White Angel is a fairly new club in Óbuda, the North of Budapest, close to the entrance to Hajógyári Sziget where the Sziget Festival entrance is as well. It belongs to the same company who own many other clubs on Hajógyári Sziget like Pink or Dokk and targets the same people as the other clubs as well, newly rich and girls hunting for those. This club is massive and hosts at least 2000 people. From inside club White Angel is quite nice and modern with seperate areas, VIP rooms incl. Whirlpool and a whirlpool next to the VIP bar with half naked girls dancing and taking a bath. So you see already what the audience is like in White Angel and it is for sure up to your taste if you want to go there or not. In case you are hunting for young, snobbish girls than White Angel is probably your place to go.

Coming from the history of this club to the present and I have to say that this club is absolute scam. Mind you it was beginning of the season for them but let me tell you the story. We have been sitting in the VIP area including Whirlpool and all the stuff it was really nice. But what happened that made me and my friends really angry and made us leave immediately. We ordered a bottle of Bacardi (after they didn’t have Vodka and no Red Bull or any other energy drink) and the waiter came with an open Bacardi bottle and some glasses. As he went off to get the Coke we ordered next to it we realized that the bottle was open already and had a try of it. Instead of a bottle of real Bacardi they served us some cheap rum which they filled into an empty Bacardi bottle. When the guy came back he took the bottle and opened it as if it was closed and he would need a lot of power for it. As we said that he did not bring us real Bacardi he immediately answered “OK, what would you like than” which was the proof that it is some cheap stuff in there. So we all stood up, complained and left the club to somewhere else.

The bad thing about it is that probably all guests that evening were drinking cheap Bacardi all night long and probably also other spirits which were not original. Of course on the menu they had all the nice brands and logos but I bet that they filled up every single bottle with cheap quality stuff and served that to probably 1000 people several times that evening.

According to this experience I really cannot recommend the club White Angel in Budapest if you don’t want to get blind. We headed over to Bed Beach than and we got good Vodka, good Red Bull and good service even though this isn’t my favorite club as well.


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    2nd August 2010

    Thanks for the info! There are a ton of scam artists in Budapest which is unfortunate since its a great city. I’ll keep away from this club but make sure to visit the other ones you recommend.


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    10th April 2011

    Thank you for your interesting article about the White Angel Club in Budapest. Yesterday was a television broadcast from this Club at Austrian Servus TV with three-hour DJ Set. It’s interesting to get such scam information about this Club at your blog. I was plenty of times in Budapest because it’s a great city but my last journey was a bad trip. My travel bag was stolen on the train on the way to Budapest. So not only keep an eye on your drinks but also watch like a hawk if you travel by train there.

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    14th April 2011

    How can I lean if White Angel is open for 22-24 April weekend? or when is going to be the next party?

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    12th November 2011

    I’m a local guy and can only tell you that the story is a bit more compilcated. White Angel, Bed Beach, and the others on the island are just owned by one group (well, say person instead). Depending on the decision of them, you might get real spirit, sometimes even more than you’ve ordered. But the decision changes week by week, whether it’s VIP or not, the actual time, the number of the audience… Last time I’ve ordered bacardi-coke in VIP, since I knew they’re offering only water full of sugar with vodka downstairs and I’m fed up with that. After having refilled it since it tasted like just sugar again, the girl poured literally 6 cents of a “new” bottle, thus I should have had some 8-9cents of bacardi. It tasted like there’s only one.

    After all, they’re maximizing profit. This can be done only if the chance that you’ll be back next week is high. Sometimes they give you more, or just make you dance to enjoy the party and do not get too drunk…

    One thing to add: their prices have NOT changed in the last 7 years, while the official inflation has been around 4% each year (and even more when you want to buy anything in the shops). These places were a bit expensive that time, nowadays it’s around the average. That’s how they can do it.

    To be on the safe side: order a champagne downstairs. Get a bottled beer. Or just go for a coke. These are always real.

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    23rd October 2012


    We are planning to go partying there… How much is one big bottle of Vodka?


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      Budapest Agent
      26th October 2012

      Hi Cédric,
      I would say that a regular bottle of Vodka is around 10.000 to 15.000 HUF
      Best and enjoy

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    22nd November 2014

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