It is a well known fact that a dentist in Budapest or an entire dental treatment in Hungary is much cheaper comparing to Western Europe though offering the same high quality standards. Most dentists in Hungary do not earn much money if they work as a regular dentist that is why it became very popular to treat foreigners either on their holiday or even on organized trips just for this one purpose. After research among some of the leading Hungarian dental treatment companies I found out that you can save 30 – 80% compared to Germany, the UK or the Netherlands. This big saving, depending on the complexity of course, leaves enough money to pay the flight to Budapest, accommodation  and catering in case it is not offered in the package. There are several companies across Europe offering dental tourism trips to Budapest or other parts of Hungary, not only because of the prices but also because of the reputation Hungarian dentists have around the globe.

In this article you will find trips on how to choose the right dentist in Budapest, a list of the best dentists and dental treatment clinics all over Hungary as well as ideas about prices for certain dental treatments in Budapest, Hungary and all that compared to other EU countries.

Best Dentists and Dental Clinics in Budapest & Hungary

Address: Váci utca 52. I. floor 1/B., 1056 Budapest
Tel: +36-1/ 783 87 24
Mobile: +36 20/ 3333 672
Helvetic Clinic
Address: Révay u. 12, 1065 Budapest
Tel: +36 1 808 8166
Rózsakert Dental
Address: Budapest, Gábor Áron utca 74., district II.
Tel: (+36 1) 200 0734
Budapest Dental Solutions
BDS Jokai Dental
1066 Budapest, Jókai u. 1

BDS Grand Park Dental
1149 Budapest, Pillangó utca 22

BDS Arkad Dental
1106 Budapest, Örs Vezér tere 25 (Arkad Mall 3rd floor)

BDS Bartok Dental
1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 41. I/1.

Tel: +44 (0) 7815 442233 (Worldwide)
Tel: +36 (06) 702 904 665 (Hungary)

How to choose the right Dentist in Budapest?

Here are 4 tips you should keep in mind when searching for a dental clinic or a dentist in Budapest, Hungary (works with dental travel all over Europe).

  1. English speaking staff
    Though many clinics and dentists present themselves as open for all languages, place little flags on their websites showing which languages they speak you should always give them a call first and test a bit their language skills. There is nothing worse then choosing a a dentist whom you do not understand but need to rely on in the same time.
  2. Price
    Obviously you are coming to Budapest to save some money compared to what you would pay back home. The price plays an important role but should not be the only criteria. Expensive is not always good but too cheap might end up in a nightmare. So check prices, compare them and choose the best fit.
  3. Facilities and Equipment
    Though all you can see on the website are some images which could be from any dental clinic all over the world it is worth checking the place where you will get treated. I don’t want to pull down average Hungarian dentists and doctors in general but some facilities are absolutely horror and scary, not mentioning doctors smoking in their facilities (no joking, I have seen that live!)
  4. Guarantees
    Does the clinic or the doctor give you any guarantee on what he is offering? Do you have to pay in advance or not? These are indicators for the trust which doctors have in themselves. Dentists who ask for all the money upfront will treat you but it might end up in a nightmare. Any guarantee given by the clinic / dentist is a big plus.

More dentists and detal clinics in Budapest

Budapest Dental
Address: Fény utca 2, Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 315 4545

Kreativ Dental
Address: Vezér u. 100, Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 222 0199

Fehér Dental Fogorvos Budapest
Address: Gyakorló u. 2, Budapest
Tel.: +36 30 262 8100

Budapest Dental Esztétikai Fogászati Centrum
Address: Szent István körút 10., Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 315 4545

Villányi Dent Fogászati Központ
Address: Villányi út 6, Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 279 1184

Profident Fogászati Centrum Kft.
Address: Károly körút 1, Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 342 2546

Egressy Dental Kft.
Address: Egressy út 23, Budapest
Tel.: +36 1 383 0810

Dr. Volom Dental
Address: 1011 Budapest Fő utca 37/C
Tel.: +36 1 214 3551

Types and saving of Dental Treatment in Budapest

In general you can say that the same dental treatments you get anywhere across Europe you will also be able to have in Hungary, no matter if it is Budapest, Sopron or Győr. Here is an extract of popular treatments that you can have and the approximate savings compared to other EU countries.

