entrance fee. Very soon the entrance door was not closed anymore and many people tried to slip in before 10.

In Trafiq you get served at several bars which is great to avoid long waiting for drinks. The drinks are as mentioned above well priced for Budapest nightlife standards and also the quality is high. In terms of music Trafiq is, at least on weekends, following trends and playing mass market compatible tunes to make people dance and enjoy themselves.

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Club Trafiq Budapest Information

Address: Hercegprímás u. 18, 1051
Tel.: +36 30 464 0646
Or visit the Facebook page (no own website available)

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    19th May 2013

    Hey I got a question about clubbing in Budapest. I’m from Amsterdam and I am visting Budapest this summer. Alot of clubs in Amsterdam got very strict door policies. How are the door policies in Budapest?

    • Reply
      Budapest Agent
      21st May 2013

      Hi to Amsterdam,
      the door policies are not as strict as in other cities. You can get into most clubs with sneakers and jeans if that is what you are looking for.
      Cheers and have a good time.

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