Dagály Bath is entertaining for everyone in the family. The adults can enjoy the thermal baths with a variety of offered amenities while the children take swimming lessons or play in the wave simulated pool. The bath first opened in 1948 and was expanded in 1956, with a 50-m swimming pool.

During the time of the expansion, in 1956, the water was provided by a well bored in 1944, the thermal waters found under the bed of the Danube. In 1970, the water of the Széchenyi Thermal Bath was directed to Dagály Bath, thereby raising its status to the other thermal baths. It has been providing therapeutic services to its visitors ever since, such as alleviating back pain and reducing stress. In 1983, there was another addition, the 25m swimming pool, with its water filter, circulation system and a tent roof.

There are currently 10 pools with a variety of offered temperatures and shapes. In 2000, the 2 large-sized thermal sitting pools situated on the territory of the Bath were created into 4 modernized pools, equipped with water filtering and circulation devices that are used as a children’s pool, thermal sitting pool, fancy-leisure pool and a teaching pool. The leisure pool offers various services, such as a Jacuzzi bed, whirlpool, neck showers, boiling water and low water pools specifically for sun-bathing. The price of the entrance ticket includes the use of the saunas as well.

In the summer of 2002, the mushroom pool and the kidney-shaped pool were renovated. The kidney-shaped pool added a wave-making machine that produced individual waves simulating the feel of the sea.
The Dagály Bath isn’t only relaxing but fun as well. There’s a lot more to do than just soaking in the mineral water (even though that is actually quite fun).

Pools at Dagály Bath incl. temperature

  • Swimming pool ‘1’: Water temperature 26 °C
  • Swimming pool ‘2’: Water temperature 26 °C
  • Thermal pool: Water temperature 36 °C
  • Splashing pool: Water temperature 34 °C
  • ‘Mushroom’ pool: Water temperature 36 °C
  • Adventure pool: Water temperature 30 °C
  • Thermal sitting pool: Water temperature 30 °C
  • Swimming instructions pool: Water temperature 30 °C
  • Children’s pool: Water temperature 28 °C
  • Wave pool: Water temperature 30 °C

Dagály Bath Images

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Dagály Bath Information

Address: Népfürdő u. 36, 1138 Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 452 4556
Opening Hours: Every day: 6:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., Closing time: 19:00
Or visit the official website

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