  • 3D X-ray – 44%
  • Dental hygiene package – (scale and polish, panoramic X-ray, consultation) – 61%
  • Extraction – (45-70%)
  • Extraction (surgical) – (40-60%)
  • Extraction of wisdom tooth – (43-74%)
  • Resection (front) – (48-65%)
  • Resection (back) – (52-71%)
  • Sinus lift with material (Bio Oss – Bone grafting material) – (37-54%)
  • Bone augmentation (min. price) – 48%
  • Implant Camlog – 56%
  • Camlog standard titanium abutment – 53%
  • Camlog zirconium abutment – 20%
  • Implant Zimmer – 56%
  • Zimmer standard titanium abutment – 61%
  • Zimmer zirconium abutment – 23%
  • Implant Wieland – 58%
  • Wieland standard titanium implant abutment – 55%
  • Wieland with zirconium abutment – 24%
  • Implant Pitt Easy – 65%
  • Pitt Easy standard titanium implant abutment – 58%
  • Pitt Easy zirconium abutment – 40%
  • Implant Pitt Easy Immediate Loading (6 week) – 68%
  • Pitt Easy Immediate Loading (6 week) standard titanium abutment – 58%
  • Pitt Easy Immediate Loading (6 week) zirconium abutment – 40%
  • Implant Oraltronics – 72%
  • Oraltronics standard titanium abutment – 58%
  • Oraltronics zirconium abutment – 40%
  • Implant Ankylos – 69%
  • Ankylos standard titanium implant abutment – 23%
  • Ankylos zirconium abutment – 25%
  • Implant Nobelbiocare – 63%
  • Nobelbiocare standard titanium implant abutment – (46-58%)
  • Nobelbiocare zirconium abutment – (18-27%)
  • Root canal treatment for tooth with one root canal – (65-77%)
  • Root canal treatment for tooth with two root canals – (63-73%)
  • Root canal treatment for tooth with three root canals – (62-70%)
  • Post or core for root canal treatment – (35-50%)
  • Temporary filling for root canal treatments – (57-64%)
  • Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to metal, per tooth) – (54-64%)
  • Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to gold, gold not included) – (54-61%)
  • Crown (Cercon, per tooth) – (37-57%)
  • Temporary crown per tooth – (42-71%)
  • Removable plastic denture (per jawbone) – (43-65%)
  • Removable metal denture (per jawbone) – (42-57%)
  • Precision attachment – (39-44%)
  • Temporary denture (from 5 teeth) – (46-51%)
  • Overdenture (average price) – (29-70%)
  • Gold surcharge per gramm – 36%
  • Tooth coloured filling – (50-75%)
  • Inlay (Belle Glas, Gradia) – (56-58%)
  • Inlay (Gold) gold not included! – (55-56%)
  • Porcelain Veneer – (45-56%)
  • Remedent – professional tooth whitening system – 33%
  • Blank – professional tooth whitening system – 41%
  • Zoom 2 – professional tooth whitening system – 26%
  • Plaque removal – (31-54%)
  • Restylane (1ml) for cosmetic procedures – 31%
  • Tooth Jewels (min. price) – 80%


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    10th October 2015

    We will be in Hungary March 8th we would like consult wth 3 different dentist at that time. We will come back to do the work when we decide on the Dr we choose.

    • Reply
      4th January 2017

      Hi Robert, I will be in Budapest very soon in order to fix my malocclusion..
      Which clicnics did you check? And which one you eventually choosed?

      Thank you!

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    20th October 2015

    Avoid Kreativ at all costs. It’s a brutal tooth factory – they can ruin your teeth and will aggressively accept no liability. They’ve even intimidated some of the braver customers and pursue anyone who publicly complains in order to keep the stink off the net. Google Kreativ Dental Ruined My Teeth.

    • Reply
      4th January 2017

      Hello Gary, I m very sorry to hear that
      I ve just booked a first visit to Kreativ..
      And I m just shocked hearing what happened to you..
      I ve already my teeth ruined in Italy, and I don t know where to go anymore..
      What exactely went went wrong with the clinic? After that did you find a better one?!
      Thank you

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    17th February 2017

    i am faouzi from algeria i want to examine my my teeth ;so i need official invitation from you to visit your cabin in budapest and without invitation i can’t be there ,so i look forward to heart from you soon ,in the final accept my respct and thanks .i need offial invitation in my gmail .

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