Dandár bath is one of the many sumptuous spas located in Budapest- where wellness, architectural grandeur and centuries-long history meet. Budapest is the only thermal capital city in continental Europe, which makes it special amongst the countries. Underground the city it is full of thermal sources and the bath culture is an essential element of the Hungarian lifestyle. Dandar is unique because of the inexpensive cost to enter, so not only can you enjoy the thermal baths but you won’t have to spend too much money to enjoy it.

The Dandár bath location is a low-key area, located in district IX of Budapest. The architectural plan for the public bath was prepared by Ferenc K. Császár. The bath was commissioned in 1930, then transformed in 1936. During World War II the Bath was only slightly damaged and was reopened in 1945. Originally, the bath operated as a sanitary bath for the poor workers of Ferencváros (the 9th district). It was renovated in the 70’s and now the thermal water is top quality. The thorough reconstruction placed it in operation as a thermal bath. It is now one of the 10 all-season spa facilities and bathing establishments in the capital of Hungary.

There are a variety of massages offered: medical, refreshing, foot and many more. There is also a underwater jet massage and a sauna. The bath is equipped with three pools, one at 35°, 38° and 20° Celsius. Water composition: Hot spring water with calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate and sulphate-chloride, also containing sodium, with a substantial content of fluoride ions. The hot spring water allows for therapeutic services such as temporary relief of arthritis. This location and size of the pools prevents the possibility to swim, although it does allow you to concentrate on the essential: yourself and the water.

About the Pools

Thermal bath 1
water temperature: 26 °C
water surface area: 13,5 m2
Thermal bath 2
water temperature: 38 °C
water surface area: 26,5 m2
Thermal bath 3
water temperature: 36 °C
water surface area: 62 m2

Dandár Bath Information

Address: Dandár u. 5-7., 1095 Budapest
Tel.: (36-1) 215-7084
Opening Hours: On weekdays: from 6.00 a.m. until 8.00 pm, Saturday: 06.00- 14.00
For more information you can visit the official website

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